2018 FF Original discussion thread


Yeah sorry about that.

And it looks like my 11yo son will beat you in SC.


My team has gone full Essington. Started full of hope and now we’re rock bottom, disappointed with a lack of leadership on field.


A half to go.

You have 85 points on me.

Witherdan and Zorko


Martin, WHE, Scharenberg and Rayner

Plus you had a player short! You’ve got a good team there. Most likely taking on my second loss of the season today.


Another bad FA call has cost me a huge upset. On the one hand with so many unexpected late outs, I didn’t think I’d get near WOB so I’m very pleased most of the remaining leaders stood up and some of the kids weren’t overawed playing first. That being said, to lose by not playing the odds doesn’t leave me any less gutted.


It is going to be a hell of a finish.


What the fark is Taylor Adams doing??!?!?!?!??!

40 points behind, but I have 2 extra players. Come on you muppets!!!


Taylor Adams reads BomberBlitz during the game.

He’s added 30 points in 5 minutes


No press conference again from my team…

3 good things…

  • Jed Anderson continues to score pretty well.
  • Shane Edwards has been my ‘surprise pick’ of the year. Does enough not to be delisted but not enough to be a keeper.
  • Should have Menzel and Riley Knight back next week. Hopefully Nic Newman too. Viney and Jamie Elliott should be a fortnight away from a return.

3 bad things…

  • too many players severely under performing. Neal-Bullen is nothing like last year. Callan Ward continues his Jekyll-Hyde season from last year. Ditto Luke Ryan.
  • Still don’t look like hitting 1400 for at least another fortnight,
  • It’s going to be a long season.


Zorko is dragging @Allblack home with an heroic performance, he’s cracked the 1500 too


Josh Thomas has been a beauty!!


I think you are home!


Crazy game from him. I am back in love


Huge game this week from the ABs. Some great individual performances and an average of over 90 per player. Also scoring 1533 with Josh Kelly to come back means we’re capable of beating anyone.

The good

  1. Zorko. Welcome back champ
  2. Dan Houston. Has been consistent and continues to improve. Triple figures this week.
  3. Angus Brayshaw. Finding his feet again at v the top level. Such an important player for us this year.

The bad

  1. Playing one short. So frustrating.

That’s really it this week. Very pleased with knocking over a team as strong as @Awesome_Scotty has. They kept coming and if Bont played then I doubt I would be quite so happy.


Great to get the W but gee it’s frustrating seeing teams get wins with scores in the 1200s when I’ve lost three games with scores in the 1400s and one in the high 1300s. Grrrr.

Hopefully my luck has turned a corner this week.


Solid win Allack, Zorko nuts with 176!!!


Yeah nah!!


Haha I feel you!

Good win there, you’ll probably romp it home!


Well done Wim


The Good

  1. Not much, Dunstan tonned up in the midfield. Riewoldt in good form and Boak doing well.

  2. Mav Weller continues his good run of form since coming into the side

  3. Season from hell is one week closer to being over, hoping to get Franlin back next week

The Bad

  1. Already short and now Shuey pings a hamstring. Great. Leaves the grand tally of unavailable players to: Franklin, Shuey, B Hill, Birchall, Liberatore, Gutherie, Taylor, Broadbent, Hampton + Paparone

  2. Backline is a shambles, One 55 and two 42’s and a 32. GOOD GRIEF

  3. No leadership, sack the board!


Congrats on your first win @Jefferson