2018 FF Original discussion thread


Notes from the after match press conference with Blummers.

Q: A lot of poor performers on your team this week. Is it a cause for concern?
A: Only a handful of the 18 actually played to their expected levels. That’s definitely something to be concerned about. Luke Ryan and Nic Newman were terrible and let down the backline, Goldstein and Edwards let the midfield down, Brandon Matera let the forwardline down. We’re just lucky to have more wins than losses this season. There is improvement in us, but it really needs to be shown on a weekly basis in our performances rather than comparatively looking at them against previous performances.

Q: How do you assess that result?
A: Pretty poor really. To be honest. Some of the 18 came in happy with their game and I just had to have some stern words with them. If they think that effort is enough to challenge for top four, then they’ll have a first hand look at what’s needed in the next month. A win is a win, but we are a bit off the pace right now and we have to begin showing what we are capable of.

Q: Do you think you’re being a bit harsh given the injuries and preseason setbacks?
A: Not at all. The harsh realities are our scoring is the worst of all the top 8 sides and we’ve only won because we’ve had a soft draw. Our against numbers are evidence of that. We have to demand better performances. This weekend has been a step in the right direction, but we’re not there yet, so we shouldn’t be looking for pats on the back.

Q: Another disappointing game from Varcoe, yet he still makes the bench after the vailed threat of delisting him?
A: It was a very real threat. If it weren’t for the Elliott injury, he’d have been gone on Wednesday. We weren’t sure whether we’d field 18 this week so we had to delist Rioli who we wanted to preserve with. We’re also struggling to identify good free agents that will play the week we sign them up. Lewis Young and Brennan Cox are a few that come to mind that just become wasteful pickups. We need to manage the pickups so that we don’t run out during finals should we get there. But back on to Varcoe, he has pretty much stamped his papers. He’s just nowhere near standard.

Q: Any surprises at team selection?
A: The Jamie Elliott injury obviously caught us by surprise. We only just realised that Andrew McPherson is out for an extended period of time. Our head of HR is on maternity leave and the department has mainly been focussed on Bennell’s drunken nature so we couldn’t support McPherson. Other than that, things went well for team selection. Can’t really complain with two players unlikely to play, one likely and 20 near certainties.

Q: Is Goldstein going to come under team selection scrutiny?
A: It’s doubtful. Unfortunately Sean Darcy is out injured and Marshall is too raw to rely on over the next fortnight for a starting ruck spot so it’s pretty much Goldstein’s spot to lose over the next fortnight. We haven’t had such low scores from a ruck since Mark Seaby, so this position has turned from a strength to a weakness in a few years. We’re still hopefully Goldstein can turn it around and at least score in the 75 to 90 range more often.

Q: Jed Anderson’s score was one out of the box. Did you see it coming?
A: Quite frankly, no. He was stuck on the bench and Nick Graham’s late inclusion cost him his spot in the 18. We’ve had a rough trot with late inclusions and exclusions. We seem to get the rough end of the stick more often than not. But back onto Jed, he’s looking very good albeit inconsistent. He’s got a future at the club.

Q: Can you offer any insight into next week’s team selection?
A: Nick Graham shouldn’t be in the 18 next week. Jed Anderson has shown he can offer much more. Shane Edwards will probably make way for Riley Knight. Newman may make way for Biggs. Marshall is questionable, so we may need to find a replacement for him as well. We’ll be active in free agency to try and find some better bench options than Varcoe.

Q: Are you looking forward to next week’s game against the Mildura Crunchers?
A: They are coached very well by The_Mad_Bomber and they’ve been in better form this season than us. They are coming off the highest score of the round and have shown they are a top 4 candidate so if we think we’re a top 4 calibre team, we’re going to want to be more competitive than we have been so far this year. Our next month of footy will determine our chances of a top 4 spot given we also have Fudge, Fogdog and wimmera coming up. We may not be fit enough for the challenge but we’re going to have to find a way to be competitive otherwise a top 8 spot may be in jeopardy let alone a spot in the top 4.

Any more questions?
Excellent. Thank you all fellas. See you next week.


Yeah 6 coaches.

I remember when I first sent it out and I think wim replied within 5 mins. Took no time at all to complete.


Ohh sweet. I have a bye this week.


I’m in Melbourne in exactly one week, for 7 days. Hit me up!

Shithouse on my part I didn’t get the survey back, completely kept forgetting


@Dunlop can I LTI Picken please


Round 4 wrap up -

The good

  1. 3-1, good start to the season and should be setting myself up to entrench myself in the 4

  2. Another 1400+ score. My squad seems fairly consistent atm

  3. Late draft selections. De boer again with 78 (he’s a gem, really like this puck especially with 117) and Jonas (90) takenin the 90s, are currently best 18. Jonas seems to be getting a lot more ball these days

Honourable mentions to Deledio and Griffen, and Shaun Higgins with 117

The bad

  1. Leaving bugg on the bench, again. 85 this week

  2. My two dee midfielders. I was destined for mid 1550s this week until lewis and jones stunk it up with two scores in the 50s

  3. Kieran jack. Patience has gone, will be dropped next week


The Good

  1. Jaidyn Stephenson - watched his game on Friday night, 5 goals and heaps of improvement to boot

  2. Jordan Cunico - 97 on debut for the Mitcham Marvels, some of my draft picks starting to come along nicely

  3. Roughead - good to have him back and building nicely over 4 weeks.

The Bad

  1. Losing by 11 points. Painful, but Topdon still played with 1 less player.

  2. Betts and Rioli with a combined 56 together, getting injured and not playing for a few quarters. Had Himmelberg on the bench which didn’t help.

