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So your comments are tongue in cheek but mine aren’t in reaponse? If youre gonna give it dont cry when I give it back. You gave me the usual dig about “coke and chips” about trade offers out of nowhere and posted some of our PMs, and I’m pretty sure you did the same last trade period in telling people my offers in the thread. If anyone is salty, it’s not me. I congratulated you on the win, and you gave me the same dig you repeatadly give me from last years. You’ve seemingly taken offense to my sending out a trade offer somewhere down the line? Just relax, they’re all good fun.

And before you overreacted, the 5 year comment wasn’t referring to you, it was about me sending a ton of trade offers and not wanting to sit at the bottom for 5 years. Talk about chip on the shoulder! Or maybe some HOT CHIPS?

Oh and the Mountford was tongue in cheek. If you’re gonna make it public then I get to have fun too


Cripple fight!


Low ball offers from Crazy are part of the fabric of this comp.


@Dunlop is that AFL injury thread up to date? It’s the only thing I trust, especially with the Brad Crouch and Sam Gibson injury updates.


No, not yet: I always update the date as well (albeit I write it the American way, which may confuse people).

I’m about to start updating things for this week - probably take 30-60mins depending on how many new items there are.

If you just want Adelaide specific stuff, check out their website - their list is very easy to find as its a weekly post on their main page, plus most clubs run specific injury update videos these days which can give you extra information (setbacks, think they’ve turned the corner etc). Though depending on the club they may just cover new injuries and anybody that is a chance of returning.


All done. Nothing official out of Gold Coast yet - which is odd - and Geelong which isn’t (they updated on Thursday last week).


Damn right, runs to the very core and foundations of this competition, and if you ain’t getting some then you may need to reconsider your day job.


Round 7 Review


Josh Thomas - Looks to be my pick of the draft so far. 2nd 100 of the year bring his average to just under 80.

Even Spread - Only 2 scores this week above 100 ( 101 and 103) and we nearly get over 1400. Adams had a rare day off. Fantasia back this week, and dare I say Francis in a few weeks time.

Hugh McCluggage - He’s starting to look really really good. His average has increased by 10 points on last year and by seasons end it should be close to 80avg. If Ciaran Byrne can come good I won’t have to think about the Oliver/Billings trade everyday.


Narrow Loss - Very stiff to get done. Adams should of made the difference up.

More LTI’s!! - Now Ben Long has an 8-10 week injury. He started showing some good signs too.

Ummmm not much else.


Round 7

The Good: Jack Redden - Rewarding me for persisting with him through some patchy form in 2016-2017. It’s easy to forget he used to average over 100.

The Bad: 328 points - That’s what my back line scored this round. Just not good enough to be anything more than a mid-table team

The Ugly: 1249 points - Just isn’t a winning score. Stop my midfield and you’ve stopped Stop! Hammertown.


Press Release:

The All Blacks would like to express their dismay at the tribunal and its decision to suspend Mr Naitanui. We are of the opinion that the tackle was well within the guidelines set. This is a sad day in our competition and another step towards this being a non-contact sport.


Hopefully FAs will be processed today. If not it will be first thing tomorrow.


Comms media practice.


Holler if you need a hand! :v:


@wezza Ed Phillips debuting


I’ll be posting a few rising star nominations over the next week or two to catch up to the current round… note that the length of the post may vary…

Rising Star 2018 - Round 1
It’s a pleasure to announce the first rising star nomination for 2018 is Riley Bonner of the Panlickingscammers. He secured the nomination with an outstanding 31 possession game, and his 102 point performance was second-best in his team’s winning start to the season. We took a few minutes to catch up with his coach Blummers

Smoten: Great performance by Bonner in Round 1. You must be happy with his debut?

Blummers: Very happy with his debut. We rate him highly at the club and thought he’d be a slow burn, but his debut at the club has been a welcomed surprise.

Smoten: Looking back, last year you traded a second round pick for him when he didn’t have a lot of exposed form in the seniors. What did you see in him that made you want to bring him to the club?

Blummers: We knew of him during his junior years. He had a neat kick and showed some positive signs of being a DTer. He has scored well in a small sample of games in the last few years, so we were pretty sure he’d be a good prospect. He was available as a free agent but we forgot to put in a waiver claim so Neela snapped him up. It’s a pity we had to trade for him due to an administrative error, but we felt he’d be worth the trade and he certainly wasn’t going to be available in the draft.

Smoten: Did you win the trade?

Blummers: Not quite yet. We traded away our second or third round pick for memory. If we had the pick again, we probably would have used it on Corey Maynard so in that sense, we’ve probably won the trade.

Smoten: Do you think he can win the rising star award?

Blummers: Unlikely. Once Jasper Pittard is available, his scoring may not be as positive. There’s also some midfielder named Kelly who will probably win it.

Smoten: Any other gems on your list we should watch out for?

Blummers: Sam Murray should get a nomination sometime but he’s a high draft pick so that’ll be expected. We think Rowan Marshall could blossom later this year. We also have high hopes for Francis Watson.

Smoten: Thanks for your time and good luck this weekend.


Issac Cu mming for @fogdog


Based on that side it looks like they’re going the Morrison route and playing him as a forward flanker/wing to get games into him whilst he’s too undersized to play back.

Ought to score like Morrison too.


Good luck with the studies and thanks for the hard work doing this every week.


Agree, if you need some help foggy I have until Tuesday off.


Btw any chance I could fire my team into the Sun with the Blitz cannon? I get one back and then another 2 go out