2018 FF Original discussion thread


It’s the rules of the DJ thread, which is where I should be spending all of my time and not in the Worsfold thread.

It’s K Flay. Her song was voted down 6-10.


She looks like she gives disinterested handjobs.


Errrm…well, the song certainly has a sexual component to it, but…no.
No, I don’t think she would do that.


Just had a listen to Blood in the Cut. I quite like this. What was your downvoted song?


It was Blood in the Cut.




She would be very interested


Does fogdog need to be forcibly given help for FA?


Oh yeah…
Fark you Longmire. Still no Newman? Not even as an emergency? Yet you list Stoddard as an emergency? WTF?

Left out this carnt too.

Dropped Young. Didn’t even list him as an emergency.


Who does Brodie have to buy a drink?


Annoyed Jesse Joyce is still out injured and Hampton an emergency again + Paparone not selected, but happy Franklin is back and that I finally cut Hughes & Allison.


Confident you’ll get your FA guys to cut them now!


I always put up big FA lists so I’ll be getting someone?

More than happy to cut Hughes/Allison, sick of seeing them sit on emergency lists/not selected for another week.


Anyone not go for Mayne? Always been a reliable FF player as long as he gets a game


I didn’t.
Had him on the list initially, but changed my mind.


You can take over the whole thing if you want?


Just home from footy training. I’m doing FAs now. Will tak a couple of hours.


Nah. I’ve got no time during the week.
Plus I doubt I couldn’t be conflicted with my own choices at times.


I think “forcibly” isn’t the right word. I couldn’t imagine how time consuming it would be to do FA each week.

I’m more than happy that all FA selections be send to Fogdog before 9pm Wednesday and from there he can take till first bounce if he wants.

P.S. Thanks for taking time out of your day to do them Fogdog


@Blummers32 I’ve sent you some questions about a Round 3 Rising star nomination. Would you mind checking your PMs when you get the chance?