2018 FF Original discussion thread


When’s the draft being held?


Usually either the weekend before or the weekend of Labor Day weekend (the Victorian public holiday).




Is that confirmed? I’m getting married in February and between the wedding and honeymoon I’m wiped out until the end of Feb. A March draft would be ideal for me, but if I know now I can make alternate arrangements to cover a Feb draft.


Not confirmed. Has been the first or second weekend of March the last few years.
I don’t think it’s ever been in February.


From memory it’s normally 2 weeks before the afl season starts.

Oh and congrats on the upcoming wedding @You_Shall_Be_Smoten


Are you getting married in your Essendon footy jumper?


Can confirm. After the success of last year’s trial return to the Labour Day start date, it’ll officially start on Labour Day again (March 11 AEDST). We’ve never held a Feb draft whilst the draft has been held on Blitz, but given the tight time-frame between Labour Day and the first game (10 days), we’ll be continually evaluating whether things stay that way or revert back to the first Monday in March.

Bottom line if you prefer the Labour Day start, its on everyone to back up last year’s phenomenal 6 day effort and be on top of things, so the draft can keep moving along and finish in a week.


Awesome. I’ll be on board for whatever everyone else decides (back to work on Feb 25th).


How about starting it on the 10th? Maybe at say 6pm? We could possibly get through the 1st round that night if most people are around, then from 8am on Labour Day we can hit the draft hard.


If it goes anything like the last few years, our Keepers will go in on the Friday, xls sheet is sent through on Saturday and around 10 to 20 picks are taken before the official start on Monday morning.


I thought the main reason AD has been linked to Boston is because Kyrie and the Brow are good mates and want to play on the same teams.

That’s why there’s talk of Kyrie joining AD and Lebron in LA.


Wrong thread??


Very sidenote.


How’d that happen…


I’m ok with a start on the 11th, suspect that with some luck we’ll get a number of picks done the day before as almost all JLT games will be done


This is the first time ever I’ll get to say “nah mate, I just wanna watch all three JLT games, AFLX games and My Kitchen Rules before I narrow down my pick to a list of 40 players”.


We could start now. Pick #1 is an absolute lock.




Gotta be Ed Lower.
Malcolm Karpany should be a monty to be taken in the first round.