2018 FF Original discussion thread


You had me nervous at a couple of points, that’s for sure.
Good luck for the rest of the year.


The Good:
RONKE. That’s never going to happen again.
Ed Phillips - translating VFL form into AFL scores

The Bad:
Bews (20) / Laverde (31) meant I couldnt catch up to Wimm.

Next week:
Have to see one of Clarke/Ridley next week. Surely.
Hoping one of Weitering/Langdon gets selected next week as I suspect Davis might miss.


Round “What is it 8? Man that’s gone fast”


  1. The obvious, scoring 1582! - Where the hell did that come from? Fogdog is probably wondering the same thing. Pretty sure that’s a record for me. Helps when 6 guys crack the ton.

2 . 6 tons!!! - Don’t think I’ve had that before either? The guys who got them are the one I expect normally should. Guys like Adams,Houli,Coniglio,Nankervis and Smith are FF guns. Crisp has been slowly building the last few weeks, but 147 is crazy!! Hopefully bucks gives him more mid time now.

3 . Dunlops favorite SAM KERRIDGE - Another solid 90 this week. He’s averaging 87 which is just want I needed. Oh and he’s getting game time!!

THE BAD: Nah no bad this week. Let’s do 3 more goods

4 . The Red Menace!!! - I’m getting very aroused that I may see him in the side this year. Don’t think it’ll be before the bye, but our gamble of tradingb him for pick 5 may still pay off.

  1. Got some nice depth - Kennedy was very in the VFL and could get a call up. Lang played his first game of the year and scored a handy 77. Tom Lynch to come back in a couple of weeks. Gleeson due after the bye. Patrick Wilson has been BOG in about 4 games in the SANFL and was again on the weekend. Then I still have Brodie Smith and Gleeson!! PLUS FRANGA!!! If I can snag a few more wins before the bye, then who knows what could happen.

  2. Windy Dill - Nice to see him struggling. And don’t think you aren’t mate cause you’ve only lost 1 game!! You’ve had a softer draw than Richmond!!


The good

  1. Getting the win despite my lowest score in years.
  2. Umm…
  3. Moving on…

The bad

  1. No one scored a ton
  2. The midfield - JPK, Dusty, Ziebell, Sauce Jacobs all in a form rut. Sloane re-injures foot at training.
  3. The back line is diabolical.


@Windy_Dill now Hurley done a hamstring too.

Race wide open.


Hi Ridley Hi!


I’d like to see some MRI scans to make sure he’s not faking so as to avoid playing with our rabble.


We’re talking about Essington here.
It’ll be Hartley.
And we’ll all love it.


OOOOOOOO Francis!!!


The Bad
1 Not just losing but losing badly coming up with our second lowest score of the season.
2 8 sub 60 scorers.
3 Marley Williams has created new heights of :poop:. You would have to think the nude photos of his coach are about to surface…

The Good
1 At least Marley Williams is playing regularly.
2 6 tons, 5 usual suspects Howe, Grundy, Parker, Darling and Hogan, joined by Cunners second ton of the season with 3 other 90+ scores showing that he is our 2018 BP (quiet achiever).
3 Darling & Hogan with their 5th tons for the season.


Hurley, Ziebell and Sauce Jacobs likely outs this week against your lot.


You’re not making my task of tanking any easier.


The Good: Oscar McInerney is building a nice little patch of form. Currently an understudy for Stef Martin, there could be a bigger role for him in the future.

The Bad: Pendlebury and Carlisle’s injuries add to a mounting list and cost me the game this week.

The Ugly: Tall Forwards. Hawkins, Patton, Stewart, Bruce and McCarthy… that’s a few too many and points to some structural issues with my team that will take time to fix.


Rising Star 2018 - Round 2
It’s a pleasure to announce the second rising star nomination for 2018 is Oliver Florent of the Sunbury Seagulls. He secured the nomination with an outstanding 22 possession game, with 83 points he was his team’s best forward this week in a solid win over Topdon’s topdonkeys. We took a few minutes to catch up with his coach Dunlop…

Smoten: Excellent game by Florent this week. Is this a breakthrough game for him?

Dunlop: For his confidence at AFL level, definitely. He was playing well at NEAFL level last season, albeit in a vastly different position, but was having trouble having an impact in that difficult pressure forward role, particularly with the different running patterns. He is getting more mid time, but I think the important thing is he is now more comfortable in the forward role and at AFL level in general.

Smoten: You drafted him with your first selection in the 2017 draft (Pick 21) which is a big commitment. What made him grab him?

Dunlop: LOL. Foggy. He was raving about him, in whatever pre-season BBFFL conversation we were having pre-draft as he was taking him with his first pick if he lasted. Ollie was also either the highest remaining, or just about the highest remaining, draftee on the board at the time.

Smoten: Do you think he can win the rising star award?

Dunlop: No, I think Witherden will be hard to beat in our one. I also doubt he can win the AFL version. He is still very light, so I’m sure he’ll need a rest at some stage and I don’t think he’ll have the consistency for another year or 2 that is necessary to win the award.

Smoten: Any other gems on your list we should watch out for?

Dunlop: Cerra & Morrison are the main two, though I’m really high on Higgins and Spargo as well.

Smoten: Thanks for your time

Rising Star Award Nominees:
Round 1: Riley Bonner (Panlickingscammers)
Ruond 2: Oliver Florent (Sunbury Seagulls)


@Dunlop. could I please LTI Vickers Willis? pcl, done for the year.

I have tried to write a 3 good and 3 bad for this week, but when your team struggles to get past 1100 points and your team selection is ■■■■■■■ than mark neelds game plan there isn’t much point


Exciting week!


Apologies for the lack of goods and bads for the past fortnight.

I’ve been too busy stressing/fapping over my team.


And changing your profile pic.


Explain your profile pic Wim. Who is it and what about 6-10?


Mrs Wim