2018 FF Original discussion thread


My first pick in Jonas from port looks okay imo. He accumulates it a bit and takes quite a few marks. Having a great game today


Will need a miracle to win from here 28 down with Impey+Duryea V Hardwick+Dangerfield+Mitchell. Messed up at selection again this week I added Taylor and dropped Hogan (133).


Good game wezza, too good. My boys were hopeless, went from almost beating Neela last week with a 1430+ with basically two short to 1115 with one short. 0-2, it’s a mini final next week!


Great score this week wimm. Waaaayyy to strong for my boys.


Thanks, Vandrs.
Obviously you copped me at a bad time.
Good luck for the rest of the year.


So I’ve just read that Inside Football magazine shut down at the start of the month, and it appears that means no more Inside Football player ratings.
That’s a real shame. I regularly used it to keep an eye on young players in the state leagues.


That is a shame, but it looks like it has not been updated for 2018 other than to include the draftees. No write ups seem to have been done for any players I have looked up that are relevant to 2018.




Always a worry to get through the season without a win, so it’s nice to notch that up. I got pretty lucky with your outs, but on the otherhand…

Maybe it’s me who should have been requesting double ups :stuck_out_tongue:


Round 2 review

The good:

  1. Cameron (93) and McLean (110), both recruited via trade to strengthen the forwardline and both showing their worth

  2. Kelly (115), again, how did a ready made gun with F eligibility make it to pick 10?

  3. A score of 1544. Can’t remember the last time I scored over 1500, possibly the game I won the GF, but thrilled to be in early form

The bad:

  1. Aish (102), in the bad cause he was dropped last week then pulls out this score despite not even getting on the bench

  2. Watts and Daniher. Both are usually reliable scoring forwards but both scored in the 40s and have had a disappointing start to the season

  3. Despite a score of 1544, it wasn’t the highest for the round. Wim took those honours


Notes from the after match press conference with Blummers.

Q: Easy win this week against Alber_Goodthur?
A: They got off to a rough start. With McKay and Crouch injured during their games and Castagna well down on scoring, it was going to be tough to make up the gap from the start. We had problems of our own though.

Q: Is that a reference to the team selection problems?
A: We planned to loophole Edwards and maybe Anderson with Newman, Wallis and Biggs all questionable prior to team selections. We thought two of them would play, but by Friday they had all become unlikely to play so Edwards and Anderson become very important. It could have been worse with Mitch Duncan late out. It was great to come away with a win playing two short.

Q: Shane Edwards did his job well.
A: Shane was pretty good. We sort of tested the waters with him, as a potential loophole candidate, but after Thursday night, we just couldn’t be more happy with his performance.

Q: Does he make the 18 next week?
A: It really depends on injuries. He’s not quite a lock, but he’s a better choice than what’s available on the free agency market.

Q: You’re latest recruit scored well. Did Jed Anderson surprise you?
A: He did play well didn’t he. We thought he had talent and he’s taken the opportunity given to him. He’s definitely earned a spot on our list and he’s worth persevering with for the next fortnight.

Q: Todd Goldstein backed up last week’s strong performance. Are you beginning to question whether he needs replacing at all?
A: He played very well this week. Back to his form of a few years ago. But at his age, we need to safe guard his transition. Whether that is this season, next season or the season after, we think that with Sean Darcy and Rowan Marshall, we have the right options in place for whenever that transition occurs.

Q: Looking forward to the matchup with Windy Dill next week?
A: Is it Windy next week is it? We take it one week at a time. If it is, it’ll be a great challenge to see how close we can get to them. We’ll just rock up to the field next week and take it from there.

Q: Will Duncan, Biggs, Newman and Wallis play next week.
A: Wallis should come in next week. If he’s not ready next week then he never will be. We’re hopeful Duncan is back and Newman should play as well. Biggs will be questionable. I’m not sure how much longer we can go with our current injury list.

Q: Harley Bennell has been MIA? Has anyone at the club seen him in the past fortnight?
A: He may have been seen loitering at Scarborough Beach one early morning with a kebab in one hand and a narrow neck in the other.

Q: Did he get into a scuffle with Goldstein?
A: You’re Victorian aren’t you? You might want to google narrow neck. Thanks fellas. See you next week.


