2018 FF Original discussion thread


Haha I actually see a bit of Ed Lower up here in Singapore. Played in a beach cricket comp with him just before Christmas.


Are you sure it wasn’t Nick?


I will be leaving the competition I’m afraid

Its good fun, but time restraints mean I simply cannot put 100% into this which it needs. I’ve had a good run over both leagues over many years but the time is right to walk away.

All the best to the other coaches.


That is a shame. All the best WOB.


Sorry to see you go WOB. Really enjoyed your contribution to this league.


All the best WOB, you’ve been a great coach for the short time you were part of the comp. At least you depart knowing you were able to climb the mountain and will forever be in our hall of fame.

I’m spewing you’ve decided to leave as I was looking forward to seeing how you would dig yourself out of the hole your team was headed for. You definitely had a plan but with the aging list and no draft picks I wasn’t sure how you were going to do it!!

I’m sure I’ll be talking to you on Facebook and messenger and look forward to a beer when you’re next in Melbourne. Take care mate and thanks again.


Thanks guys. Its a decision I dont take lightly, I really, really like playing FF. Between my work, speedway racing and now starting off my own little family I’m finding it hard to find the time to commit to research, trading, free agency…all the things that come with it. It’s not fair to do another season not giving 100%

I had a bit of a plan later on with drafting. Last year I did exceptionally well with de Boer and jonas - jonas being the biggest bargain in the draft imo with his scoring now

I would of been active again but I would have rebuilt. I still had enough cattle to probably make the 8 again but not challenge, imo. I would of traded off blokes who would help top 4 sides for mid range draft picks and a decent player. I personally think unless your in the top 15 draft picks are over rated. Jonas and de Boer were good examples of this. I picked up two genuine good scoring with picks in the hundred range

I won 3 flags across two leagues in 6 years, I’m proud of that record. I wish this comp, and the other, all the best

I wont miss crazy offering me pick 3786 and Matthew Allen for my good players either lol