2018 FF Original discussion thread


Has there been a ruling? What was the decision?


Matt Eagles must be right up there for worst players in FF history


Thought you would have been a certainty to pick McKernan.


@wezza your recruits are KILLLING IT


Wanted a ruck for a week and knew he would get a game. Thought Smack would get picked but also thought Bombers may have gone small.


@westozziebomber and I are neck and neck.

4 to go each.

Higgins, Cotchin, Wells, Waite


Conca, Scharenberg, WHE and Dangerfield


Looks like my boys have come out firing in response to some trash talk, I’m just 100 down with my 3 (Menegola, Riewoldt, Taylor) vs his 2 (Treloar/Pendlebury). If Pendles is a late out it’ll make things very interesting.


Yeah pretty good game mate we should both go 1400+ pretty easy. De boer going off early really hurts right now. Probably would have gotten me 40 point lead. Will be a interesting day tomorrow


Sadly, if he reaches 1350, he’ll likely win the game.
Too many Jekyll-Hyde players this year.
What’s happened to Beams? Mitch Wallis is nowhere near his output last time Libba was out. ANB has been a shadow of last years scoring.

Hopefully I get Newman, Viney, Menzel and Riley Knight back next week so I don’t have to rely on Marshall and Lewis Young playing in my forward line.


CB said the matter had been discussed and I don’t see a strike.
I’m happy to take him at his word.
If it turns out that Dunners is still considering it and decides to give a strike, then I’m fine with that, too.


Oh ok. I wonder if the others that got strikes or warnings were given the same opportunity to have a conversation about their situation before a ruling was made.

For the record, I thought the FF committee (Dunlop, Craze and myself) made these decisions.


Dunlop has discussed things with me when there’s been an issue.
I’ve never had a pm from you or CB on operational matters.
As I said, I’m just going on what CB said.
I’m really not interested in an argument about it.




Compelling and rich.


Stupid question…
How many coaches have a strike?
What happens when you reach 3 strikes?

Do people here honestly think others in the competition are truly treating this competition with such disdain to warrant strike or being kicked out of the competition?
Everyone wants to win, some teams need more time than others.

There is no pazza in this competition.


Well said. This is a very healthy competition right now.

As is the other league.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the strikes are reset each year. So I don’t think anyone has one this year so far.

If you do get 3 in a year, I think you get da boot!!

Oh and how many people are on the commish now? lol. Am I the only one who’s not on it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Watching Stoops’ performance anxiously as two of my players stupidly made contact with umpires this round.


I’m just going to play Jack Macrae and no one else next week


Dunlop never PM’d me, I went out of my way to discuss my own situation and PM’d Dunlop a few weeks ago because I was the one that was concerned. I don’t know if any other coach has gone to Dunlop beforehand if they were concerned or made that effort, you’d have to ask him. I wanted to know his opinion on if I was going to be forced to pickup players because I didn’t want to give the impression I was tanking. Basically from our discussions I got the impression that because I had numerous, able playing players that could more than fill the positions and were a good chance to come in I didn’t need to. I didn’t have 4/5 playing defenders with no able inclusions who were not playing/injured, if that were the case then obviously I’d have needed to pickup some players and drop some players. Also when I received my strike last year off the bat when I won with no warning I didn’t have a discussion with anyone about it nor did I expect it. Like wimm said I don’t want to argue about it any more or be a poster boy for peoples own issues, I’ll take whatever comes, no probs.

For the record Dunlop makes all the executive decisions as founder and legit CEO as far as I’m aware. Dunlop created the committee group to help him make decisions, provide our support and opinion whenever needed and asked from him.