2018 FF Original discussion thread


I’m going to put it out there I moved wells to the forward line and sinclair to the ruck as sandi isn’t playing, and I 100% saved that, I never don’t. It hasn’t saved it, and UF has done this before. I normally watch my scores pretty close and I’ve noticed this 2 minutes into the first. I would like the benefit of the doubt and that change to manually happen please, but what will be will be


Ohhhh. That makes sense. Yes you have always done that.


I’m giving an extension until 11pm for position polls, so LAST CALL. If you want to nominate players either do it in this thread or PM me. They have to have specifically have played a minimum 4 games to be eligible for a position change (not including this Swans/Blues game). Make sure you specifically state you are nominating them, putting their name down and saying/asking people to watch them is too ambiguous.


I think I’ve already put these forward, but just to be sure:

Lewis Jetta CF -> CB
Jonathon Patton F -> FR

@Dunlop if your offer of assistance is still there and you have any suggestions for the players in my squad you’re welcome to post them.


The coach’s half-time address to Lloyd and Ed.


Sam Kerridge defying the odds!!


Sorry mate but it is what it is. Not doubting your story and respect how quickly you identified it but just unable to make an exception sorry. Hopefully it doesn’t make a difference.


Yep, unfortunately it is what is it. To everyone I suggest checking and rechecking your teams during the week, especially if you do so within the last hour before a game. I myself have been caught out previously as traffic on the website can be high.

On position polls, they’ll be sent out within the next few days.


I think he might be a bit safer with Murphy on the sidelines as they need some bigger bodies. And there’s plenty I’d drop before him, with Dale Thomas one of the first.


I’ll cop it on the chin. I respectfully disagree though, I I think that move should have been made for me considering how quick and open I was with the situation. I don’t reckon I’m alone in saying UF has form with that (I check my team constantly, it’s happened to me twice this year, in both leagues) and if your to pick it up like I did ( I was on -2 when I posted that post from a free against sinclair) then manual changes should be allowed. I’d have no problem with other people doing this either

You wouldn’t want to lose a game from it, a final, miss the 8, top 4 etc. Perhaps this should be a discussion point for the end of the year


Has UF ever had an app?


It did. But then they updated their website and it’s pretty much better than what the app produced (especially during drafting).

@westozziebomber are you using UF on two different devices? If so, make sure you close the tab or go to another page once you’ve made changes. I think if it’s open, it’ll reload the last thing you did on that device, sometimes undoing what you’ve done on another device.


I think they did/do? They certainly did a few years ago but I thought it was garbage and never used it again. I just use the website


Mitchell 104 to half time!


Westhoff not far behind on 83!


Tom Clurey…


was hoping that was a bug or full time score


I’m hoping the fact he’s only scored 5 points since half time a glitch also…


■■■■ me. roarke smith and tom boyd went backwards after half time


I thought I was a goner with Geary getting injured on 38, but Kennedy/Membrey/Newnes all went nuts, even with Shuey a late withdrawal I should get home from here.