2018 FF Original discussion thread



Kennedy is pretty stiff to be “ommitted”. Dude did his ankle in the 1st ■■■■■■ quarter! No wonder he didn’t play well.


Ellis, you useless friggin’ spud…


Playing one short with no Ethan Hughes, looks like the trade is paying dividends so far!


The Crunchas Round 1 Review
The Good
1 Scoring 1400+ Always good to score well in the first match
2 Impey and Motlop changed feeder clubs and still scored better than their 2017 averages.
3 Our midfield averaged almost 99 from just the pure C’s even with Masten’s poxy 49!

The Bad
1 Conceded 1400+
2 Not picking Lewis Taylor who scored a tonne again from our bench.
3 A triple banger ruck problem. Grundy was -22 from last year, Billy Longer scored only 32 (-47 from 2017) And Dawson Simpson not playing. I opted to keep Longer after I was given a decent offer for him in the trade period. Happy with the decision at this stage as I did not have to panic buy a ruck in the draft.


Can’t believe Cutler didn’t get selected this week, thought he’d be straight in for Rich going out. Need to hope that Brand makes the 22 or Coffield a late inclusion.


wimm playing funny buggers? Boy I hope he gets some late outs


That’s not very nice.


I used to be a fan of Cutler. But have cooled on him.

Cutler played forward. I don’t see him being any good as a forward with Brisbane.

He kicked his bag of goals against a B grade team the equivalent of local Doutta Stars teams.

Can’t see him getting games unless injuries hit or their youngsters tire.


Just noticed.

That is a risky move.

But has 420 sitting on the bench. He might hit 1500.

Would need to lose two or three guys to lose from there.


I just saw Cunnington get Longer in the plums! He almost simultaneously got Cunners high so advantage was paid! The coaching panel may have to watch these two in training during the week. Both players are well known to be tough nuts! :wink:


Burst sack?


LDU finding his feet in the second half. Near on 40 point quarter in the third.


My teams been CACA so far and I’m playing one short, but Geary has put in two 100 odd point games to start the year, not bad for a 150+ pick as a back.


kruezer out.


I’m only worried about Shiels.
I feel like I should bring Gray in for him.
But I’m not gonna.


Picked up MacDonald before MacPherson, after talking him up pre-draft.
Pretty, pretty dumb.
Well done, AB.


I still can’t believe I dropped MacPherson! I demand a recount!


Lol can’t believe Weller has gone to ■■■■ since moving to GC


Yep LDU was good