2018 FF Original discussion thread


What’s the reverse of tanking, because I want to accuse wezza of it.

How many 1100 scores and now you pull nearly 400 from four players?
Lay down, you jerk.


CB you’re always tough to beat and I know you’re a ruthless competitor. If anything I’m a bit disappointed that the on-field clash is looking lopsided so I’ve started a war of words between the coaches to make it interesting


So you were wrong about me not receiving any punishment, and you were wrong then about Paps? Yes I’m playing short because Hughes got dropped after one week and is back on the emergency list for about the 6th time this year, Joyce whom I didn’t expect to be an out through injury being out, Hampton not returning and Paparone, who had nearly 30 touches in the seconds not getting a game. And yeah no worries, I’ll drop Lance Franklin for Nathan Brown. This is coming from a guy that a few weeks ago played short down back himself but I’m the pinup boy for this for some reason?

You’re right, let ME worry about my team and you worry about your team.


Quite frankly I have enough “rivalries” and w*nkers coming out of the woodworks trying to start sheet with me for no reason. Any chance some of the other coaches do something interesting and I watch for once? Can’t people let me be ■■■■ in peace?


I’m never involved in anything controversial, maybe I could start something?


I feel like I’m the Thanos of the thread.


Umm… I played short then I made appropriate FA selections to rectify the situation. Alex Pearce is never going to be a FF star but I’m carrying him on my list so I can field a full squad each week.

Not sure that last year’s punishment is relevant and again, you bought that up. The only difference I can see between your situation and Topdon’s from earlier in the year is that yours has gone on for more weeks.

Since you think I’m being a w*anker about it, I’ll leave you alone. All the best.


I feel like you’re being a w*nker because you’re trying to get me a warning/strike? Why would you do that? Don’t get that confused with not liking you, I do. If roles were reversed I’m sure you’d feel angsty. I feel like if you have an issue perhaps it would be better to message Dunlop and ask him why I’m not getting a warning instead of publicly doing this? I’m also confused as to why you’re just calling me out and not all the other coaches that have played short? infact topdon is playing short this week when he could have moved Otten up forward, Naughton down back and one of his midfielders to replace Shipley. I look forward to you mounting the same passionate plea.

I’ve made regular FA pickups and have had backs on my list almost every time, I carried Stratton just like you carried Alex Pearce. I have PLAYING players that can cover my holes, they just weren’t selected unluckily and made emergency lists. How do I anticipate at FA players going out unexpectedly on Thursday night? All I can say is I’ve never made rulings on myself so I suggest you PM Dunlop for clarification. I’m not sure why I’m the target as there are plenty of others.


Anyway, can we move on? There’s at least two other short teams this week and I’ve never not accepted any ruling from Dunlop so get off my case?


Can we boot CB from the comp now?


Clearly we need defined rules that everyone can see and understand. I know I have been banging on about this to both Dunlop and Craze for a long time now and here’s another example why.

I am definitely definitely not saying Craze should get a strike. But I am highlighting the confusion others have either displayed in this thread or PMd me over night.

They at least deserve an explanation.

And I also feel Craze is unfairly being targeted not through any fault of his own or those making comments, more as a result of the ambiguity of the non-existing, or at least, hard to find rules.


I reckon a fight to the death


CB is no more being ‘targeted’ as Neela was around 5 years ago when the same thing happened to him.
He copped a massive lot of injuries just like CB and was trying to use free agency to field a team but he was struggling.
A lot of his injuries were to high pick prospects and players he’d carried through as keepers, yet he was still critiqued.
Cannot recall who critiqued, but he also was targeted for a short period of time.

As to clearer rules, I have no issue as long as whoever gets a warning has the right to defend himself and his actions. In all honesty, no one here is purposefully tanking. If we had tighter rules on this, there would have been a few more warnings this year, but it’s unsure if this ‘injury epidemic’ this year is just an anomaly or whether this is a trend going forward. The injury lists this year have been pretty crazy.

For the record, I don’t think CB is tanking.
Looking at his list, I’d be looking to cycle free agents through Paparone, Broadbent, Jesse Joyce and Hampton to try and find other players over the next month or so. However, I can understand that hanging on to them in the hope they are selected. I also wouldn’t be surprised if the week that you end up giving in on these kind of guys is the exact week that they are selected.

Before people look at my list…
I’ll be looking to switch out any number of the following over the next month or so if they continue struggling…
Hrovat, Daniels, McPherson, Hayden, Taylor, Young and Freeman.
Damn, I’ve got a lot of list cloggers on my list who are either injured, named as an emergency but never played or just returned from injury through the VFL.


IMO coaches should make every effort to field a full side every week, no exceptions. If that means letting go of world beaters like Broadbent, Allison, Joyce, Marshall, Paparone and Hampton, then so be it.


In other related news, I’m looking forward to about 3-4 weeks of solid scores from Daniel wells before he misses the rest of the season


Before the oil wrestling component?


And all of whom besides Broadbent I was hoping to play this week.


I agree and like I’ve said to @Dunlop I’ve been in full favour of having down some rules which eliminates the ambiguity. I also think if you have any issues with other coaches you should bring it up privately or with Dunlop instead of carrying that chip on your shoulder and grinding that axe publicly, or at the very leasty bring up all the other coaches playing short to boot.

I think a rule rule set would work best and eliminate some angst .


Of course you hoped they’d play. Some of them weren’t realistic chances for selection in my opinion, so you didn’t give your self a realistic opportunity to field a full team.


Paperone is beyond cooked, I’d be delisting him for anyone. Marshall the only bloke worth keeping there for depth IMO.