2018 FF Original discussion thread


Sorry mate, your LTI list is full already. You’ll have to carry him.


Thought as much. Thanks


Can i put Levi Greenwood on LTI?


Ill be a bit, fog took my guy!


Sorry I took so long. Thanks for the sms Wezza.


Do have anything as a reference that says he is still 8+ weeks away?


Only that he is recovering from knee surgery. Nothing definitive on Collingwood website.


Surgery in December for a medial ligament issue. If anything the “indefinite” angle is the way to go but this article talks about a race against time for round one. Original injured in Round 20 last year.


@wimmera1? You got that same pic handy for the commish?


Then no, as you’re not telling me anything I didn’t already know. I need a more definitive timeframe - seeing you’ve brought it up before the end of Rd 5, if you can find anything before the end of the draft I’ll agree to it.

That being said, I haven’t seen anything to suggest he isn’t in the Elliott/Wells ballpark of Rds 1-4.


I’ve found nothing on Elliott.
Happy to wait until the first official injury list is published and go from there.

I’m assuming there is no FA prior to round 1 as per usual.


Buckley said Round 2 or 3.


I’m not fussed. There isn’t anything definitive out there re: Levi.


Will pick shortly, sorry for the short delay


Surprised there’s no interest in Lachlan Murphy.


There’s a little.


Happy to get the little juiced up Josh Thomas back. He played well in both JLT games and with the amount of injuries in the Collingwood side he should get early games to try and cement his spot.

I actually wanted “shudders” Caboult at this pic for some ruck cover but I may need to grab someone with my next pic.


@Dunlop Is our draw for the season on UF or does it need to change?

Draw is not available on UF until the draft is complete.


Can I LTI Birchall please @Dunlop and get a pick at the end of the draft?


I think the request was meant to be made prior to round 6 to get a pick at the end of the draft?

Don’t mind this if you already made a request! :slight_smile: