2018 FF Original discussion thread


Backing Marley in.


I had him on my FA list of ins.
But he was very low.

Not liking those low scores playing for a better than average team. Also, his bye average looks to be 50 unless he smashes one of his next two games.
I erred on the side of caution and went for Aidan Corr. If he can get two 50 games over the next fortnight, I might actually get a semi decent bye average from him.

Then again…
My FA picks have been downright disappointing this year. Worst FA year ever for me.


Ahern debut :ok_man:


Wezza is accidentally doing well. lol


I wasn’t tanking last year. I just had a ■■■■■■ run with injuries!


One guy tons up.
Nominal 15th pick.

Thank you very much.


Wasn’t Kane Turner under a concussion cloud earlier this week?
I had him higher on my list, then read something along those lines and lowered him a little.


I can wait a week.


How good am I going? Just sent fog my FA list cause I thought it was Wednesday! I’m lucky I remembered to go to work today lol


If anyone has time, holler.

Trying to list players into teams.

Weekly projections should become close to automated after this.

Haha if not i’ll do it in between tasks at work


Now further to this. I’m wondering if I may ask the group if I can get 1 or 2 of my selections. They do not effect how FA was done as only 1 of my pics was picked up( I thought the FA pool on UF was shallow, now I see everyone was picked up. Lol)

Now I know I was late, and I’m happy to forego my pics. I sent fog my selections only 15minutes ago and did not check blitz since 7am this morning.

I have absolutely no knowledge that these 1 or 2 guys may get a game this week. I’m probably going to play short in the back line unless Mullet and Thurlow get a call up.

Maybe if Mullet or Thurlow get a game, and I’m allowed my FA picks, then I’ll throw those FA pic ups back in the pool.



Sorry vandrs, that’s a no. It’s happened to many people over the years, including some people missing the deadline by 5 minutes. But a deadline is a deadline.


Sure. Just thought I’d try my luck.


Fark me.
Mitch Wallis must have screwed Bevo’s daughter. Either that or he’s leaving the Bulldogs.
Don’t get why he isn’t picked this week and not even listed as an emergency.

Should have a full 18 though. Newman in is massive. If Murray clears the extended bench, then I should be in a very good position for the win against Dunlop.


A bit late with this…

The Good - Heath Shaw put in a vintage performance

The Bad - The forward line averaged 53 this week

The Ugly - Carlisle getting himself suspended


Interesting call with menzel. I thought I read he was only few weeks away now.


He’s been a few weeks away for six weeks now. Would have loved the opportunity to backdate the LTI to include the last six weeks. Dunlop offered the LTI on Tuesday night and all I had to go by was the Monday night article that he could be out the rest of the year, so I took it.
I’ve got too many players on my main list who are ‘2 weeks away’ so I sort of had no other choice.

It didn’t come out until Wednesday that Scott seems to think he’ll be back in a few weeks. He’s been saying that for six weeks now.

Matera got dropped from the 18 today. My luck (along with my temper) this year is running very thin.


Not dissimilar to your man Logue - officially indefinite when placed on LTI (Tuesday), updated timeframe revealed a few days later.


Wait, what? I thought it was up to individual coaches to do their own research and put in an LTI request to Dunlop for assessment?

I wonder if those coaches that have been given a warning/strike in the past were offered the same luxury when their lists were in dire straights.


I have always done this as part of LTI elevation. If someone has a player that needs to be elevated off LTI (completed 8 weeks and are playing state leagues), and they have somebody LTI eligible I offer whether they want to make the exchange instead of a delisting a player.