2018 FF Original discussion thread


I have my development coaches making sure LDU hurts you


I do enjoy seeing Cuningham come off the back of the square again!


Not looking great. 9 to half time. VFL next week :confused:


Welcome back Kruezey, 120 is most welcome.


Naturally now becomes a late inclusion and on 70 halfway through third term…


Cutler is a classic good scorer with no job security.


Stef Martin has gone berserk!

I’m liking Marshall, has a bit about him, reminds me of Westhoff. Is leading Port’s goalkicking in the first 3 games which is nice and has good hands.


Zorko having a shocking start to the year


14 from Hall from 78% game time. WTF.


Was tagged by Banfield and injured (taken out behind play) early on. Pretty much played deep full forward.


Ahhh nuts. Dont think I will be able to come back from that.


Happy with my mob, one short but Newnes had a good game and Dunstan was fantastic in his debut for the club. Robinson also was fantastic in his return from suspension and Boak scored 0 in the first quarter but recovered with a 79. I’m in a good position going into tomorrow. Complete chalk and cheese from last week.


Got a bit over half the questionnaires back. Hoping I can post the results next weekend.

Just need replies from
@fogdog @topdon @Stoops @Jefferson @Windy_Dill @westozziebomber @You_Shall_Be_Smoten @Albert_Goodthur

Thank You


My fluke streak over @fogdog is over.


Ahhh the joys of chasing people up.


Yeah the joys…

Might just make it 5 questions next year too.


Yeah the actual questionnaire was never the issue, more so the collating results/getting people to return them part…


The match between Fudge and I will be decided in the first game today

Ablett and Rance plus 71 vs Henderson, Ellis and Shiels.
Obviously he’s in the box seat, having points already on the board and because Ablett, but there’s a chance it could be quite close.

Edit: And for some reason I must have thought Ablett plays for Hawthorn or Richmond.
Okay, so maybe a tense countdown this evening.


Rance on track for 120, while my three are having Barries.


Rance having his one blinder every month, drove me nuts.