2018 FF Original discussion thread


The final 3 teams have now been updated. For anybody using the lists to peruse for trading options be forewarned that listed positions are as at Rd 23.

The draft order will be posted tomorrow.

The following will need to delist players before participating in the trade period:
@Awesome_Scotty: 2
@The_Mad_Bomber: 1
@Allblack: 2
@wimmera1: 1
@Stoops: 1
@Vandrs: 1

@You_Shall_Be_Smoten: 2
Dunlop: 1
@topdon: 1
@Jefferson: 2


Delist Jono O’Rourke please.


The FF Original trade period commences at 9am Monday 8 October and concludes at 5pm on Friday 16 November (a few hours after the conclusion of the AFLs delisted free agency period).


Delist Michael Barlow & Declan Mountford please.


Callum Porter and Jacob Dawson thanks mate


Dropped Nathan Broad


I’ll punt Adam Oxley.


I’ve delisted McStay


Do we have a list of the draft order?


Draft order now up.


I’ll delist Jed Bews and Alex Pearce


Interesting rule change with the kick-in’s.

I guess that will mean a lot of designated kick takers will lose a fair bit of scoring. Unless they decide to now count it as a kick? (where previously it wasnt)


I think it will boost their scores


I guess it just depends on whether the post point possession is counted as a stat or not.

Would be huge boost if it will be.


I thought Champion Data weren’t counting the kick as a possession after the kick in to yourself.
Think that changed a few years ago.


Oh wow. Didn’t realise that. Thought it was counted.


CD count the actual kick but not the little kick to yourself. If you didn’t do the little kick there was no stat recorded.

My guess is under the new rule they will count them like a kick from an out on the full, ie a kick that is counted.


Hurley would lose half his point scoring power if they stop counting a play-on kick.


deffintley hasn’t been. McKenna takes a lot of our kick ins and they don’t translate to his score


Kick-ins are definitely counted as a 3 point kick after a kick to themselves and play on. But not when they just kick in to another player.

With supercoach, the kick in only counts if it’s a kick outside 50 that is considered effective!