2018 FF Original discussion thread


Ablett does a hammy with Fudge 2 points up against Wimm! Wimm needs a late adjustment


Lost by 11.

Cost me a win in the end. Danggit. Well done @Vandrs .


Bad luck mate. Very fortunate to have 2 wins. My side needs a real hard look in the mirror.


And gets it?
Hoooooooooooly fuuuuuuuuuuuckin’ shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!


o.m.g. o.m.g. o.m.g. o.m.g. o.m.g. o.m.g. o.m.g. o.m.g.


Just checking the other games.
Rapt for AB.
He’s been building a good team for a long time now.

Heartfelt commiserations to Fudge.
He copped two injuries.
Deserved the win.


Good for you Wimm, you too have been building slowly but you sure look to be one of the big improvers in 2018. I like how UF seems to be updating at the end of the last game rather than the day after.


AB: only 4k out of the 8.

He deserves a final this year.
Knocked off so many contenders in the last few years, and never seems to get a crack at it.
I’m gunning for him.


Nice to have you on board Wim


Notes from the after match press conference with Blummers.

Q: That was a brutal loss to Windy. Are there any positives that can be taken away from a game like that?
A: Very few positives for us. We were undermanned, but we were also flat across the board. Only a handful of players reached their expected output and Windy really made us pay in every part of the field. We just couldn’t get into any position to trouble Windy at all.

Q: You seem to be having troubles selecting 18. Is it a concern?
A: We have a high number of players who had an interrupted preseason, so we knew we’d have a rough opening month. To compound the issue we have too many players who are questionable on the Thursday night, then very unlikely to play come Friday. Things went bad to worse when Beams was a late out. The playing numbers are a concern, but we’re thinking we’re around a month away having a consistent and reliable 18 that can challenge for a top 4 spot.

Q: Rowan Marshall was a positive from the game. How do you assess his debut with the Panlicking Scammers.
A: We couldn’t be happier with his output. He started off very well and then tired a little through the game, but we see a bit of Max Gawn in him. He’ll probably have less influence in the ruck but more influence around the ground. Our ruck stocks are in very good shape over the next few years.

Q: Travis Varcoe hasn’t performed so far this year. When is it time to admit you failed by picking him in the draft?
A: At around 9pm on Tuesday sounds about right. He’s been terrible. Even had we taken him with our last pick, he’d be under performing. We wish him the best of luck, but he’s used up his credits at this club.

Q: Did you fail with your free agent pickups last week?
A: Lewis Young might not be too far away from games. We think we reached a bit with Brennan Cox though. They were mainly brought in for their forward and back flexibility given the injury numbers we currently had. We felt the flexibility may play in our favour but unfortunately, it doesn’t look to have helped at all. We’ll be looking to turn Varcoe and Cox into a few players that can help us field a team next week.

Q: Are you confident you’ll put up a better showing next week against Vandrs?
A: He can be a dangerous opponent and we aren’t exactly travelling well right now. If we want to make finals, that’s the kind of game we must win. With improvement coming from fogdog and wimmera this season, the difference between 3-1 and 2-2 this early in the season would make a big difference ladder wise. If we get our players back during the week, we’re in with a very good shot of winning.

Q: Who is likely to be back next week?
A: Hopefully Beams gets up next week. Mitch Duncan should be back in next week. Jamie Elliott looks ready to slot straight back in next week. Nic Newman and Shane Biggs are likely additions next week too. That’s around 450 points right there to be injected into the team. Riley Knight played reserves so he might be close to a return, but he’s more likely a fortnight away. Hopefully Maynard gets another crack soon as well. That should free us up to be a bit more adventurous with free agency.

Q: Harley Bennell was been labelled as cooked during the week. Was that a fair assessment?
A: He hasn’t played for three years so he shouldn’t be expecting rave reviews. It is funny how we haven’t seen him for a month, placed him on the LTI and as soon as he was labelled as cooked, the bugger turned up to training the next day and said he’ll be ready in a month’s time. Our fitness staff laughed themselves silly. We’re not holding our breath that he’ll be ready by then.

Q: You’re comments a few weeks ago about Cutler seemed to backfire this week. Do you think that had any bearing on the team’s performance this week?
A: Err. What?
Q: Did the comments about opposition team players that you’re not due to play for a while take your focus away from your current opposition?
A: Wow. That’s some yoga stretch action right there. Good job. Wow. I think we’re done here fellas.


Round 3 Wrap up.

The Good

1 - Jack Crisp - I was a bit shocked when he got B eligibility but I’m not complaining at all. Has averaged mid 80’s for most of his career and if he can turn that into 90+ as a back he’s a very valuable commodity.

