2018 FF Original discussion thread


The Good

  1. Jarryn Geary again with a 26 possession near 100 point score, which makes 3 of 4 in the high 90’s for him. Not bad for a pick in the 140+'s, he’s been by far my best performed back.

  2. Dunstan trade is warming my cold heart with a big 120+ score, that’s two 100’s in 2 games for his new club.

  3. Menegola is gunning it these past few weeks, gets a lot of the ball, tackles and even kicks goals. Jesse Joyce’s consistentcy with another late pick is pleasing and Kennedy’s return to the team with an 80+ was a positive.

The Bad

  1. I like my squad, but injuries/unavailable players is basically killing my season and I’m a long way back at 1-3. Backline stinks having been forced to play Frost/Stratton as both barely scored 30 and Rischitelli scored a whopping 21. My problem is by halfway through the year I’ll be near my best but by then it’ll be probably too late, which means do I rebuild or go for it? May mean some tough decisions loom.

  2. Again, backline STINKS. Micheal Johnson had a good game but I badly need Taylor/Gutherie/Birchall/Hampton back to return soon otherwise my year is shot.

  3. Kruezer sits the last 20 minutes on the bench for no reason other than to protect him? Hughes still sitting in the reserves despite some good form, Allison looked great last year and now he can’t crack a game + Membrey/Weller injured. I rate Alex Sexton but they just can’t get enough forward entries for him.


The good

  1. 23 players to pick from
  2. Guelfi looks a player and puts together a solid score
  3. 130+ from Hurley and Sidebottom

The bad

  1. Sub-50 scores from my best two players (JPK and Sloane)
  2. Wingard’s form line
  3. Lowest team score in over a year


Thanks for pointing that out. I had been contemplating bringing up Dow as a positional change, but I didn’t think anyone would believe me when he has a grand total of 0 goals.

I swear i’ve seen at least 4 shots at goal where he hasn’t scored. Just seems to panic kicking into f50.

Obviously while I would like 70+ scoring now, I’m not that worried (yet)


Round 4 Review:

The Good

  1. Ummmm Coniglio!! Thank god he’s in our team. If he wasn’t we’d hardly have anything to write in the good section each week.

  2. Maybe Atley? Here I am jumping up and down about a 92!! Boy we are really struggling over here.

  3. Topdon. Should get our 3rd win this year which is truly remarkable.

The Bad

  1. Just about everyone except for Coniglio,Adams and Smith.

  2. Injuries!! Now we add Adams to our list. God dammit!!

  3. FA Pool - I don’t think Majak Daw can save us, unless we turn this comp into a Body Building competition. Then we’ll be unstoppable


Counting your chickens. I’m poo right now, injuries and poor form, but i can fluke a win just as much as the next guy. :slight_smile:


So this is what it’s like to have little chance of winning each week…


@Windy_Dill: Hanley on LTI now confirmed.

Had been holding off on doing these to produce a lengthier coach Dunlop piece, but that may come later in the week. Time to join the foggy fun.


  1. Rory Laird looks determined to become the Seagulls 2nd ever back-to-back B&F winner and first from the backline

  2. Toby Greene’s return. Given we’re the youngest side in the comp, we need all our experienced potential 100+ scorers playing to have a chance of stealing wins off more heavily favoured sides.

  3. Mitch Crowden: Scrappy as hell and needs to improve his awareness, but 4th highest score for the side in his 3rd game is impressive.


  1. Lachie Hunter reacting poorly to being tagged by Harry Cunningham and getting suspended. Down scores will happen especially for wingers when they’re followed closely, but given my potentially consistent 100 scorers are currently him and Laird, he’s seriously let down the team by his conduct.

  2. Tom Rockliff’s calf issue - potentially was starting to turn the corner last week, now there is a possibility of missed games and further fitness degradation which likely pushes any hope of him consistently troubling even 70 back a further 2-3.

