2018 FF Original discussion thread




Just a reminder if anyone wants to join a Supercoach league and perhaps get some revenge back at some fellow coaches that have had the wood over you, I’ve set up a Supercoach league for just us coaches: 441196.

So far we have 9/18 coaches joined, but I’ll open it up to the other FF league so we mostly get FF coaches.


Pick 3 is tough this year going by those positions, a few guys I didn’t think would be dual position in there…


Pick 1 is tough. Torn about 4 ways,


My forward line keepers are screwed.
Riley Knight, Robbie Gray, Bennell and Jamie Elliott all to miss round 1.
Backline seems strong especially Riley Bonner gets games.
It’s pretty much down to three for my final keeper spot.

The draft will be interesting. Looks like we won’t have as many ‘ready to go’ DTers as the past five years so hopefully there’s a few decent delisted players available.


I have one spot left to decide.
After that I’d quite happily redraft four of my remaining six delistees (one of the other two has actually been delisted).
Won’t happen though.


im having trouble with keepers, but that’s only because options from 16th player onwards arent great.

My entry fee is just a donation to the league.


Take Rayner or Dow. Easy choice!

LDU sucked!


Haven’t seen much of Dow this pre-season, but I’d go Brayshaw, then Dow, then LDU, then Cerra, then Rayner.

I only have Cerra there because I liked what he did at u18 level.
I’m not a huge fan of Rayner.

Neither will be available by my pick in the late teens somewhere.


Brayshaw certainly looks like he’ll score straight away.
Who knows who’ll be best after two years?


Pretty happy with where my list is at. I am a couple of forwards short of the ideal but my backline is young and hungry, my centreline is great and there is the start of a pretty good forward line. This year we need to play finals.

So far my keepers look like this…

B – Ryan Burton – Nick Vlastuin – Alex Witherden
HB – Andy McGrath – Jimmy Webster – Lee Spurr
C – Dyson Heppell – Jared Polec – Dayne Zorko
HF – Josh Caddy – Angus Brayshaw – Josh Dunkley
F – Ed Langdon – Peter Wright – Jack Silvagni
R – Nick Natanui – Josh Kelly – Nat Fyfe
Int – Harrison Wigg -

Fighting for one last spot

Cox, Cedric (CB) 49
Hibberd, Mitch (CB) - 41
Puopolo, Paul (F) 67
Robertson, Nick (CB) 64
Walker, Josh (FR) 68

On their way out unless I decide to rookie them in the draft.

Baguley, Mark (B) 65
Beams, Claye (CB) 58
Lamb, Jed (F) 63
Hannan, Mitch (FC) 57
Rice, Bailey (B)
Masten, Chris © 78

So Masten is probably the biggest delisting but didnt play enough games and he doesnt tackle enough to score as a pure centre. There arent many pure centres worth keeping under 85-90 point averages. He doesnt have enough upside.

Baguley is a tough one and if he is still about after maybe the 5th or 6th round I will look at him. He is super reliable as a bench player but again I cant win a premiership with a player who averages under 70 in the team.

The rest are cannon fodder except maybe Bailey Rice but hasnt played since drafted which for a little guy doesnt speak volumes.

This is the year of the ABs


I’m overseas so wont be able to watch the JLT games, but my scout who I asked for advice wasn’t impressed with LDU either.


Would think number 1 is a race in 3. Brayshaw is built for FF but you know he loses his forward eligibility next season. Raynor and Dow more likely to be multiple position players for longer


I don’t see how this can hurt.
This is how I look like lining up this year.

B: Berry, Jarrod (CB) 60 Carlisle, Jake (B) 62 Ellis, Brandon (CB) 81
HB: Lloyd, Jake (B) 92, May, Steven (B) 77 Sicily, James (FB) 74
C: Curnow, Ed © 88 Ebert, Brad © 103 Brodie, Will © - 64
HF: Gray, Sam (FC) 82 Phillips, Tom (FC) 83 Hartung, Billy (FC) 80
F: Brown, Ben (FR) 72 Moore, Darcy (F) 62 Powell-Pepper, Sam (FC) 71
R: Jenkins, Josh (FR) 78 Shiels, Liam © 91 Walters, Michael (FC) 80
IC: Henderson, Ricky (CB) 87

One from:
Doedee, Tom (B)
Gregson, Cory (F)
Hill, Stephen © 79
Reid, Sam B. (F) 68
Stewart, James (F) 60

You’re cut:
McKay, Ben (FB) - 38
#O’Kearney, Nick (FC) (delisted)

Given up predicting how my team will go.


Building nicely @wimmera1. Cutting McKay must hurt a little bit


Nah, he was a last couple of rounds FA pick-up.
He showed some nice things in his one game last year, but still looked a bit unco in JLT.
I think he’s a good year off doing anything.
But hey, I’ve been wrong before.


I’d go Dow or Bradshaw at pick one. Bradshaw as FC was a huge surprise.

LDU is meh. Does he mark or tackle or just accumulate disposals? And mostly handballs.

With my first two picks at 10 and 20 I’d say I’ll be drafting an experienced player delisted from a top 6 side. I have enough youth and now Setterfield out for the season.



Has everyone signed up on UF yet?


I have about 8 players on my radar at pick 3!


My team look like this…
FF - Jamie Elliott, Brandon Matera, ???
HF - Robbie Gray, Harley Bennell, Alex Neal-Bullen
R - Todd Goldstein, Jack Viney, Mitch Duncan
C - Callan Ward, Dayne Beams, ???
HB - Shane Biggs, Luke Ryan, Zach Tuohy
FB - Nick Haynes, Nic Newman, ???
Bench - Sean Darcy, Riley Bonner, Riley Knight

Last two spots between - Mitch Wallis, Aaron Mullet, Jack Riewoldt, Jack Lonie
Will be delisted - Francis Watson, Sam Gibson, Joe Atley, Zach Guthrie, Corey Maynard

Tomorrow night’s game will help decide my last two keeper spots.