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Hibberd and Goddard


interesting. even more so with the change to the rules


I’ve been horrendously sick all day (and the whole week) and on some strong antibotics with a chest infection. Position Polls for Crisp + Grigg which are the only two that people have thrown up (unless I missed one in my stupor?) will be sent out during the week, likely Monday/Tuesday. If you wish to PM me your write in vote then feel free otherwise I’ll send them out within the next few days through PM.


Apologies. Had an FDA audit last week.

I will delist Dean Towers.


Hopefully Scrimshaw can get some games at the hawks.


Interested in the debate around Grigg. I know he lines up in the ruck but essentially plays as a midfielder. Haven’t decided how to vote but interested in what people think.


I voted CR because he does play minutes in the ruck, does contest the taps even though I am sure he loses far more than he wins. I believe the tiges do use him as a chop out for Nankervis.


I voted CR because it was the easiest and most obvious vote I’ve ever had to make.


Averages one hit out per game.


Stewart and Daniher both average higher hitouts.


Neither Stewart nor Daniher are in our top 3 for hit outs in their team.
Grigg is third total for Richmond indicating he’s pretty much their second ruckman (Soldo just played first ruck in a game where Nankervis missed out.
Any second ruckman in the league is a ruck + either forward or back.
It seems odd, but Grigg deserves CR based on the last two years.


Well, I might not have traded him out if he had Ruck eligibility, and the likes of Patton and Josh Bruce didn’t get up when voted on. I’ve tried the “hitouts per game” argument for Patton etc and that didn’t work.

With that mild bitterness out of the way, I’ll probably vote for ‘C’ because if Richmond’s first ruck is out with injury I wouldn’t expect Grigg to go into a game as #1 ruck.


I don’t get it. Do you guys watch Richmond play? He doesn’t pinch hit, he actually plays ruck. When Nankervis is on the bench, Grigg is the ruckman. Whether he wins the tap or not, he’s the ruckman.


Stringer next?


If he continues doing what he did for 2-3 games this season where he was ruckman when Bellchambers was on the bench, then yes absolutely.

But he really only filled a void as second ruck whilst Daniher, McKernan and even Stewart weren’t in the team.


To confirm final positions for Grigg/Crisp, we need final position votes from: @Blummers32, @Allblack, @Alber_Goodthur, @wimmera1

I’ll give to 6pm Sunday as the deadline.



@wimmera1 was the only coach with no response, so the final position poll votes have to be finalised without him.

Shaun Grigg
CR: 12
C: 5
No Vote: 1

Jack Crisp
CB: 7
C: 1
Abstain: 1
Don’t Know: 1
No Vote: 1

Results: Grigg gets FR and Crisp is a draw, therefore and…still CB (due to original position retains in case of draw.)


Best & Fairest

Dayne Beams (130 votes)
Was best on ground for 8 of the 19 games. DT gun. No other way to describe him.

Runner Up
Robbie Gray (103 votes)

Was best on ground 3 times and polled votes in 7 other games. Our forward line would be terrible without him in it.

Rising Star

Jed Anderson
If it weren’t for the game where he was injured in the first minute, he’d have averaged 80. Finished 8th in the B&F and I’m expecting him to push 85 to 90 next season and looks to be tracking like a Brad Hill type of scorer.

Most Improved

Jed Anderson
Went from averaging mid 50s and struggling to get his body right to mid 70s and looking comfortable at AFL level.

Most Consistent Performer

Mitch Duncan
In a year filled with Jekyll and Hyde performances, Mitch finished 5th in the B&F and was the only player who continued scoring above 70 in every game this season.

Best Forward

Robbie Gray
Averaging mid 80s, he stood out in our forwardline this year. Great year.

Alex Neal-Bullen
It felt like he had a poor year, but he managed to match his average from last year and finished 10th in the B&F.

Best Midfielder

Dayne Beams
One of only two on our list to average 100+.

Mitch Duncan
Was Robin to Beams’ Batman. Was the only other to average 100+.

Best Defender

Zach Tuohy
Averaging low 80s, he led the backline all season.

Luke Ryan
He suffered from the Dr Jekyll’s through the season, but finished 4th in the B&F whilst managing to improve on last years average.

Best F/A Performer

Jed Anderson
Gun. Keeper.

Billy Stretch
Hung on to him while he was being selected as an emergency. He’s a chance to be a keeper.

Best Draft Pick Performer

Sam Murray
Started off well, but found himself in Buckley’s doghouse. He was a keeper up until the ASADA stuff surfaced. Fark my luck.

Shane Edwards
Best pick of the draft. Played every game and was surprisingly important in some key games. Unfortunately, he doesn’t quite make keepers.

Best Traded Performer

Riley Bonner
Started well, but faded as the season wore on. Should improve next year.

Ben Stratton
Was a handy player whilst Newman and Murray were struggling for form.

Clubman Award

Mitch Duncan
Mitch polled in the more games than anyone this season (13) to finish 5th in the B&F and was in the top 3 only twice.

Zach Tuohy
Polled in 7 games this season to finish 7th in the B&F and really held the backline together.

Luckless Achiever Award

Jamie Elliott
Had an interrupted preseason. Played 0 AFL games. Played 3 VFL, was reported in one of the games and got injured in the last few minutes in two games.

