2018 FF Original discussion thread


My teams trash, wezza half a chance.


Rischitelli playing back. Great.
Rischitelli never getting the ball, not so great.


Rischitelli going out for Brodie next week, perfect.


No changes for mine.


Ben Reid a late out. F*ck you, Buckley!


Still surprised that I got no interest in ed curnow except from wimm. Got him for a bargain.


Scored 39 in the last to end up with a respectable 59.


Thanks, wezza.


Aaron MUllett with farkin 102!!! What in the actual! Swear he was on like 25 mid way through the 2nd


I swear I saw O’Shea on like 37 early in the first half…ended with 45.


I think I might have to LTI Scully. 7 News says it is likely a season ending ankle injury.


@Jefferson you must have an amazing group of defenders to have been able to delist Tomlinson.


Thanks jefferson


Mids were my main concern


Aish with 102, exactly what I was hoping for when I drafted him. Shame I dropped him for Mathieson this week. Sigh.


Great game. Played okay last week too.

Maybe he’s turned the corner at the pies? I honestly didn’t think he was best 22 and was part of reason I delisted him.


2 losses to start the year. I’ve had better starts.


get back to phone reception. log in. check score. scream expletive.

useless ■■■■■■


At the start of the day I thought I had Fogs measure. Not any more


Gone a bit early.