2018 FF Original discussion thread


Ease up Laird.


I’ll be posting the questionnaire results tomorrow, so if you haven’t filled yours in and would like to do so you have roughly 24 hours.



I’ve given the team a quarter time bollocking.
Not good enough, fellas.


Would have been nice if someone went near Grundy…


If he plays aggressively against Goldstein tonight then Kreuzer will probably score well.


Grundy’s game last night was phenemonal. I’m not sure even Gawn at his best was top 2 for clearances and contested ball.

Happy with how Callum Brown is developing, he makes a nice counterpoint to the vast majority of my guys who receive some midfield time, most of whom are wingers…and thus allergic to tackling.

Going to be really interested in how Jordan Cunico goes for @Jefferson as he has all the hallmarks of burning me Neal-Bullen style - previously on my list, tracked him closely over the years…until the pre-season where he actually plays the final JLT, to which my response is to ignore him during the draft.


So is the max list size 32? Because if not can I LTI more?


Only 2 LTI’s at a time


Somehow closed the gap a little in the first half of the second quarter, despite playing absolute rubbish.
Come on, skip, big ton needed.
Dig deep.


English having a very impressive start for the season for someone that I thought I’d be carrying again throughout the year. Could end up genuinely my number 1 ruck.


Zorko was my favorite player last year. This year he is seriously struggling


I’m going say that I knew that would happen.

Have I said how much I love Coniglio? Absolute jet. Just wish it would rub of onto some of my other guys


Aaaaand I reckon I’m about done.
Pull a hammy and retire, McVeigh.
You’re murdering Lloyd’s scoring.


Dill and I are neck and neck with some pretty average scores inside to moot


Welcome back Kennedy! At least something good can come from another loss. Lochie O’Brien looks decent too, and Jesse Joyce has continued some decent form. Rischitelli on the other hand I don’t think scored until the third quarter…


I’m back in this match, somehow.
Both of us underperforming.
Foggy has a 43 point lead on me on averages.


I’m half a chance here against Blummers. He’s had an absolute mare which has helped. Hopefully that continues this afternoon.

If Atley can somehow get a late call up it’ll be very interesting


I think Atley played SANFL yesterday, so I doubt he’s their travelling emergency.
My team is under performing. Not sure what can be done until I get players returning from injury.

  1. Who do you think will win the FF Premiership? (feel free to nominate yourself)?

Windy Dill x 8
Awesome Scotty X 2
Crazy Bomber

  1. Which two teams will compete in our FF GF (feel free to nominate yourself!)?

Windy Dill x 11
The Mad Bomber
Awesome Scotty x 4
Fudge x 4
Crazy Bomber
All Black

  1. Who will make up our top 8 of our FF comp?

Awesome Scotty

  1. Which team (other than your own) do you want to win it (can be the same one)?

The Mad Bomber x 2
Awesome Scotty x4
Dunlop or Dill
Vandrs x 2

  1. Which team would you least like to win the premiership (can be more than one)?

Windy Dill. No offence, just would be boring.
Windy Dill x 5
Crazy Bomber x 4

  1. Who will win the AFL Grand Final?

Adelaide? Maybe Sydney?
Essendon!! X2
GWS x 3
Port Adelaide

  1. Who will win the FF Wooden Spoon?

North? X 3
Topdon x 2
Wezza x 4
Mitcham Marvells

  1. Who will win the AFL’s Brownlow?

Zach Merrett
Fyfe x 4
Clayton Oliver
Dusty x 2
Tom Mitchell x 3

  1. Which player will score the most DT points for the year?

Tom Mitchell x 7
Zach Merrett
Dayne Zorko
Sam Mitchell? Maybe you meant Tom?

  1. Who will win the NAB Rising Star?

Darcy Forgarty
Andrew Brayshaw x 3
Witherden x 3
LDU x 2
Paddy Dow
Cam Rayner
Jeremy Finlayson

  1. B & F this year from your side?

Probably Ebert. Hopefully Brodie
Devon Smith
Clayton Oliver
David Zaharakis
Nate Fyfe
Dayne Beams
Rory Laird
McDonald-Tipungwuti (Already has won it and has it in the bag for the next 8 seasons) but Luke Parker is going to give him some token competition.
Luke Shuey
Tom Mitchell
Rory Sloane
Zach Merrett

  1. Most Improved player this year from your side?
    Brodie or Berry
    Matthew Kennedy
    Brandan Parfitt
    Nate Fyfe
    Corey Maynard
    Connor Menadue
    Jarman Impey or Cam Sutcliffe
    Alex Sexton
    Conor Glass
    Harry Perryman

  2. Which young player currently on another side’s list would you most like to own?

Oliver. Emphatically. X 3
Witherden x 2
Jack Billings
Jake Weitering
Sam Murray
Josh Kelly
Jeremy Finlayson
Andre McGrath