Harley Bennell
Has had an ongoing interrupted preseason from three years ago. Played 0 AFL games. He had the best run of WAFL he’s had but just ran into niggling injuries when he was close to senior games.

2018 Draft Notables

Rowan Marshall
Has shown enough that he’s a DTer. Definite keeper. Very lucky to be able to get him off free agency list when I had no choice but to drop him earlier in the season.

Corey Maynard
Bust. Didn’t take his chances. Delisted swiftly.

Daniel Menzel
Great pick this one. If it weren’t for the bizarre one week injury that turned into a ten week injury, he’d be my best pick this draft. Unlikely to make keepers.

Mason Cox
In hindsight it’s a great pick, but it didn’t show anything until he was delisted and found his way to another club.

Travis Varcoe
Bust pick. Was really just depth while injured players returned, but his poor scoring meant he had to be delisted before injured players returned.

Daniel Rioli
Great pick. He’d be a keeper if I wasn’t forced into delisting him due to injury problems elsewhere.

Brent Daniels
Hasn’t shown much as far as DT is concerned. Very lucky not to be delisted. Very unlikely to be a keeper.

Andrew McPherson
Has been injured all year. Highly rated. A small chance he becomes a keeper depending on what Adelaide do and how he goes in JLT next season.

2018 Free Agency Notables

Andrew Phillips
Was a big part of our Round 6 game against Smoten. I had no right to winning that game and he kept us close to a surprise win until Dr Jekyll and his mates turned up.

Nathan Freeman
If I didn’t have such a bad injury list, he would have lasted longer. In the end, I doubt he would have had trade value and it’s unlikely he makes keepers by next year.

Tom Clurey
Was key in allowing me to field 18 whilst Murray and Newman were finding form in VFL & NEAFL.

Josh Schache
He was handy as Riley Knight was struggling with hamstrings and Menzel and Elliott were taking their time with their 1 week injuries.

Dawson Simpson
Allowed me to trade Goldstein without impacting my overall scoring potential too badly. Also allowed me to be a little patient with Sean Darcy as he was returning from injury.

Best 22
F: Brandon Matera (6) Robbie Gray (103) Shane Edwards (16)
HF: Alex Neal-Bullen (22) Jed Lamb (3) Jed Anderson (29)
C: Mitch Duncan (55) Callan Ward (77) Jack Viney (4)
HB: Sam Murray (11) Luke Ryan (73) Zach Tuohy (35)
FB: Billy Stretch (10) Nick Haynes (38) Riley Bonner (10)
R: Todd Goldstein (27) Dayne Beams (130) Mitch Wallis (10)
Bench: Daniel Menzel (3) Riley Knight (1)
Nic Newman (1) Sean Darcy (1)

Learnings From This Season

Injuries derailed the season and I was hoping it would settle between round 5 and 10. Instead, it didn’t settle until the last few rounds.
In hindsight, my drafting caused a very unbalanced list (players being selected vs prospects developing vs out of form players vs players returning from injury vs players injured) and it took until the bye rounds to realise it wasn’t getting much better as the season wore on. If I ever go through injury interrupted preseasons like this one again, I know that I’ll have to change my draft strategy to get a better balanced team from round 1.

The Trade Period

There was some interest in Mitch Wallis, Nic Newman, Riley Bonner, Riley Knight, Robbie Gray, Callan Ward and Dayne Beams but no offers were tempting enough. Once the David Swallow trade was done, it was decided that trades didn’t need to be forced. I’m confident Swallow can average 95 to 100.

Current Keepers
F: Riley Knight Robbie Gray Mitch Wallis
HF: Alex Neal-Bullen ? Jed Anderson
C: Mitch Duncan Callan Ward Jack Viney
HB: Nic Newman Luke Ryan Zach Tuohy
FB: ? Nick Haynes Riley Bonner
R: Sean Darcy Dayne Beams David Swallow
Bench: Rowan Marshall Jamie Elliott
Harley Bennell Billy Stretch

Jamie Elliott and Harley Bennell are on very thin ice (Harley probably brings his own stash but that’s another issue all together) and could be overtaken if they don’t show enough during JLT.
Billy Stretch is highly dependant on JLT form as well.
I’m bullish on Oscar Allen even though he’s a few years away so he might sneak into a keeper spot.
Josh Schache and Andrew McPherson are most likely to be considered as keepers should Elliot, Bennell or Stretch not perform through JLT.
Brandon Matera and Daniel Menzel are unlikely to be keepers. I think they could be decent mid draft depth options.
Shane Edwards, Ben Keays and Brent Daniels are no hope as keepers unless they smash JLT.
Sam Murray will have the ASADA penalty to get through.

Next Years Draft Plans

Focus will be on the forwardline with an aim on finding potential future prospects to replace Jamie Elliott and Harley Bennell. If I can find a potential Robbie Gray replacement then it’ll be a bonus.
The backline will also be a focus hoping to find a potential future prospects to replace Zach Tuohy.


does anyone know when the recent draft crop will be published in UF with positions?


Not sure, but we use champion data positions for rookies don’t we? You should be able to see them if you have a supercoach stats sub (i dont)

ps. @Dunlop Pick 131. is still set for @fogdog in the pinned draft order.

Fog noted it was a typo that I copied into blitz