2018 FF Original discussion thread


I had to suspend De Goey due to public backlash and outcry. He will be back for round 1.


I’ve got 19 of my keepers locked in at the moment but a pretty tough decision with three having to go into the last spot. Looks like I’ll be putting some reasonable players back in the pool, but wish I’d done the exercise during the last trade period…


Hope one of the slips to you


My keepers, with one to be cut:

B: Hanley Hurley K. Kolodjashnij
HB: Docherty Gunston McIntosh
C: Sidebottom D. Martin Ziebell
HF: Lyons T. Lynch (Adel) Steele
F: Wingard J. Martin Townsend

Foll: Jacobs JPK Sloane

Two of: Broad J. Lonergan Broomhead


Jesus that’s a good side


Just gonna say, still a friggin’ strong team.


Don’t pump Dill up too much! He’s got to carry Docherty. I imagine he’s still smiling at having off loaded Zac Williams.


Having a look at that team, I think I’m only possibly responsible for Gunston and Steele (both could have been ontraded from other clubs, I’m not sure).



Has everyone paid?


You traded Steele to me, but I think I got Gunston with Hanley and Hurley for Fyfe and two others from Allblack.


Just WOB left to pay.


That’s a ripping squad dill


I’m paying today


Wasn’t Hanley… I have never had him, definitely Gunston, Hurley and maybe KK for Fyfe, Polec and maybe Zorko?


Nah you got Zorko from me AB, along with Masten. Not sure what I got back, they’re probably delisted lol


Zorko I appreciate to this day. I love him


You’re right, I got Hanley from another coach when I got Fyfe. Fyfe was then traded the following year. Kolodjashnij, Gunston and Hurley came to me and Fyfe, Polec and Jerrett (?) to you. I’ve never had Zorko.


Lol. Wasn’t him either. Clearly wasn’t a memorable player. I originally drafted Jerrett and held on to him for way too long.


Unless something drastically changes, this will be my keepers who I hope will push for the top eight this season:

B: Seedsman, Suckling, Savage
HB: Stewart, Pittard, Byrne-Jones
C: Selwood, Shiel, Tyson
HF: Watts, McGovern, Heeney
F: Curnow, McLean, Cameron
R: Daniher, Crouch, Mathieson



Dow putting his hand up for pick 1