2018 FF Original discussion thread


Bit disappointed with myself. Picked up Rioli the draft and then pulled the trigger on him way too early. Felt it almost immediately. Not sure he will score 80 + often but it won’t be for lack of talent


I would have been in a better position if none of my selections got up…

With Viney back next week, one of my three pickups will be thrown back in.


Surprised I got my first, second and fifth selections. More long range selections but hoping for one to come off!


I was taking a chance that the Saints would be that desperate to get him a game as soon as he shows good form.

Didn’t happen that way.
Will probably get injured this weekend in the VFL.


Costs you nothing.
Well worth the risk.


I can guarantee that Joe Atley and Mitch Hibberd turn into guns.

Just like the times I dropped Touhy, Josh Gibson and a few others I’ve forgotten who improved 10 fold


I think Freeman is a good pick. Close to a game


I got Crossley but had Henry as my first option. Reckon if he gets games Crossley should be good, he’s a big unit for just 18.


I had Crossley too! And Freeman (but I like pure Cs).


I was going to take Crossley last week but wasn’t confident he’d get selected and couldn’t risk a further donut.


I rate Joe Atley highly.
But won’t go near him for a little while longer.
Too many midfielders in that Port team still ahead of him.


Sadly, that was my same rationale (had him 2nd behind Daw last week), theorised I might need the player in my 18, which ended up being the case, but wasn’t 100% confident on Crossley coming in so opted for Daw instead and that ended up giving me a donut and costing me the win.

Them’s the breaks.


@The_Mad_Bomber1 - You didn’t clear Sutcliffe with me before hand and I can’t find any information that he is LTI worthy. So unless you can give me evidence to the contrary you’re going to need to delist a player.


It was a mistake that I was chasing up. Apologies.


Upcoming Schedule

The first bye hits in 2 weeks for Gold Coast & Port Adelaide players so you’ll want you guys selected for next week’s China game (and emerging uninjured).

Position Polls:
Nomination Open: Start of Round 10
Nominations Close: Start of Round 11
Results Released ~ Start of Round 12

Suggestions to watch certain players can be made now and I’m more than happy to give advice for those overseas or who don’t watch many non-Essendon games.

Qualification Rules:
Players must have played a minimum of 4 AFL games this season in order to have their nomination accepted.

The AFL has pushed back the byes a week and seeing that still leaves 6 weeks before finals, we’ll follow suit.

Trade Period
Commences: Start of Round 12
Ends: Start of Round 14

2018 FF Original Trade Bait Thread

You’ve played short in rounds 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7… you were short two backs last week and your second FA preference was a ruck-forward?

And you only made one selection?

Hope your draft research is going well.




Thanks Dunlop.

I intend to nominate Jon Patton as a Ruck / Forward although I appreciate his time in the ruck may be linked to other players getting injured. I don’t watch a lot of GWS games so not 100% sure on that one.

I’m also looking at Lewis Jetta for Back eligibility as I believe he has been playing as a half-back flanker this season. Not sure if I should go for CB, pure B or BF… any thoughts anyone?


FYI for position polls you can nominate in this thread or to me directly and I’ll have the results collated asap. Just remember they have to have played 4 games to apply for a change.


If players continue to play as they are i’ll be nominating Hayden Crozier as a plus B and Paddy Dow as a plus F.

I’m hoping Cuningham gets over the hammy and plays at least one more game to evaluate. Hoping he is lining up from the back of the square again.