2018 FF Original discussion thread


Yep, I’m just saying what Dunlop told me after I went to ask him a few weeks back. If I’m still to receive further punishment after he’s thought things through further in the last week than so be it, no issues. Give away.


Can Phillips never play again? When he plays Kruezer scores 70, when he doesn’t he scores 120.


Need another half like that from the boys.


14 point lead with an extra player. Still very close, cause I don’t trust my guys one bit!!

Nice to see Dill with another terrible week!!


Me and Scotty have had a great game but he’ll pip me. Scharenburg going nuts this arvo has killed me, and Waite spudding it up has too

Probably would have won if I selected graham or de boer doesn’t get injured. Fickle game!

Not over yet but god this game frustrates me haha


1582!!! Holy snap!!


Good win vandrs, well played.


Dill with the third lowest score of the round, pulls off the win.
That’s some miserly defence, well done!


Two weeks in a row over 1500 with some good players still to come in. Confident we will hit 1600 in the coming weeks. Happy to have knocked over a couple of top teams as well. Josh Kelly, McGrath, Nicnat and 2 Metre Peter all preparing to come make an impact.


  1. Ed Langdon just keeps getting better. Feels great when you hold on to a player for too long and it pays off.

  2. .I work on 80 as the baseline for a good performance. 12 players above that feels pretty good.

  3. Nick Vlastuin finally finding touch. Nothing better in FF than having the loose man in defense.


  1. See you later Matt Eagles. What a spud.

  2. Lukas Webb just seems unable to bring his VFL touch to AFL footy.

Still. Onwards and upwards as we try and find a spot in the 8.


The good…

  • Got the win.
  • Viney, Menzel, Newman and Riley Knight hopefully to come back into the 22.
  • I have fogdog next week. If season form carries I should get my highest score of the year. Hopefully, it can start our season.

The bad…

  • Terrible score. Sub 1300 is not top 8 standard.
  • My entire team is full of Jekyll & Hydes. Shane Edwards, Mitch Wallis, Dayne Beams, Zach Tuohy, Nick Haynes and Riley Bonner all well down on averages.
  • Jamie Elliott does a hammy in VFL. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Struggling big time at the moment. Players out of form and injured.


Congrats on the win Cb


When do you play me? I’ll play you into form.


I’m glad I kept you’re unlucky run of loses going.

Do I play you again this year? Hope so


Thanks, but I’ll have to give my team a big dressing down about how disappointed I am for them winning :wink:


After some unfair criticism, my team has responded fired up and won against the odds (wish Essington FC would do the same) despite being two short. We definitely have the wood on Smoten, we beat him by 30 odd last year when we were short and beat him again this year being two short. Our finals chances are still mathematically alive and will face Windy Dill with the belief we can slay the Dragon with Franklin hopefully back.

The Good

  1. A good win against the odds. Kruezer dominates without Phillips, a huge 129, Menegola pulled us home late with a big 121 whilst Dunstan with a 120 and Westhoff with a 115 set the tone for the rest of the team.

  2. Mr. Consistent Riewoldt continues his good form up forward with another good score, he’s been my best forward all year. Weller is becoming one of my best pickups in the draft being a ball winner and tackler, whilst Mitch Robinson gives me about a 100 every week. All you can ask for, he’s a club favourite.

  3. Backline went from woeful to acceptable despite going two short. Harry Taylor returned and was good first week back, Micheal Johnson played the best game of the year down back, whilst my kids in Lochie O’Brien and Waterman showed some good signs on the bench and will make selection difficult.

The Bad

  1. Josh Kennedy has returned from injury in poor form, his form will pick up soon but for now he’s letting the team down and not kicking goals which was his bread and butter.

  2. Geary had his first poor game of the year, and playing Crossley after his first good game didn’t pay off in the second.


Dusty has the can’t be f*cked about him atm.


Good win AB and a nice score from you too.


Seems like the closest year in memory. 1st to 7th separated by just 1 win and then you could argue foggy should have another 3 more wins + Vandrs posting a PB (I think) and All Black scoring 1500+ with Kelly/McGrath/Naitununi to come in. Good to see such an even comp, with Dill down on form any team can win, whilst last year it felt like Dill by how much.


The @wimmera1 tiger train rolls on.

Decent score from my mob as well, I’m not sure I’ll get much higher than that this year!