2018 FF Original discussion thread


When does trade period open?


I’m assuming last year it was commencement of round 10, going by the trade bait thread. So that would make it 25/5/18 until round 12?


Free agency this week? I’m out bush with limited reception, if my claim is successful (LTI replacement for picken) I’d just like it to be known I want him on my interchange bench this week


Have messaged Nic re: free agency.

For those that may not be around PM me how you want your sides to look assuming you get your pick and that way at least I can adjust things if you can’t sign guys before the cut-off.

Will answer the trade period Q tonight.


I made three change requests. What if we get our sixth or seventh option?

Can we just extend FA to before tomorrow’s early game?


Alternatively just extend the lock out period, saves redoing the FA :slight_smile:


Yep. Meant lockout too.

Not sure what that does to players from tonight’s game (if any were actually picked up).


When you say extend FA what do you mean exactly?


He meant lockout


Suggestion (take it with a grain of salt) - maybe we can have two people designated to free agents. Hence, if someone is busy, it’s sent to two people and the second can pick up the slack :slight_smile:


Will keep an eye out but just missing a ruck. Bid on a couple so one of them would slide on in if I got them


I think I know who you’re targeting! Haha, if I had to pick a team to own outside of mine, it’d be yours easy!


FAs now done. Sorry for those of you waiting and thanks for your patience those who were patient :slight_smile:

Next time I am unable to get them completed by 10:00pm on a Thursday, I will ask for help. It is a very time consuming process so I would be grateful for assistance when I can’t do it.


Thanks Fog. Appreciate the work involved


Got my second choice


Got my first choice.
Gottabe happy with that.
Shame he didn’t get the call-up this week, but here’s hoping he can show something before I dump him.


I got my fourth choice but was surprised to be the only one to bid on him.


I think Freeman is an interesting choice.


You’re the best! :smiley:


People selecting for different purposes.