2018 FF Original discussion thread


My two best defenders in Docherty and Hanley out for the season is going to test me.


Despite having a sh*tload of injuries, I guess I can’t complain about the ins and outs for this week. Finally get to field a full team, Kennedy back from the injured pile and Lochie O’Brien gets to debut for the club.




Likewise. Glass and O’Shea provide support in defense, but the one I’m really keen to see is Guelfi.


Still no Pittard or Crouch plus now Tyson out too.


Any NEAFL watchers able to tell me how Isaac ■■■■■■■ is going?


Exploding onto the scene.


Not much out there to get. I checked out all the results in the VFL,NEAFL etc and saw most of my guys played ok. As I said, I thought Marsh would get a look in after being emergency on the weekend and then being BOG. Kerridge also played very well and was also emergency so I thought he’d get a look in. Joe Atley has been named to the extended bench which I thought he would.

I had no idea Adams did a hammy till I read the paper this morning, which now leaves me even thinner.

Only person in FA I could’ve grabbed was Esava but I wasn’t willing to use my claim on him as wim did. And from all the FA pick ups this week he’s one of the only ones who’s playing

Not sure what else I could’ve done? My injury list is massive and most of them are LTI eligible. The guys I’m holding onto, bar Scrimshaw who was a top 10 pick last year, have been on the cusp of selection most weeks this year


Get to wheel Ryan Griffen out in a wheelchair finally


I think we both lost in the trade below:


I got some value outta lids that year I won the flag but yeah it looks ordinary lol

I liked watts, and he was scoring very well at the time


Nah you must have had Deledio in the other comp. You didn’t get him from me until after the 2016 season. He only played 3 games for you in 2017.

Watts was awesome for me last season until he was injured. But he’s on thin ice at the moment. He will be one of the first out once Crouch, Pittard and Tyson are back.


Cripple fight!!



Match of the round


Not yet. Unless you have an update for him since the one Gold Coast released on Tuesday where they said they were still assessing the injury and options?


Can I LTI Sam Reid?

Sydney’s worst fears were revealed yesterday with injuries sidelining key forward Sam Reid for at least two months…


Is it me or are there more injuries this year?
I’m not talking about the 1-2 weekend injuries but 5+ week injuries.
Maybe it’s just an anomaly but it seems clubs are more willing to let players take longer to recover this year more than years gone by.


Preaching to the choir with me me blummers.

I have 4 guys with LTI’s
Gleeson 8-10 weeks
Brodie Smith - Season
Aaron Francis - Still unknown ( min 12 weeks)
Liam Ryan - 10-12 weeks
Ciaran Byrne - 3-4 weeks
Taylor Adams 1-2 weeks

When my boys get injuried they don’t do it half arsed!




Feel like I’m going to get pumped this week - amazed that I have three rucks to choose from though.