Haha fair cop


The Good

  1. Jarryn Geary’s 97 and a 94 to start the year, is getting a lot of Montagna’s loose ball now. Hope it continues.

  2. Justin Westhoff tons up again, this guy is the most FCBR that has ever played the game. Does as he pleases. Also Lance Franklin has started the year with a bang, just keeps on tonning up, whilst new recruit Todd Marshall has shown some good early career signs, kicking a bag of 3 goals against Sydney. Jesse Joyce showed promise down back.

  3. Otherwise I guess the good will be that hopefully I can regain Robinson/Dunstan/Kruezer next week and not be one short.

The Bad

  1. One of my worst ever scores, playing one short again (last week was basically two) and my injury list is large with Kruezer/Robinson/Liberatore/Birchall/Hampton/Taylor/Kennedy/Broadbent + Dunstan all sitting on the sidelines + Ethan Hughes is yet to debut.

  2. Tim O’Brien has rewarded the faith I put in him with another woeful score, meanwhile Darcy MacPherson is gunning it at another club after I hung onto him all year last year.

  3. Luke Shuey picked the wrong week to give me his lowest score for years. Everything else was a disaster score wise.


Round 2

The Good
1 Brody Grundy had a welcome return to form.
2 Jeremy Howe nearly doubled his score from last week, 56-108.
3 Jack Darling had one of his best outings in the vineleaf, sunshine and orange, (I invented those colour names).

The Bad
1 Selection continued to suck. Lewis Taylor was picked after a strong performance in the opening round but not picking Jesse Hogan after hearing he had some issues with his elbow only for him to score 133 was definitely an opportunity for improvement.
2 4 sub-50 performances Could not help Scully’s because of his serious injury but Walla, had an off game, Jayden Hunt was below par. Lucky I squandered my first pick on “Bl00dy” Marley Williams, cos his 60 and 41 have been invaluable so far.
3 The club doctor spent most of the Easter weekend looking for Billy Longer’s mini Easter eggs and this prevented Tom Scully getting crucial early treatment and his prognosis is not too flash as a result.


Round 2
1 - Recruits Stephenson and Barry continue to have solid games and get some valuable experience and scores on the board
2 - Late inclusion of Mark O’Connor covered the late out of Ben Reid. Showed a bit of promise and one can hope he continues to get his hands on the ball.
3 - Having emergencies to field a full team. Had been a concern in season 2017, but with the likes of De Goey, Barlow & Bailey nearing match fitness, will give the Mitcham Marvels more flexibility.

1 - Long, Himmelberg & Rioli with sub 35 scores. Very disappointing, but hoping Rioli and Himmelberg can bounce back.
2 - Mills. Hoping he gets more consistent game time in the mids this season, but a 50 this week was incredibly disappointing.
3 - Sub 1100 score. Believe the 1300 mark is still realistic this season, some boys need to lift.


I hope I haven’t done another Liam Picken with Geary and delist him the year before he turns into a genuine FF keeper - he’d been getting lots of years on the list for me due to winning me my Grand Final!


Week 2 Review.


1 - Tom lynch - Anyone who beats up on FarkCarlton is a hero in my book.

2 - Scoring 1387 - 140 point improvement on week 1. Starting to build closer to amid 1400 average which keeps us in the game most weeks.

3 - Coniglio again - Guy is a stud in FF. If he’s not one of the top 5 FF mids by seasons end then I’ll go he.

3a - Liam Ryan - Boy oh boy, Wowee!!! Benfti special this kid. Very very exciting prospect.


1 - Taylor Adams - His 2 score to start the year are lower than any he had last year ( yeah ok he did have an 81). I was expecting he’d be a lock for over 100 each week having done it 15 times last season. Crazy bucks seem to be resting him forward instead of off HB like he was last year. FU bucks.

2 - Scoring 1387 - I wasn’t going to say it last week but I thought we’d hit 1450+ in week 2 with Houli back. Didn’t happen. Houli was poo. Clarke was poo. Young was poo. Atley always seem to be poo till late in the year when he gets some midfield time and kills it.

3 - Missed draft picks - I’m sure we all had them this year. I had guys like Holman and Ellis-Yolman on my list at the start of the draft. I never pulled the gun early enough thinking they would slip to my next pick, or my pick after that. I think I just need to trust my gut more than pretty stats more in future


Also another bad, Geelong is basically playing their prime 3 meaning Menegola is getting very little midfield time and his scores are getting affected.


I found this about Bennell…

Injury-plagued Harley Bennell (calf) and young tall defender Griffin Logue (foot) also don’t have return dates.

Is that enough to LTI Bennell given he usually takes ages to return from [cough] calf injuries [cough].


Bennell is beyond cooked.