  3. FA Decisions this season - preferencing Clurey before Grundy & Talia in Week 1 who’ve produced 60pt average in the past; rectified the Grundy mistake in Week 2 but made another one by holding off pulling the trigger on Clarke and was too far back to rectify that one in Week 3.




so far

The good - ummmmmmmmmmm…

  • injuries. Omeara and swallow looking good. hoping they have left their troubles behind.
  • late picks showing something. castagna and gutherie look like they may turn out decent honest battlers that can provide mid 70s with the occasional 90+

The bad

  • Inconsistent scorers. I was expecting this to an extent with such a young team, but having a raft of players that fluctuate from 80 + to mid 20s was not expected. Was definitely not expecting it from some of the more established players.
  • Injuries. williams and crouch hurt. crouch back soon though so not the end of the world.
  • Mckenna. enough said


Pimpinio Tigers - Round 4

The Good.

  1. Again, four premiership points against quality opposition. Also, increased my winning margin by 700% this week, so that’s pretty impressive.

  2. Shout out again to the forward-line, (I have so many dual position players that dividing them up this way is probably not particularly useful, but still) three tons, two 70s and an injury affected score. Nice to see Brown pop up with a ton this week.

  3. Ricky ‘The Bank’ Henderson. 89, 90, 91, 91. That’s the sort of high-level consistency that eases the FF ulcers. Love him.

The Bad.

  1. Backline had an absolute Barry. Averaged less than 60. I hope it doesn’t affect selection this week.

  2. Another week, another injury. This time to Gregson, and it looks like a long term one. Cannot sustain this.

  3. Windy Dill had his lowest score in ages last round.


Time for the usual look at where sides stand a month into the new season. Encouragingly for teams that are hopeful of winning the premiership this season, at this stage there is a smaller gap between 1st and 7th than there was between Dill and his nearest competitor, Neela, last season.

Average Score Per Round

1484 - Neela
1481 - Windy Dill
1461 - fogdog
1453 - wimmera
1432 - WOB
1429 - Fudge
1405 - Mad Bomber
1345 - Allblack

1318 - Blummers
1302 - Crazy Bomber
1291 - Vandrs
1243 - You Shall Be Smoten
1236 - wezza
1218 - Stoops
1217 - Dunlop
1194 - Alber Goodthur
1124 - Jefferson
1092 - topdon

Before we get to the improvement stats it is worth noting that last years overall average score per team was 1344, so far this year it is 1291. Scores across the board are down and that is reflected by no team improving by more than 100pts at this stage (first time that I can remember) and almost the entire league being in the negative. Potential reasons outside of injuries, could be a reduction in the amount of teams playing the overpossession (400p+ and 100+ marks) game style and the pre-season reduction of games lengthening the time it takes players with interrupted pre-seasons to build into the season, as well as draftees adjusting to AFL fitness levels/game pace.

The leader of this will surprise, as he may not be as obvious an improver as 2nd & 3rd.

Improvement Year on Year

+93 - fogdog
+81 - wimmera
+65 - wezza
+12 - Allblack
-5 - WOB
-8 - Neela
-24 - Vandrs
-26 - Mad Bomber

-27 - Vandrs
-53 - Fudge
-94 - Windy Dill
-99 - Dunlop
-129 - Jefferson
-132 - Stoops
-152 - Blummers
-157 - Smoten
-178 - Alber Goodthur
-230 - topdon


This is amazing! Love your analysis on the league and all the statistics you dig into. We really appreciate it!


Top 4 in improvement aren’t really a surprise.

Not hard to only drop -24 when you’re coming off such a shocking base. With the players I’m missing I think we can be closer to +50 on last year though.


tremendous rebuilding on the fly by fog.


That new black and grey reply button keeps making me think Allblack is posting.


Am I able to LTI Josh Bruce?

Not sure where I sit with him being out 6-8 weeks?


Twice in a year is impressive!


Yes and confirmed.

I list it like so that people have the full information: that the player can be LTI’d, but they also could get back in 6 and you won’t be able to use him for 2 weeks.

Its up to each team whether they want to take that risk.


Bugger. The second one was meant to be you.


Thanks, I’ll LTI him please.

I think even if he made an early return it might be a few weeks in the VFL for him.