2018 FF Original discussion thread



  1. Ed Richards - nice debut from a guy I wasn’t sure would even get a game this year. Strong start then faded after half time.

  2. Ben McEvoy - Club Stalwart may be returning to Fantasy Football relevance. Looking to build on an average of 90 last season.

  3. Jake Carlisle - Another new player to the club who has started well. Honeymoon period.

The BAD:

  1. Shaun Grigg - Unfashionable footballer who averaged 95 last two seasons. Has been down for a couple of weeks, not worried yet

  2. Tim Broomhead - Nobody likes to see an opponent go down like that

  3. Jonathon Patton - Needs to do more, especially if he’s getting time as the relief ruckman.


Pimpinio Tigers - Round 2

The Good.

  1. Obviously the team score of 1628. I’d be interested to know how that ranks in my highest scores ever, Dunners. I suspect it’s my second best?

  2. Just a breakdown of the score, really. Seven tons, just two sub 60s, and one of those due to injury. I’m after consistency and, to that end, it’s great that I have other players who can step up when regular top three players Lloyd, Ebert and Ellis have a quiet one (which they did).

  3. I guess it’s good to see a few players repay the faith shown in selecting/retaining/trading for them.

The Bad.

  1. My depth is very poor. I have seven draftees averaging sub 60. I knew some of these players would take time to mature, but it seems I have erred on that side a little too much.

  2. Still waiting on Sam Reid and Will Brodie.

  3. Injury to Moore and suspension to Sicily. I really can’t afford that to continue.


@Dunlop Can I please LTI Tom McDonald.


@Blummers32 : Confirmed. Two weeks as TBA/TBC with no updates means I’ll accept it as indefinite as opposed to them awaiting test results or re-examination.

@topdon: No to that one as well. Tom was eligible for LTI 2 weeks ago at the same time Blummers put Viney on LTI (when AFL.com.au had an article announcing both were 6-8 weeks away).

Now he is only 4-6 weeks away as indicated by Melbourne here


Congratulations to @wimmera1: After going through my files the 1628 you scored this past week is your highest ever score.

It also removes your name from top of the leaderboard for the longest period of time since setting your PB.

Your previous highest score was set almost 10 years ago in Round 14, 2008 against Smoten.

@Allblack replaces wimmera at the top of the leaderboard, having set his highest score back in 2010, coincidentally against wimmera.

@You_Shall_Be_Smoten, @Crazy_Bomber and @Fudge rank 2nd, 3rd and 4th having set their current benchmarks in 2011.



Topdon has been given a warning for failing to field a full side in consecutive weeks and failing to address this at FAs.

In week 1, he played 2 short (backs) whilst Ryder and Josh Smith (back) were injured. Whilst there was only 1 option available as a ruck who ended up not playing, there were countless backs available to choose from and he had the 3rd overall pick, so he had an excellent chance of getting someone decent who was overlooked in the draft.


@Dunlop can I LTI Tom Scully please?




The injury list is now fully updated and pinned for your utilisation. It’ll be updated on Tuesday nights going forward, with occasionally some teams being updated further on Wednesday as some clubs opt to provide their official updates Wednesday afternoon, which can differ from the AFL’s version.


Won’t end that drought any time soon.


I’m hoping to get some more clarification soon from Freo on

He’s gone from TBC to TBA to hopefully running or maybe out for surgery :confused:


I hate missing FA.
Lano and Woodley were good, though.


UF playing funny buggers with their ticks and who is listed as an emergency.
Very annoying.


Let the records show I had Smith, Brown and Gowers as my first 3 choices amongst more, so I tried to get a back. Selection means I’m going in 1 short again down back. On the upside, good to see Dunstan back in.


You’re part of the committee that gave me warnings/strikes when I tried to fill holes week-to-week, but didnt want to pick up certain demographic players.

So am I going to be good too if I end up short a back but dont want to pick up a Jones/Thompson/Brown/Grimes type? Just as long as I tried to pick up some?

Checking in advance.


If that’s what is decided, then I’ll receive anything that comes my way. Being 4th last I didn’t expect not to get one of my men. Furthermore I expected Hampton to be back in and they’ve instead opted for Douglas, Hampton is 1st emergency. Also Hughes a chance with Brad Hill out injured.


topdon also tried to utilise FA last week and missed out on the two players he wanted.


Really really really hoping to see Weitering play as a 7th defender tonight.

I need him to get his confidence up and start racking up those intercept marks.


KPD’s are FF Poison. If he plays well then the blose will probably win and we cannot have that.


Yeah i’m still haunted by the pick. Especially when I missed on Oliver despite wanting EFC to draft him.

  1. I drafted for position rather than scoring ability (because I did and still have a lack of reliable back 6)
  2. I got sucked into the best ever talk he got over the pre-season games.

Am hoping Paddy Dow shows a bit more with what should be a fast game.