  3. Zac Bailey with a 24 on debut. Brisbane were trash so hoping he can bounce back next week.


The Good
Parfitt knocking out a 138. I expected improvement this year (hence the nomination for breakout in survey), but didnt think he was capable of a 28d 3g game.

The Bad
Jacob Weitering just looks bereft of any confidence.

The Question Mark
LDU/Cerra/Brayshaw & Dow seem to be struggling a bit with the tempo, but was hoping to see Paddy impact the game a little more than he has. I’m fully expecting Paddy Dow to be ‘managed’ this week.

Next Week
Up against the Myrmidons. Good chance of a third week of the year. Hoping that Amon/Dow escape the axe and can continue to field a full team and maybe see Keays/Clarke promoted to senior teams.


The Good
1 Chris Masten was a pick in the 100’s he scored more than his pick this week, hopefully he is back to the form of old.
2 Brodie Grundy, fantastic again. Might have to get his feeder club to give him a rest this week.
3 Kicking the sweep was a fantastic achievement particularly when you look at how poxy the backline was again, except for McGovern.

The Bad
1 The backline 3 sub 50 scores and only one score over 70. I thought I may have gone a long way towards fixing it up. I thought Hurn was worth trading and was going to take Vince back with my first pick. He was suspended for round one, from memory and I thought he was a spent force too.
2 Marley Williams only scored 58 but on the upside he was on the bench.
3 Kyle Hartigan is no Luke Brown.


What’s the go with FA between our Anzac Day game and the next round?
Is it still on the Wednesday, moved to Thursday or totally skipped for the week?


Good question. It will be BAU. FA will still be held on Wednesday night after our match against Collingwood.


Round 4 review

The good -

  1. SSS! Seedsman (119), Suckling (115) and Savage (99) are all in phenomenal form this season

  2. Aish (81) with three games in a row over 80. Taken as a depth player but could be the keeper I’m looking for

  3. I am 11 points off being 4 wins and no losses. A 3 point loss to WOB and 7 point loss to Wim will hopefully be the last of the close losses. Very happy to be averaging 1460

The bad -

  1. Only 20/31 of my list played on the weekend with 11 missing through injuries or non-selection. Only four missing from my best

  2. Selection stuff up. Holman (29) and Cameron (41) were putrid. Selecting DBJ (50) and Mathieson (55) would have given me an extra 35 points and a W (although Wim did have higher scorers on his bench than May (29) and Gregson (15)

  3. 11 points off being 4 wins and 0 losses


He looks a different player this year. Covering the ground better and looks like has bulked up a bit and going hard into the content. Definitely ruing the decision to delist him right now.


He’s also playing across half forward more than wing this year too. Pushing forward to kick a goal each week. Definitely cemented his spot at the pies.




Can you explain this a little further?
I’m reading it as teams are locked in from the Friday night, but it’s then opened up again sometime in themiddle of the round to get the Tuesday and Wednesday games.


Dow’s in a slightly different boat to the others. LDU & Brayshaw are only playing 54-67% of a game each week, so they’re struggling being essentially impact players, when they’re used to playing full games and getting that opportunity to work into games if they start badly. Brayshaw is also largely being played out of position as a (relief) winger.

I’m completely fine with how Cerra is going - I drafted him, knowing he had had two straight injury impacted seasons and as a result was highly unlikely to have the tank for AFL midfield without a full pre-season or 2 - he is yet to start in the midfield at AFL level, whilst Brayshaw & Crowden have. Continuity is my top priority for him to achieve this season, if he can hold a spot in my team each week on merit rather than me giving him games here and there tokenistically, well that is a bonus.

Dow’s problems are more self-inflicted - he is playing 70% or more each week which is normal, but he isn’t running both ways which means his midfield time isn’t what it could be. The upside of that is you may get forward eligiblity out of it.


No, by individual game lockout I mean just that - each game locks players from only those teams in and nobody else, just like I believe DT & SC do.

The rest of it was just attempting to explain that there are 3 lockout options available (First Game of the Round, 1st Saturday Game or Individual Game Time) - we normally use the first one and our usual alternate (1st Saturday Game) won’t work in this case.


Haha nice win Dill, managed to not tag of my two headed dragons but both Danger AND Mitchell. My blokes just couldn’t get it over the line at the finish! You’re probably going to be in the GF again this year and tough to beat!

I was very impressed with Rayner the weekend and Conca returning to form.

My team will need to get selections right and some of these underperforming guys will be reviewed in the upcoming weeks!


The Good:

  1. Zach Merrett - Welcome back!
  2. Adam Treloar - Set the tone for the team. Shame the rest couldn’t follow
  3. Jamie Cripps - Had barely done anything then let rip with a 52 point quarter

The Bad:

  1. 1143 must be one of my lowest scores for a while
  2. Leon Cameron - I was counting on Perryman starting this week. Deserves a run of senior games to find form
  3. Dean Kent - Rubbing his old team’s face in it.

The Ugly:
With six scores under 50 and a further 5 under 70, there are a lot of players underperforming for me.