2018 FF Original discussion thread


The tail idea was conceived for WOB last week, but a 48hr NBN dropout meant it didn’t get posted.

Our resident journalistic expert on all things Sunbury Seagulls is back in action, this time he is driving out to a property that has been asked to remain undisclosed. Exiting his vehicle, he adjusts his cap as the wind gusts wildly against it, he was proud of the cap – emblazoned with “Make Journalism Great Again” – it caused vigorous conversation for passerbys, some polite nods, the odd drunken agreeable rant, before realising the hat didn’t say what they thought it said, and the odd glassing in bars, again after mistaking it for saying something else…maybe he shouldn’t have gone with red. In any case, whilst many of these conversations outlined the challenges for journalism, that sales of newspapers and magazines were down, ad sales had tanked with the boom of the internet and more varied ways to attract attention and consumers, that some columns were titled in an inflammatory way solely to draw clicks for advertising money, but no matter the challenges dammit, he was going to bring journalistic jobs back, he wasn’t sure how, some people told him they were never coming back…but he was going to do it.

Our intrepid reporter walks through a field lined with oak trees, to find an odd sight – players wearing doctors and nurses uniforms enraptured by an animal that looked like an odd cross between a giraffe and a zebra.

[Dunlop rushes up to greet our reporter]

D: I’m so glad you could make it. this is really an important issue.

[Dunlop gestures at the animal before remarking]

D: Isn’t it magnificent?

R: Well, I can’t say I’ve ever seen anything like it.

D: Right!!!?? And that is why we need your help. This is the almost extinct Australian illegally imported okapi.
R: Hang on…illegally imported?

D: Yes, let me finish…these are the only 2 examples of the illegally imported okapi to exist in Australia. They desperately need your help! We’re hoping this article will raise awareness for the plight of the illegally imported Australian okapi. As you can see, there are only 2 left in their Australian range, I want your readers to help me raise funding, so we can illegally import more okapis and start a captive breeding program!

R: I think there is too much there for me to unpack… but what would you call their “Australian range”?
[Dunlop pulls out a map showing all of Australia shaded in]

D: Oh, they were spread right across the country, in the bush, within the acreages of the wealthy.
R: Right…how did you hear about the plight of the okapi?

D: Oh, I received an email. A great email from a Mr. A. Nonymous, the message said they knew I was an animal lover and would I be interested in sponsoring a critically endangered species to ensure its survival, so naturally I was only too happy to give him a large cut of this year’s wage. After that I was sent an address where I could visit them, so I did.

[Our reporter looks in his phone]

R: You know they’re from Africa, right?

D: Mmm, but see it says there that they are endangered, all the more reason to start a captive breeding program.

R: And how does the owner feel about you bringing a journalist out here?

D: I’m sure he’s cool, the email did say I should forward this to likeminded people.

R: Ok, anyway what are your players playing doctors and nurses?

D: Well, we’ve had a spate of injuries lately, which I personally blame Commissioner Dunlop for – scheduling 3 rounds in such a short timeframe…we’ve got the youngest list in the comp our boys just can’t cope. Anyway, they’re learning how to treat their own injuries in preparation for the inevitable.

R: Fudge has a formidable record, how will you beat him?

D: Fudge may have a formidable record, but he has a lot of old players, we have almost all young players so we’ve designed a game plan around that.

R: Can you give us any more insight than that?

D: Sure, have you ever seen an old dog play with a puppy, the puppy runs around and around, while the old dog conserves energy. We’re going to be that puppy and play keepings off Fudgey’s old dogs, and hope to hell we have a lead before our boys tire.

R: I believe you also have a special weapon this week? A performance enhancing substance?

D: You heard about that? Yes, we’ve studied extensive literature on this substance and believe it could be just the thing to give our boys a boost against Gisborne. There isn’t any proved studies on it that when consumed it’ll produce the same results, but look at the literature, the results are proven.

R: Aren’t you worried about running foul of ASADA?

D: Oh no, we made sure everything was above board, we rang ASADA and they laughed at us. They told us to get off the phone as it was for serious enquries. We sent a follow-up email as I’m sure that person was just a temp, but we received no response, so we’re all good to go.

R: So what is this mystery substance?

D: Well, Gisborne’s players can run, run as fast as they can, but won’t be able to catch our boys because they’ll be full of gingerbread men!

R: And on that bombshell, I think we’ll leave things for this week, Dunlop.

D: Cheers


Ronke’s first quarter :clap:


just a bit of a gun but ain’t helping the tank process!


Lol what is the deal if people play short this year?




Thanks for the concern and I don’t appreciate you accusing me of tanking although I do love pick on CB week.

Firstly I’ve already PM’d Dunlop and he’s given me the OK due to my sh*tload of injuries and the fact my backups were all legit chances to play.

Secondly, there is no logical reason for me to tank. I thought I was a top 4 chance, I have the second oldest list in the league at what, 28? I drafted all experienced players to boot and then so I’m purposely expected to be tanking at Round 2? I don’t think so. My shortages have been caused by injuries and non-selection to players reasonably expected to play.

Thirdly, which of my players was I expected to drop for a potato? Keep in mind I kept Stratton on my list scoring 30’s for about a month just to help fill the breach. These were some of my outside 22 players that weren’t playing, so which one was I to drop?