  1. Which list (other than your own) would you most like to be in charge of?

I don’t mind Alberts
Windy Dill x 5
Awesom Scotty x 3

  1. Which side outside of last year’s top few do you think will challenge for the flag this year?

AllBlack x 3
Awesome Scotty
Fogdog x 2
Crunchas or Fogtrotters
Crazy Bomber and Fudge

  1. Which team do you think will be the big improver this year?

ME!!! X4
Wimmera x 3
Maybe Stoops

  1. Which team is on the slide?
    Fudge can’t keep this up, can he?
    Smoten x 2
    WOB x 2
    Smoten x 2
    Crazy Bomber x 2
    Albert Goodthur

  2. Which coach do you think could be doing a better job?

I think we have 18 committed coaches doing the best they can, which is awesome.
Jeffersen x 2
Topdon x 3
Hard to say
Stoops x 2

  1. Which (if any) AFL coaches do you think will be out of a job at the end of the year?

Should be Scott, will probably be Buckley.
Adam Simpson
No one
Alan Richardson
Buckley (one of these years I’ll get this one right…)
Buckley x 3
The scott turd from norf Melbourne, Brad? and possibly Alan Richardson
Nathan Buckley & Brad Scott (north one)

  1. Where will Essendon finish this year?

6th x 2
5th x 3
7th x 2

  1. Do you think John Worsfold is the right man to be coaching Essendon?

I suspect not, but I’m withholding judgement ‘til the end of the year.
Don’t think so.
No x 2
Yes x 3
This year? Yes. Will constantly review every year.
For now
Probably I cant think of too many I would like to replace him at the moment.
For the short term I believe he is the right man. I want Caracella in a few years, as he’s a multiple premiership assistant.

  1. What do you dislike most about our league? Do you have any concerns about our league? Suggestions? (can leave this question blank)

I think our last trade period was a little long, and I wouldn’t mind a short trade period pre-FF draft. No more than 7 days. Maybe a lot less.
A small trade period between the end of the draft and round 1.
I still haven’t won it
Given we finish the draft in 5 days, maybe we start the draft every year after the last NAB game?
I think we should do away with LTI’s and just extend the list (sort of what NBA fantasy did).
Rolling lockout through the weekend.
More Banter!
I think it is brilliant
More involvement from more coaches would be nice.
more trades
Coaches who don’t get involved in trading, free agency and banter. Have Dunlop do position changes - no polls/voting
All good

  1. What’s your favourite sport outside of AFL?

Rugby Union
Toss up between NBA and NFL.
EPL Soccer
Ice Hockey (100% Portable Mink’s doing)
Cricket x 3

  1. What are your favorite TV shows?

Family Guy
Game of Thrones x 5
Stranger Things x 2
House of Cards
All Time: Buffy, Borgen
Currently: The Good Doctor, Gotham, The Magicians (guilty pleasure)
Everybody Loves Raymond
Greys Anatomy

  1. What is your all time Number 1 movie?
    Star Wars
    Too difficult
    Shawshank redemption x 2
    Die Hard
    The Untouchables
    Return of the Jedi/Return of the King/Gladiator/Die Hard or even Borat all depending on my mood it varies.
    Oh there’s no way I could pick just one!
    Remember the Titans
    The Big Lebowski

  2. What is your favourite song of all time?
    Tiny Dancer – Elton John
    Boys of Summer – Don Henley was the first 7” I bought and will always be special to me.
    Patience – GnR
    Killing in the Name – RATM
    Jeremy – Pearl Jam
    Uprising – Muse, Kickstart My Heart - Motley Crue, Poison – Alice Cooper It’s my Life – Bon Jovi (because I am on the edited version that the Essendon players watched prior to the 2000 GF!)
    Hyperballad by Bjork and Street Spirit by Radiohead
    Living on a Prayer – Bon Jovi
    Led Zep - Whole Lotta Love

  3. What is your drink of choice? ( alcoholic or non)
    Bourbon and Coke
    Vanilla milkshake
    Beer of any kind – Mainly Peroni’s though
    Coke Zero
    Bourbon and coke
    Makers Mark with Coke
    I don’t drink much anymore but Bombay Sapphire Gin with nearly any mixer would be my drink of choice.

  4. Which FF coach would you love to have a beer with?
    All of them (but mine’s a bourbon)
    WOB x 2
    Have met most so I’ll go with someone I haven’t Crazy Bomber
    Would be happy to have a drink with any or all of the coaches
    Any of them that would put up with me

  5. Which FF coach do you NOT want to have a beer with?
    Nah I can’t be that mean.

  6. Who do you think can show you a Dane Swan style night out?
    Wob seems like an animal
    WOB x 3
    WOB w/Your Team
    Dustin Martin, but I am way too old for that ■■■■ now.
    Probs Wimm because of his epic Blitz benders.
    Mad Bomber

  7. Are you married/single etc? Have you been married more than once?
    Married just the one. To the inestimable Mrs Wim
    Married just once
    Single x 3
    Married (only once so far)
    I got married in October 2016 to my beautiful hoe
    Married – 1st time


Pressure is on, North have one more win than me.