2018 FF Original discussion thread


Paid. I’m sorry it was late, just dropped 4K on my fkn 4wd


Just realised you have pick #4 and could be putting me off the scent :stuck_out_tongue:

Sucks not being to see any of the games. Really hard to determine who played well.

From the stats it looks like Coffield was awesome, but barely mentioned in any reports.


Lol. Could be but I fully expect my lock to be LDU, Raynor or Cerra




Nothing to see there


Really pumped for this season to kick off. Reckon it will be a ripper. Dill clearly has the strongest list but I think the gap will close this year.


I’m like 1.01 to be last again though.


When did Griffen turn to a Pure centre, did I miss this?


Custom positions aren’t inputted yet. Always the current squads thread in the meantime.

Speaking of positions - Round 3:

Murphy, Nathan FB
McPherson, Andrew CB
Wooller, Toby FC
Ballard, Charlie FC
Ballenden, Connor FB
Dixon, Hugh FR
Worpel, James C
Paton, Ben B
Hayes, Sam FR
Baker, Oskar C
Houlahan, Jordan F
Brown, Tyler C
Farrell, Kane CB
Crossley, Brayden FR
Stoddard, Ryley B
Payne, Jack B
Nutting, Connor B


Just an FYI but I’m going to be away from the night of the 14th till the 19th. Reception hasn’t been the best where I’m going so hopefully I don’t hold up the draft too much.

As always I will send contingencies if I know I won’t be around. If I’m really struggling I’ll get someone to draft on my behalf.


Pretty happy I don’t have top pick this year. Incredibly open. Stephenson looks a handy type


It’s going to be a fun draft in the top 10 this year. Seems like a pretty even spread of talent.


I was hoping for some better performances so that the few players I’m really keen on might be a small chance to slip to my pick.

Oh well…
At least de Boer will be available…

On keepers…
Jack Riewoldt survives. Mullett will be delisted.
It’s down to Wallis and Lonie. Had Wallis been selected this weekend, it wouldn’t be a contest but I get one more look at Lonie before the keeper deadline.



Curious where Dom Barry sits in everyones plans. If I am being honest. He is in my mind as a very possible pick 4.


Would be happy if he’s taken before my first pick.
He’s been good but once the contested stuff begins, I think he’ll go missing.
Unless he’s a CB or CF or he smashes the next JLT game, I’m not considering him at my first pick.


Nah. Call the engravers I reckon.


Geez @topdon must be licking his lips heading into this draft with the hand that he has!


Still have to make the right choice!


This will most likely be my team of keepers heading into the draft. Hope to strengthen my defense and attack, but will hit the draft early with the best talent available.

B: Josh Smith, Robbie Tarrant, Nick Smith
HB: TBD, Tom McDonald, Kade Simpson
C: Tim Taranto, Ollie Wines, Dan Hannebery
HF: George Hewett, Alex Fasolo, Ryan Lester
F: Jeff Garlett, Matt Taberner, Levi Greenwood
R: Patrick Ryder, Dom Sheed, Scott Selwood

Nathan Hrovat
Tom Campbell
Dean Towers