2 - Josh Thomas - Nice 107 this week. Hopefully he can continue this.

3 - Playing wezza - Probably one of the only sides I could’ve beaten this week. Lucky for me when Hall only scored 14!!! Tough luck mate.

The Bad

1 - Depth - I thought we may be okay in this area after the draft. Too many guys on the fringe every week at their clubs. Hopefully guys like Lang,Kerridge,Marsh,Atley and Hibberd can get a look in very soon.

2 - Jade Gresham - When St.Kilda struggle so does this guy. Averaging 65 is just not good enough.

3 - 1291 - Thought we’d turn the corner after nudging 1400 in round 2. Our inconsistency is frightening. We will need to get close to 1500 this week to challenge Blummers


Ouch! lol
I did outscore 6 other coaches this week though.


How many LTI’s at the same time can we have again?


You can list two, but your team can actually have as many as you’d like.
The more the better, as far as I’m concerned.


You’re in with a chance.
I haven’t fielded 18 since round one. And even then I had an underwhelming score.
Too many players end up being an emergency rather than named in the 22.

Hopefully I can pick up someone off free agency to help get an 18 on the park should my own guys not be ready to return.
Plus, you’re sort of a bogie team for me. Think you have a winning record against me.


Win #1 for the year, I’ll take it. Played one short and also lost Gutherie on 10 early so would have scored 1400+.

The Good

  1. Chalk and cheese from last week. Dunstan debuted for the club with a ton, Robinson returned from suspension with a ton and also Kruezer returned from injury with a ton.

  2. Jake Waterman looks the goods with a near ton in his 3rd game. Gets the ball, marks the ball, can tackle and kick a goal. Like. Marshall looks very slick too for Port, reminds me of Westhoff early days. Good hands, gets to the right spots, good kick.

  3. My forwardline is powerful on it’s day, rivaling anyone and my midfield which was fcked last year finally looks competitive again. Menegola returns to the midfield rotations and dominates, Franklin dominates, Boak is dangerous, Riewoldt is consistent, Membreyt can ton up and I still ahve Kennedy to come back.

The Bad

  1. Another early game injury, this time with Gutherie, further denting my backline which is a shambles. That’s 3/3 games which early game injuries.

  2. Injuries are killing me, absolutely killing me. Hoping to get through the first half of the year with as many wins as possible and then storm home. I need some of Birchall/Gutherie/Taylor/Hughes/Hampton back. My backline was a weakness beforehand and it’s even weaker now.

  3. Kayne Turner trade looks like a shocker for me, he’s gone backwards this year. Tim O’Brien has been woeful too and my patience is wearing thin. Might need to swing the old axe.


Would have taken Waterman, had he been available to me and had I not forgotten it was Wednesday.


The Good:

  1. Ed Richards - 85 in his second game. Looks like he can make the jump to senior football. I’m still not counting on him doing much this season but this is great from a guy who could easily have spent the year in the VFL.

  2. Jon Patton - Hope he gets more time in the ruck. Don’t know how one of the slowest players in my team managed 10 tackles, must have been a high-stoppage game

  3. Marc Murphy - Seems to do better when Carlton lose. Win-Win situation for me.

The Bad:

  1. Lewis Jetta. Around this time every year I wonder how he made my keepers

  2. Zac Merrett - Clearly not fit, might have to rest him this week

  3. The coach - Had enough points on the bench and in reserve to sneak the win, or at least make it closer. At least I didn’t bring Myers straight in.


Pimpinio Tigers - Round 3

The Good.

  1. Four premiership points. To win due to my opponent copping two injuries, by a single point, and even that came after adjustments…we didn’t deserve the win.
    But screw it, I’ve copped bad beats before, and I don’t take any points for granted.

  2. Week one it was our backs, week two our midfield, this week it was our forwards that carried the team. Yay for them. Credit to our ton-makers in Sam Gray, Walters and Ed.

  3. Good to have Sam Reid back in the team with an 80 first up.

The Bad.

  1. Just about everyone was down on their average. Boo.

  2. facepalm Powell-Pepper.

  3. The commish’s sense of humour. Round three marks the first of four rounds where I play the top four teams in a row. Is very funny joke.


The good:

  1. Big scores from Lyons (151) and Sidebottom (130)
  2. Lecras continues to perform, could be bargain of the year (90 av)
  3. 3-0 start to the season

The bad:

  1. Hanley’s shoulder goes pop
  2. Townsend: -6 at QTR time, finishes with 18
  3. Dusty and Sloans both score 67