2018 FF Original discussion thread


Well whoopdey-doo, that’s your opinion. I reckon we should go through all the other teams playing short right now or have played short, and make similar judgements if we’re being fair, and not just bringing my side up. Fyi Joyce has been playing every game this year, Paparone had nearly 30 possessions in the seconds when I picked him up so it’s reasonable to assume he’d get a game in a cr*p Brisbane side, Allison had played the last 3 games, Marshall is due back any week and Hampton has been near selection/in the emergency lists all year. You’ve picked 6 players from my squad of 32 which 5 have played senior action or reserves recently and are trying to use it as a point that I’m tanking? (I think).


I wouldn’t have commented if you didn’t make ridiculous straw man arguments about having to delist the likes of Franklin and Shuey, as if that was your only option. Clearly there are players you could have cut so that you’d field a full team.


And of which have been playing like Joyce and yet people want me to drop him, or the other players who have been playing or making emergency lists. I can’t predict how selection goes on Thursday but all these players are good chances of being selected so people commenting if they’re cooked is irrelevant.

I’ll admit to being facetious with Franklin and Shuey but that’s because I have people attacking my list without understanding, in my opinion. I also feel like I’ve been made poster-boy for their own issues and frustrations as I don’t recall anyone being put up like this before and trust me there has been many issues, from this season alone that could have been. I think it’s only fair that people putting my list up bring up all the other teams. Like I said a firm rule set to be decided upon by the group is the only fair option for everyone, and I know Dunlop has it in the works.


I’m not sure the cooked-ness of my crew is what the point is. Paparone has been on my list for 2 weeks and has been in good form in the seconds which is why I picked him up, logic suggests he’s a decent chance to come in. Joyce has literally played every game until now. The rest have been playing or making emergency lists or being close to selection. So that’s the point that they can come in.

I’m not disagreeing about their cookedness tho, most are.


You can trade me shuey and franklin.


only if you give me Wells


A very, very long story short tho, I believe Dunlop is going to poll the coaches on what they think should happen with the prevailing opinion what the rule will be. Once that ruleset is handed down myself and all the other coaches will comply otherwise warnings etc will be sent out. Is that fair? if that means having to drop whoever to field a full side then so be it.


Wasn’t it already send around as a PM?


Possibly? I don’t recall if the issue was brought up in the PM


I’m going to throw a spanner in the works and say I don’t think a set of rules is the way to go.
Everything in this area should be on a case by case basis, and I only say that because we have a very fair, sensible and dedicated commish.
I don’t always agree with his decisions, but I do know that all his decisions are well considered.

For example, I took a zero last week, and there was absolutely no reason to.
It was nothing but poor coaching mixed with a little bit of arrogance, and it could easily have cost me the game.
Should I get a strike for that?
I don’t think so.
Will I, under new clear guidelines?

As to this case, a ruling has been made and as far as I’m concerned that should be the end of the discussion.
If you have a problem with it, PM Mend…Dunlop.


I agree and well said, as per usual you cut to the issue much quicker than I can.


In completely unrelated news, looks like a cracker between fog and I this week.

As per usual, teams love to bring out their best against the trotters


I am going to be at least one short this week, (no strikes please) thank God I have Marley Williams to sure up my backline.




Topdon has brought his best.
We’re yet to fire a shot.

Something tells me this is going to be another disappointing weekend…


Oh and @Crazy_Bomber! Paporone had 36 touches and a goal today!!

And if Patrick Wilson can’t get a game this week then I have NFI!!


Topdon has struggled to creep over 1200 weekly this year.
He’s chosen a great week to smash out 1500.


That’s cause he’s had a woeful run with injuries.


And now he will struggle to get 1350 with Hill and Selwood both out.


What happened to de boer today? That’s a big loss for me, he’s been awesome

Jeez tom Jonas is a pretty important player for me these days down back. Consistently turns out big scores. Not bad at 95 odd in the draft