2018 FF Original discussion thread


First 2 rounds:

Rayner, Cameron FC
Brayshaw, Andrew FC
Dow, Paddy C
Davies-Uniacke, Luke FC
Cerra, Adam FC
Stephenson, Jaidyn FC
Clark, Hunter CB
Coffield, Nick CB
Naughton, Aaron B
O’Brien, Lochie C
Bonar, Aiden FC
Fogarty, Darcy FC
Brander, Jarrod FB
Ling, Matthew CB
Bailey, Zac C
Richards, Ed B
Higgins, Jack FC
Starcevich, Brandon FC
Powell, Wil C
Coleman-Jones, Callum FR
Allen, Oscar F
Fogarty, Lachlan FC
Walker, Will FC
Kelly, Tim FC
Balta, Noah FB
Ryan, Liam F
Daniels, Brent F
Taylor, Sam B
Spargo, Charlie FC
De Koning, Tom FR
Fritsch, Bayley F
Ainsworth, Brayden C
McCartin, Tom F
Naish, Patrick CB
Clavarino, Oscar B
Constable, Charlie CB
Petty, Harrison B
Petrucelle, Jack FC

Personally I don’t see Andrew Brayshaw as a FC as I’ve only seen him forward in the pre-GF game, but both the AFL and Fremantle claim he is, so I’ll run with it for this year at least.


Does fogdog automatically get one of the Fogarty’s under the father son rule?


At the very least I should get the one I am related to (despite having never met him).


Also I think I should get the Brayshaw kid as a priority pick to make up for the pick 1 I spent on his brother.


The deadline for many years has been set up to allow teams to see/get data from a minimum of 1 JLT game per side before having to name their keepers, due to AFLX this won’t be able to be achieved keeping the usual dates.

Therefore we shall be returning to the original draft window before the AFL pushed the season up a week:

Keepers Due: Friday March 9 @ 10pm/conclusion of GWS-Sydney game
Spreadsheets Released: Saturday March 10
Draft (Officially) Commences: Monday March 12 (Labour Day) @ 9am

Speaking of deadlines here is a new one…

Teams to be signed up on UF: Friday March 2

Any team that fails to sign up to UF by that date will have their on-going participation reevaluated. This deadline provides the committee a window of time to recruit (if necessary) and get up to speed any new coaches before the draft starts.

Currently there are 6 coaches yet to sign up on UF:

If for some reason you lost the invite or you have changed your email from last season, please get in touch with me ASAP

This new setup will be challenging, as we will only have 10 and a bit days to draft before the first game starts, which means everybody needs to be aware of the dates and be ready to go. The last 2 drafts we have completed in roughly 7 days so whilst challenging it is entirely doable. To assist we shall be setting up a phonebook like that which operates in BBFFL#2 which should help keep things moving along, whilst also taking some of the stress off foggy.

We’ll see how the group manage the change as well as the AFL’s on-going pre-season schedule before making any long-term decisions about using this date going forward.


Will sign up shortly and also pay shortly, Blitz has been giving me some weird 429 errors lately.


Setterfield with a suspected ACL tear.
Rough luck for the kid.




I should be there now Dunners






Those I have yet to receive annual fees from are:


Friendly reminder that you are unable to participate in the draft if you haven’t paid.


Doing that today @fogdog :slight_smile:


I will tonight, foggy.


Thanks. No hurry at this stage :grinning:


On the draft, please remember I live in the USA. I will be making most of my selections in the morning (AU time).


It’s tricky drafting in a different time zone. You should consider at least having contingencies ready for the times when you will be about to go to bed and it’s nearly your pick.


Even if your pick isn’t nearby before you go to sleep, try to have around 15 names to think of.
I was in the US during the 2014 draft and it was very tough when you’d wake up and twenty players were gone.
It took around 30mins just to work out what the hell went on.


Yep! I’ve been in the US 4 of the past 7 seasons and did the same!

Haha drafting in the same time zone again this year.