2018 FF Original discussion thread


I’m looking good against Dunlop. I have 1 player in hand with a 13 point deficit to make up.
Even though I’m one short, 1350 should be the gettable.

As per normal…
Bennell apparently got injured again. I’m sure he’ll be another TBC for a few weeks before being diagnosed as a 4 week injury but in the end spending 8 to 10 weeks on my main list with no opportunity to LTI him.


How many years have you had Bennell?


I can’t remember now.
I’ve definitely had him since he moved to Freo.
Cannot recall if I got him the preseason before his last at Gold Coast or after.


Has he played a game in 3 years?


He played two token games at the end of last year.
Other than that, he’s been DUI or LTI.


He won’t play for freo again. Mark my words


I was surprised he got the two games last year.
His body is failing in WAFL. No way a team gets his body right for AFL.

Having said that…
He’d be perfect at Hawthorn…


My season just got better…
Jed Anderson injured in the first few minutes of the game and doesn’t look like getting back on. Dunlop is back in with a chance.

Perfect timing with Anderson as well. He’s likely to miss next week and I won’t even get his bye average…


Held Ahern for two seasons and then he became 21st keeper on my list - very impressive debut but disappointing it’s not on my side!


Some disappointing performances from my team this week. Almost universally down on their averages. Only a few have stood up.



  • Great to be back on the winners list with a commanding 1400+ score. Could have been 1500+ if Shuey wasn’t a late withdrawal.

  • My big forwards coming to the party. Membrey with a huge 120 and Kennedy getting back to some good form with a 111, his last few weeks are getting back to his previous years’ form. Happy with the form of Newnes and Mav Weller too whilst Dea has been a handy player down back.

  • Brody Mihocek with a great debut with a 78 and 4 goals


  • Geary hurt on 38 early on

  • Can’t complain about too much else, this was our best game all year.


We will be grateful for the win but dropping 300 points in a week is disappointing. Especially when the only change was for the better. Mouthguards required for training this week.

The good:

  1. Angus Brayshaw not just finding the ball but also his consistency.
  2. Zorko working through a tag and putting up good numbers.
  3. Silvagni scored 69 in a half.

The bad:

  1. Silvagni scored 4 in a half
  2. 11 players under 80

We are consolidating our place in the 8 and have knocked off another top team. We can almost taste the top 4 with 6 wins in a row.


Needed much more lead time than that mate as I’m not on Blitz during games.

The only other you could’ve nominated was Grigg and whilst he has been 2nd ruck when he plays, I wouldn’t have a clue how receptive the group would’ve been to giving ruck status to one of the new breed of 190cm mids filling in as the back-up.

The offer was mainly put out there to assist topdon and Vandrs.


@Windy_Dill in danger of missing the 8? Now lost 3 in a row and hasn’t cracked 1400 for a while


A reminder to both @westozziebomber and @Awesome_Scotty that you are expected to pick up your drafted FA players before the start of the round. They shouldn’t still be available when team amendments are being done late Sunday.


Well done Blummers. Fair to say a few of my guys in their 1st year at AFL level are in need of a break.


The Good
1 Welcome back Brayden Maynard!
2 Our depth is getting tested out a little
3 Winning whilst playing short, not ideal but is better than losing.

The Bad
1 Jack Darling going down, hopefully it is not too bad.
2 Losing two backmen for this week (Howe and Varcoe), thus playing short and a couple of my latest (speculative) acquisistions not getting games. I thought I had to jump on them early if anything as I was sure they were going to get signed by other clubs.
3 Jayden Hunt was a player I had high hopes for this season but so far he has been fairly disappointing.


Don’t rattle his cage, we have them this week and we also have a poor record against the Dills.

The Myer Sport Cup could be our match of the round!

Probably not, Westdale Warriors (2nd) V Pimpino Tigers (4th) ought to be.


Yeah apologies! I couldn’t get to it this week, best man duties lead up to wedding and friday wedding.

Will do it once available!


Too good this week mate.

The Good
Ahern 92 on debut
Ed Phillips continues to be great.
Crozier and Dow given new positions in AFL fantasy that I proposed :wink:

The Bad
Injuries to Zaka and Hall killed any chance I had to win
Ridley found it tough this week.
Up against Fudge get week