Grant Birchall? Yeah-nah, he’s injured and I’m not dropping a bonafide gun back for a spud.
Tom Liberatore? Yeah-nah, I traded pick 9 and Sicily for him, so I’m not dropping a 100 ave mid for a spud.
Lance Franklin? Injured. Yeah-nah.
Brad Hill? Injured since Round 1. Not dropping a 90/100 ave mid.
Cam Gutherie? He’s a gun starting back who got injured in Round 2, I’m not dropping a gun back.
Harry Taylor? Got injured 10 minutes into Round 1. He’s a potential keeper and a good scorer + his return date was unspecified. Not dropping him.
Luke Shuey has done a hamstring this week.
Todd Marshall was playing well before he got concussion. Port have been sketchy on his return date week to week.

On top of that Ethan Hughes I traded in for pick 50 having played almost every game last year and being high hopes. He was held expected to play every week and has been on the emergency list almost every week and finally got a game last week but was dropped unexpectedly this week. I’m supposed to tell the future or just drop him? He’s emergency again this week fwiw.

Curtly Hampton played Round 1 and then got injured, he’s since been on the emergency list numerous times and expected to come in. Jesse Joyce is a first 18 lock at GC but unexpectedly got injured and is out this week leaving me short. All 3 were expected/reasonable chances to play? Another reason why I was short was because Kruezer got injured with little notice was an out, he was a test for the next week but that test turned into 3 weeks. I picked up Paparone last week as a back replacement after he had 30 odd possessions in the seconds but didn’t get selected, I hoped he would this week, but nope. I’m sorry I can’t tell the future of selections.

So basically who am I dropping to fill the breach with potatoes? I’ve been horrendously hit with injuries thus a result of injuries, am I dropping my keepers or am I dropping my players playing well in the seconds who I should expect to be in but doesn’t get selected? In regards to this week I expected Hughes to play again, Joyce to play, Paparone be a chance to play. I had Henry as 1 with the knowledge he’ll switch to a back in a few weeks but didn’t get gim as my first choice. I also picked the potato Spencer to help fill a breach last week and now he’s dropped. I haven’t stashed 12 prospects that have no chance of playing, I have about 10 injuries and some that on/near the emergency list. …so the tanking assertion can f*ck right off.


I’m open for ideas on which players to drop. You could make a case for Broadbent but i drafted him with the knowledge I’d have to hold him for a few months and he’d return. This has been a good week for FA’s but previously they’ve been 30/40 ave scorers throughout the year. Had a look at the remaining players backs right now, there’s 3 with Stratton ave 42, Brown ave 29 and Hamling ave 45.


Oh and I forgot Micheal Johnson, who’s literally been in one week and out the next week on rotation due to being “managed”. How the fck am I supposed to have inside Fremantle knowledge in which rounds they want to rest him? he played the first month and has since been in, out, in, out, and now in


Hughes is a potato!! Just swap him out for another potato.

P.S thanks for the early draft pick lol


Well I didn’t know he was a potato at the time. Did you get anyone good with the pick?


Yeah got Aaron Young at 54


Good get.


Interesting, I wasn’t afforded the same luxury last year when I was trying my hardest to fill a team when having injuries. I definitely wasn’t tanking.

Guessing the team selections for FA is hard for everyone.


You brought up tanking. You protest too much.

I’m commenting because you’re my opponent this week, so I noticed.

Others have received warnings for playing short in multiple weeks. I can’t find any record that you’ve received warnings? There’s an argument to say you should be getting your fourth warning this week.

Who you drop is your own problem, but you’ve got two Forwards and a pure center sitting on your bench this week and you’ve had spare Forwards for most weeks. They’re not getting games for you now, so they won’t get games when your injured players return. Pick one. Paparone hasn’t played a game this year and was injured when you picked him up. How about him?


Good luck this week by the Craze :slight_smile:


You mean like how I wasn’t given a strike last year for playing short even tho I still beat you? Yeah, I got a strike last year straight off the bat.

Once again you’re wrong on Paparone. He WAS playing, he WASN’T injured, he got 30 odd possessions in the seconds and then didn’t get selected.

So I’m dropping Luke Shuey for Ben Stratton then? Or am I dropping Lance Franklin as he’s a pure forward for Nathan Brown? Or should I be forecasting the selection of my players that are playing in the seconds?


Just on this one. Port aren’t been sketchy. He isn’t playing footy as his dad died very suddenly a couple of weeks ago. This is off the back of his mum passing away last October. Port have given him as much time as he needs to deal with the family tragedy. As a friend of his older siblings its just horrible what he’s had to endure over the pass few months. Nothing really relevant to fantasy footy but just something to recognise that footballers are people.


Interesting to know, I thought it was due to his concussion injury he suffered against Essendon and didn’t play in the second half. I’ve only been reading Port’s bigfooty to acquire a basis that he could/should be returning “next week”.


Meh, returning from injury. You’re playing short this week because a guy you got in FA had a good game in the NEAFL???

Do what everyone else has to do and pick a guy who is already getting senior games.

Or drop one of those spare forwards you’ve got.

Like I said, it’s your problem to deal with.


I don’t recall your situation mate, but I can tell you I was given a strike last year after I played short in one game that I won, so I can tell you that I haven’t been given any special treatment. If Dunlop thinks I deserve punishment then so be it, I’ve already laid my case out, I’ve already got players in the seconds that are making emergency lists and not playing whilst I have a 6-7 injured guns, and I can’t do anything about it. I know a few have an axe to grind or have chips on their shoulder with me for whatever reason and I don’t know why it’s been aimed at me.