2018 FF Original discussion thread


The Good
1 Brodie Grundy scoring 141 and averaging 117 and Seb Ross getting 132 not 32 and averaging 115.
2 Chris Masten may be getting back to his old scoring ways.
3 Jesse Hogan is looking the goods!

The Bad
1 Two sub 40 scores from backmen.
2 Marley Williams still doing stuff all.
3 Craze, just got his first win and the Knights’ apetites will have been whetted for more of the same.


It’s good fun eh?


Sure is. Makes me feel even better knowing that I used my first pick on him.


Round 3 review -

The good:

  1. Toby McLean (103), fast becoming FF gold as a tackling, marking and goal kicking player
  2. Paul Seedsman (107), nearly didn’t make my keepers after picking him up off the FA scrap heap
  3. Heeney (97) and Curnow (95). Are they the two most exciting forwards in the FF game??

The bad:

  1. Leaving McGovern (93) and Kolodjasnij (72) on the bench ahead of Watts (60) and Byrne-Jones (51)
  2. Crouch and Pittard will be out this week when I need them against Wim
  3. Another score over 1450 but the second highest again


Ohh awesome! More LTI eligible players. That makes 4.


Round 3-

The good -

  1. matt de boer. Looking like a bargain pick at my second round pick with 118. 83 this week and averaging 75 so far over the season. Keeps that up and it’ll be a great pick

  2. Callum Sinclair. He was my last pick 2 drafts ago with something like 179. Now he’s a vital player as a FR. 123 from him this week

  3. Shannon Hurn. Averaging 105 over the first three rounds, very happy with this trade

The bad

  1. Jarrod harbrow. Il now admit he is inconsistent. It’s frustrating. 45 is pathetic

  2. Key forwards. Waite and hooker drive my head in. They either score 100+, or about 50

  3. Not playing bugg. Would have been 1400+ again if I did


I should get in on the good and bad bandwagon

The good

  1. Ed Langdon - I have high expectations on Ed and his state league numbers have always been exciting. Hopefully 111 was the start of that translating
  2. Nat Fyfe - single handedly keeping both the All Blacks and the Dockers in games they should be in. I love him.
  3. Jared Polec - was available but much interest. This seems to have spurred him on. Averaging 105 and showing consistency. Dropping down the list of players worth stopping at Port has been great for him

The bad

  1. Dayne Zorko struggling to live up to last season but his drop has been significant. Averaging under 80 just isn’t up to expectations
  2. Ryan Burton and Andrew McGrath needing to lift quicker than you can say “second season blues”
  3. Rory Lobbs knee. Pushed Patton into the ruck where he smashed us.

All in all. A good solid week. Need to find our way past 1500 which I think it’s reasonably close.


I read that twice to see if LDU made the review.


3 Good things

  1. Double head Dragon - Paddy Dangerfield & Tom Mitchell, have had a sensational start to the season. Paddy should get some more burn with Ablett injured.

  2. Stef Martin absolutely killed it, well worth the trade for the outgoing Boyd last year.

  3. Bounce back game for Lachie Weller fater a disappointing start to the year

3 Things that aren’t quite right

  1. Deplorable week for the backline
    First time this season not one score of 80 or above, luckily we made up for it around the field

  2. Bont - What’s happening? Down on form this year averaging 75, after coming off two seasons averaging ~100

  3. Consistency - we’ve been scoring 1500+, however, the team has been wildly inconsistent.

We will need everyone to step up without a substandard score if we are to beat the reigning Premier this week. @Windy_Dill


I wish the cats would hurry up and let me know how bad nakia’s pcl is.


Lol. 26 very important points


Gosh. I think I pulled the waiver trigger a week too early.


If you didn’t, he would’ve been mine :wink:


There were eight that requested him. Five were waivers (including me).

You timed it to perfection.


Nowhere near yours.


Lol moreso the principle of that he didn’t waste the waiver than me specifically taking him :wink:


Damn it. Break-out game came a week too late.


I can’t take a trick this year. Now Adams out with a hammy. I thought I’d see Marsh this week after having 30+ touches but they went with echo ( Aliir aliir for those playing at home). Hibberd was emergency last week and I thought he’d get the call up. Carlton are ■■■■ so I thought Kerridge or Lang would get a certain call up.

Might be time to make some tough calls on guys shortly if I can’t field a team. Sorry guys


I was surprised you didn’t utilise FA!


Pearce Hanley to LTI please.