2018 FF Original discussion thread


Was kind of hoping that was an oversight…


It was. I lost count of the number of keepers I had. :flushed:


What time do we expect to kick this thing off for 2018?


Wezza isn’t picking until after the Freo v Eagles game tonight.


So maybe 10ish AEDST then? Perhaps even tomorrow?


With tomorrow a public holiday I’d expect we’d smash through the first couple of rounds pretty easily. I think a few are eager to get the draft started so they’ll be ready to and waiting after the freo game.

Been sifting through the spreadsheet and I have about 60 players in my list. Probably all spuds though


I’d be guessing he has Brayshaw already at 1 but wants to make sure he doesn’t do a knee or something. If he rips up the first half he may be happy to start earlier.


I will be at my parents for my Dad’s birthday dinner. Not looking like going anywhere tomorrow so I will be ready to procrastinate all day!


I genuinely think he has about five players at number one.


You’d be pretty close there.

I think the league should just let me choose multiple players.


I agree, take your pick of any 3 of these 4 players: Jake Long, Esava Ratugolea, Jamaine Jones and Chris Mayne.


You’re leaving out Liam Jones?


So far I have to say the pre-season form of some of my underperformers last year is promising.

Liberatore struggled last year with one gigantic hangover, but seems focused and hopefully gets back to near his 100 average of a few years back. Gutherie has started well and with Danger out for a few, looks like will get a few midfield minutes to start the year at least. Robinson and Hampton back from injury is promising and my other inclusions have fit in well.

Can’t wait for the new year.


Boy am I relieved Thurlow showed up today.


Maybe Wezza wanted to see what Matt Taberner was going to do. When did he become ok.


Against us last year…


Damn it, Tucker, you couldn’t hide your light under a bushel for three more months?


Brodie Smith - Confirmed

On Francis: The committee held discussions last season as a few were coming up and it was decided that because of the increased prevalency of players stepping away due to depression and the like that we’d accept these cases as LTI.

@fogdog - Confirmed
@Windy_Dill - Confirmed


Thank you


Can I also LTI Gleeson or have I filled my spots?

This year might be a write off before it’s even started!!!