2018 FF Original discussion thread


Never would have thought I’d knock off Dill this year!


Two for me please

Matt de boer - F to FC

Cale hooker F to FB


The good…

  • Glad to get the win even though there was a lot of luck involved. 1250 from 15 players is very good. Hopefully the players start consistently scoring this well for the rest of the season.
  • Three tonnes. Beams looks back to his previous consistent tonne form, Ryan smashed it out of the park and so did ANB.
  • Wallis and Newman did well in VFL. Hopefully Bevo and Horse took notice.

The bad,

  • Team selection screwed me and it doesn’t sound like it’ll settle soon. I’m relatively confident Wallis should return next week but Bevo might find a new way to screw me as I’ll desperately need his bye average the following week. It doesn’t sound like Sam Murray will be back next week (fark you Buckley).
  • Clurey. He should play this week, so I pretty much cannot afford to drop him. Not too sure what to make of Parsons. He’s one of Scott’s favourites, so he might come straight back in and his bye average could be very handy.
  • Brandon Matera let the team down with the worst score of the round. His whole season has been poor. He’s pretty much placed himself on the trade block.

The ugly…

  • Injury list is still a problem. I’m not expecting any of Jamie Elliott, Menzel, Riley Knight and Sean Darcy to be back until after the bye.
  • Upcoming delistings is going to be brutal. McPherson is pretty much gone to upgrade Bennell from LTI (unless Bennell or someone else gets a mid-week LTI). Hrovat was the travelling emergency and Scott generally sends those guys back to VFL so he’s going to be gone. Rowan Marshall has run his race and is also pretty much gone. Watson and Stretch will be gone in the next fortnight if they are lucky enough to last this weeks delistings.


Nice to look at this week. You don’t often have almost everything go your way. My best score by a huge margin and the 7th highest ever. It’s a great sign we are in this year’s race. 5 wins in a row.

The good:

  1. Angus Brayshaw having a monster game. 166 reminding everyone just how good he is.
  2. Free agency picks coming good with Rioli and Rice both looking like quality players.
  3. 12 players over 90. 9 of them in triple figures.

The bad

  1. Haydn Ballantyne the only real consistent now scorer and his time is almost up.
  2. Nothing against the Marvels but could use a game like this against a top team. Need to go hard again this week.

Still. A very happy coach who spent way too much time watching his phone yesterday.


Thanks Dunlop! I beat the 1548 from last year a few times this year :slight_smile:

Rounds 6, 8 and 9. Very happy with the score considering we had Rayner in his 40s and Bont barely crack 60.

Still the team is wildly inconsistent.


Noted and makes sense, screwed by the early bye game!

I’ll just hold off till the next one :slight_smile:


One nomination for me

Mark Baguley: B to BF


The Good:
Paddy Dow with a new PB of 96.
Zaka 133 last week, 143 this week. Rolling.

The Bad:
Not selecting Paddy Dow.
Crozier’s scoring has been well below what I expected. 49av will prob see him dropped soon.
Quiet game from Appleby and Cuningham, so unsure if they will keep their spots.



The Good:

Ummmm Jack Crisp - Has now scored 3 100’s in a row. 2nd best average fro backs in the last 5 weeks. GUN!!!

Hugh McCluggage - Back to back 80’s for the kid. Looks very promising.

2 goods is enough this week.

The Bad

The Back line ( bar Atley and Crisp )- Absolute tripe!!! 4 scores under 45, Houli injured on 10 and will probably miss our biggest test of the year.

Our biggest test of the year - We gunna get smashed!!!

Adelaide FC - If ■■■■■■ Patrick WIlson doesn’t get a game after you copped a 90 point belting then ya can get stuffed!!! Don’t care how much blummers doesn’t rate him. Get him in!!



  • Jarryn Geary scores a huge 126 down back, he’s been a shining light for me all year down back.

  • Micheal Johnson has been good down back, has another good game

  • Had three players score over 120 (Geary, Robinson, Menegola) + Kruezer scored 106


  • We’re FCKN ■■■■■. We thought playing someone being 3 short with a full 18 was an easy win, nek minnit Taylor is a late out, Riewoldt does a favour for his old mob and is knocked out on 1, Dunstan hurt on 30 and Newnes injured on 49.

  • Five players scored 30 or under…FIVE!

  • Couldn’t even score 1200…GOOD GRIEF


Now confirmed.

Just odd - Cats said definitely yesterday it wasn’t a break to both bones, now Ben Guthrie their assigned AFL reporter says it is.


Thanks, Dunners.
Big decision in March next year for me, then.
I’d like to think I’ll keep him.


The Good.

  1. 1600 is nothing to be allergenic about.
  2. Nice to do it without a monster score from Ed.
  3. Ellis back in the gang.

The Bad.

  1. Still no depth.
  2. My draft has turned out to be almost entirely a bust.
  3. Ellis-Yolmen and Brown scored less than 70? Oh, wait. That’s more of a humble-brag than bad.


So you have although as it turns out, I should’ve done a more thorough crosscheck of that number with the team spreadsheet where your PB is automated via coding rather than manual update, as I evidently hadn’t updated your high score in the high scores doc as you’d bettered 1548 in 3 games last season. So, to correct what I said last night, you’ve still obliterated your previous best, but it was 1578 scored against Jefferson in Rd 9 last season.



Looking at who people have put up for position polls, I will reiterate my offer of assistance from a month ago for anyone that doesn’t watch much football outside of Essendon and thinks they may be overlooking players.


Position nomination:
Jack Ziebell - C => FC


Out of interest…
What data do you have on Beams? Read he’s been playing forward, but I haven’t seen it.
Doubtful he’s anything but a mid based on what I’ve seen.

Any chance Wallis is playing forward? I’ve only seen the one game and he’s pretty much a full time mid.


The Good
1 Won despite playing a man short
2 Umm…Winning ugly.
3 Oh…Delisting Marley Williams has not come back to bite me on the nads, YET!

The Bad
1 My mid week acquisitions were poxy only 1/3 played I thought it may have been 2/3
2 Jack Darling has played one bad game in a row!
3 Bye rounds can go and eat a bag of…


Lids to the LTI list please @Dunlop


The Good

1300 + while missing 2 80+avg scorers
A Score that would have beaten 10 teams
only 3 players scoring below their average
Most of the team in age bracket that will allow for improvement

The ugly

Selecting Paddy Ambrose over Cordy. Only a difference of 13 points at the end of the day but still typical of my inability to select the correct players.
Luke Mcdonald struggling to score while the rest of Norf are flying, plus he isn’t scoring like last year.