2018 FF Original discussion thread


Apparently Dan Menzel could be out for the season.
Will have to wait for the confirmation.

Fark my luck…


Carlton’s medical staff are hilarious. Williamson misses 10 weeks with a back stress reaction, gets medically cleared, plays a half of football + 5mins and now suddenly has “another” back stress reaction. Stress reactions are a repetitive stress injury (they need time to develop), so the probability of suddenly getting another one in 2 weeks or from a “knock” is ridiculously low.


Right. Time to do this.

So there is something the group needs to know, effective immediately I’ll be handing over the responsibilities of running the competition jointly to fogdog and Crazy Bomber.

This is not a sudden decision and has been building for some time.

I’ve battled clinical depression for 20 years and realistically for the vast majority of the season, the passion, enthusiasm to do the weekly basics I’ve carried out for 10 years just hasn’t been there, nor has there been the want to check this thread on a daily basis. Even when I’ve been at my worst previously, particularly in the pre-UF days, I was still able to get all the basics done, I struggled to do much else in my daily life, my decision making was poor at times, but the core of the competition - tabulating the scores each week, updating the current squad thread, predicted scores, the injury lists and whatever else never suffered.

It is suffering now.

Aside from doing positional research and the injury lists nothing else has been done (and realistically if the AFL’s injury version didn’t have a history of being wildly inaccurate for some teams vs. what the teams themselves were releasing that may’ve struggled as well). Predicted scores, current squads are not remotely close to being able to be rolled out, as the very basic building block of that - inputting scores week to week - isn’t close to being in the appropriate shape, some clubs don’t even 1 game of data. As part of predicted scores I was easily able to oversee what each team was doing week to week and pursue any action that needed to be taken, that completely fell by the wayside and infighting has broken out in this thread because of it.

I am a particularly stubborn person and typically fare better when I’m doing things for others than myself, which is probably why I managed to grind out what I did for so long. It is also because of my stubbornness, that I denied the leadership vaccuum on certain issues that was starting to have an affect on the competition. When the Crazy Bomber/Smoten spat happened, however I could no longer deny that I was adversely affecting the competition and needed to stand aside.

I would like to apologise to the other committee members fogdog and Crazy Bomber as my lack of action has adversely affected both of them this season. I’d also like to apologise to the entire group for the absence of things the competition has come to expect, as well as the possibility that anything I haven’t done this season has negatively affected your enjoyment of the competition.

Foggy & Crazy Bomber will be taking over the day-to-day management of the competition as well as waiver/strike assessment. I will still be around if you have any LTIs. I presume they are behind-the-scenes having discussions about the direction of the competition and the best way to move forward and will make their own statements in time. They are both incredibly passionate about the competition and their sides, so I have full confidence they will do an excellent job. I will not be standing in their way should they wish to imbue the competition with their own ideas.

Presently, they see this as an interim appointment for the remainder of the season, I’m not sure I share their assessment, but we will keep you updated.

I am very proud of what the competition has become, especially given the upheaval that came with departing Fantasy Footy and running the competition off Blitz. I certainly never envisioned when jards approached me to help him jointly oversee things at the start of 2007 (red and black ran things in the first year of the comp and its short lived 1 year predecessor), that I would’ve run this for 10+ years and it would cause enough passion from other posters to engender a spin-off.

It has been a hell of a 12 year ride, but it is time for someone else to run things, for now at least.


This competition wouldn’t exist without all the work you put in Nate. Always been amazed by your dedication and hard work.

If I can help with the competition just let me know guys




Good luck with your recovery/management, Dunners.
Your contribution has been incredible.

And best of luck to the new joint commish’s.


Thanks for everything you have done and hope you get yourself into a better headspace soon.


Here here! All the best Nate and good luck to CB and foggy. I don’t think I can add much to the running of the comp but if I can help boys, let me know. I am shocked but I understand.


Same here.
Dunlop has made this comp better than anyone could have imagined. If it weren’t for the way this was run and organised, I would have left long ago.

Everyone’s commitment to this comp is 1st class and that is a testament to Dunlop’s leadership.


Absolute star Nate - don’t underestimate the value you have brought to the competition through your passion and tireless effort which would have been HOURS AND HOURS of work; it is a unique competition. You are in the Hall of Fame inductee category and Legend status wouldn’t be too far away whilst we are on the subject with tonight’s proceedings. Thanks a heap mate, really do appreciate it as we can take it for granted a lot of the time.


All the best Nate. We’re all indebted to you.


Best wishes, Nate! Appreciate everything you’ve done towards running the comp and giving me the opportunity to join a few years back. I hope you’re able to get back to being in the right headspace and know you have the right people to support you even in here and if you also want to chat with any of us. Good luck to Fog and CB as well.


Thanks again for all the hard work you’ve done running the competition Nate. I’m sure that what we see only scratches the surface of how much you’ve done behind the scenes. I hope it’s been a rewarding and positive experience.

We’re not playing for sheep stations here, so please look after number one and have as much or as little involvement as you want. As Jefferson said, if you ever need a chat I’m sure anyone in the group would lend an ear. We’re here if you need us.


I can’t add much more to what as already been said, but thank you so much Nate. I can’t even fathom the amount of hours you set aside each week to run this comp.

Without your dedication to this comp it surely wouldn’t be in the position it is in now, and I dare say the other FF comp probably wouldn’t of started.

All the best in your battle with depression. If you even need a different voice to hear from then there are plenty of coaches ready and waiting to help out.

I would like to suggest that we change this comps name to “The Dunlop FF Leauge”.


thanks for the work you’ve put in nate, ripping competition.

all the best with the management now and in the future


Echo the sentiments of everyone else mate. You have no need to apologise to anyone. Good on you for having the courage to speak up. All the best mate and thank you for everything you do/have done


I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords


Firstly, myself and foggy very much see this as caretaker roles, as we’re keeping the seat warm for him for when he returns and feels like he’s ready to return to his former role, whenever that may be.

I’d like to say that words couldn’t do justice the effort that Nate has done for over a decade in this league. It’s not just the countless hours, it’s the sense of community that he has brought to the league sprung from nothing other than a few random coaches in a Fantasy Footy league in old Blitz, to something I look forward to every week win, lose or draw and is the best game I can think of requiring some deep analysis and strategy. In the past decade he’s brought and manufactured together a fantastic competition of over 18 coaches of whom many I consider friends and something at worst has brought joy (with many frustrations along the way) in our lives with some banter to boot. Some coaches come and go, but I’m sure if you asked them, particularly the ones that have been in it around a decade or past coaches, that Nate’s effort is the thing they will remember the most and cherish from the competition.

And just on the countless hours, at one time Nate was pouring hours not just into free agency every week day night, but into predicted scores that he himself forged before UF, running weekly scores during games, weekly previews for game, ladders + stats, player scores updated every week, injury lists…the list goes on. He was literally doing the work of 3-4 people for years on end. I can’t think anything more a man could have done for a league and build something that I truly believe is the best competition there is. Infact it was one of the reasons why I renamed the Brownlow the Dunlop Medal, as I think it best sums up an outstanding MVP.

I think now is the best time to rally around Dunlop, offer him our support and know that myself and most others are always here if you want to talk or just talk about something else not keep your mind off things. Myself and foggy have a tall order to run the league anywhere near the level that you maintained this league at but give it our best, and for now Nate needs to focus on getting himself right first and foremost.


First point of business, Smoten:



Anyone know if there’s a weekly updated excel database with stats somewhere?

Happy to do projected scores if i can source some data!