2018 FF Original discussion thread


Early picks in this draft are no guarantee.


So Rayner was parked in a FP the whole game?


No engine.


Decisions, decisions!

It’s kinda nice this draft is going to be unpredictable. Everyone drafting in the top 5 may end up getting their first choice


Will the draft start early due to the unpredictability?
With Brisbane and Freo playing on Sunday, I wonder if teams will take a wait and see approach.


I feel this is the time of year where I think “f’ing hell, I wish I didn’t trade a ton of picks away”. And then I remember I usually f’up the picks anyway.


I’ve turned over a lot of my squad from the past year as what happens when you have to rebuild after a long period of success. I like my midfield and forwardline, but my defence needs a little work, relying on some guys to stand up that didn’t last year. Hampton is back from injury and looks promising as a good scorer but I need him fit which is something that he hasn’t done so far. Birchall back is a bonus and Gutherie is a boost to the stocks, and Hughes was a prospect traded in more out of hope than anything. I also need Libba to stand up as last year he was pox. Having gone down a more youthful route with Allison, Turner, Hughes etc I think I’m a good chance for top 4 but will likely be very unpredictable.

B: Ethan Hughes - Grant Birchall - Kaiden Brand
HB: Cam Gutherie - Justin Westhoff - Curtly Hampton
C: Brad Hill - Luke Dunstan -Jack Newnes
HF: Sam Menegola - Lance Franklin - Travis Boak
F: Tim Membrey - Josh Kennedy - Jacob Allison
R: Matthew Kruezer - Luke Shuey - Tom Liberatore
Int: Mitch Robinson - Kayne Turner


By what method do we nominate our keepers? Post on here or through UF?


Leaning towards Walker for my last spot. 3 rucks means one less concern in draft


I’ve got such an even spread between players 18-26 on my list that it’s making keeper choice a nightmare, convinced whichever way I go I’ll make the wrong decision.


I think UF is primary spot for keepers.
Posting here is optional.


Tim Kelly just decided to stuff everyone’s drafting plans up


For those at the airport, what happened?


The guy is a gun. Geelong did very well drafting him.

Didn’t think he’d make it to my pick unless there were some very strong JLT performances.


Ahh. Yeah he’s not making it to the 2nd round.


How’s MacPherson going on 30% gametime?
Nuts. That’s how.


Was he the guy that CB had and rated?


Wouldn’t know him if I passed him in the street.
But 8 possessions, 2 marks, 2 tackles from about 20 minutes is pretty…pretty good.

Edit: And another tackle, and 100% accuracy kinda…doesn’t hurt either.


He was! I remember myself and foggy had a mini disagreement. He thought he’d likely be delisted, I thought he was going to be a gun as his NEAFL numbers are phenomenal. As I said at the time his issues are not finding the ball, but a) getting midfield time where he’s been dominant in the seconds and b) getting on the field and not the bench. He’s still a chance to make my keepers but I’m not making my mind up based on one game.


Surely Lindsay Thomas is a lock for the first round?