2018 FF Original discussion thread


Not many teams with losing record and your percentage @fogdog


Thanks, Smote.
I got a little lucky.
Your last four didn’t hit average, and I’d have been in trouble if they did.


Scores are down in BBFFL#2. The highest score to date is 1598 and then its 1569. There are only 2 other scores above 1550. Last year we had 10 scores of 1700 or more for the season, with another 17 scores of 1600 or more. Personally I think its a lot to do with fewer short passes and mark in the backline. Other than Essendon very few clubs seem to be doing this.


I has a terrible week. At selection, then late outs, and everyone spudding it up. To be fair, that was my worst week by a fair margain. Lucky to get a win


Happy Belated Birthday Dunlop! Hope you had a ripper!


Oh great…another LTI with Long. He was starting to look good too


The Good

1 - First win of the 2018 season! More of a relief than anything, hopefully can string a few more wins for the season and get some consistency in the younger players.

2 - Bellchambers, De Goey, Smith, Roughhead & Blicavs with strong performances and on-field leadership

3 - Stephenson. This kid is a jet, hopefully he plays out most of the season

The Bad

1 - A lot of outs and injuries, which left me with just one emergency.

2 - Papley and Giles-Landon sub par 40 scores whilst having Bailey on the bench.

3 - I will be expecting a lot of PMs from CB in the off-season requesting trades for my players after knocking him off. So far have been able to resist his packet of chips and a can of coke for some of my better stars.


The Good
Not much this week after being thumped by the trotters.
Nice to see Touk get back-to-back tonnes.

The Bad
Top score in backline was 56 and played one short too. Hoping Langdon and Salem return this week to shore it up.

The Questions
Does Weitering come back after a BOG in VFL? Will we ever get to see Clarke?


The Good
1 Jack Darling is perhaps having his best season ever, definitely his best as a Cruncha.
2 Missing 3 best 18 players and still giving 1400 a nudge.
3 Again getting lucky with another close win.

The Bad
1 Our luck probably has to turn.
2 Our backline sucks a big fat one, with Jeremy Howe being the exception.
3 Tippa is looking like he needs a rest.


I thought it was Brayden Maynard turfed into waivers. I was getting pumped about claiming.



I’ll give you a heads up.
Don’t be confused and think that Dayne Beams is being turfed into FA. It’ll be his annoying little brother.


Stars you say? If I could find a single player on your list I’d want I’d be the first to PM you!



Your gonna need some ice for that burn craze. YIKES


Meh, beats sitting on my ■■■■ and being a cellar dwelling team for 5 years. And that’d be great if it was actually from this year? Everyone knows if you ain’t getting at least 20 pms for every player on your list somethings seriously wrong with your list.


Who is Mountford?


Probably one the stars he was talking about. Plays for North and I don’t think he’s cracked a game yet this year.


The good
Ben ainsworth finally racking up a decent score. Hopefully the penny has dropped, the corner turned.

Able to field a full 18 + 2 subs.

second week in a row I haven’t been blown away by a team from the other end of the ladder.

The bad

Poor choices at the selection table cost me 20 - 50 points

The stupid inconsistency. I know I go on and on about it, but it is doing my head in.


Lol talk about being salty. This is actually my 3rd season and I inherited this team, so I expect it will take some time before I crack the top 8, but I’m giving it my best shot, so that comment about me sitting on my ■■■ is absolute bs. My original comment was more tongue in cheek, and follow up comment just to show that you have asked about a few of my players and I never said Mountford was a star.


I feel a new rivalry is being born!!