2018 FF Original discussion thread


@dunlop Matthew Ling LTI?


They’re going to ‘reassess’ Elliott after the bye round.

I’m assuming I can still LTI him?
If so, please LTI as I’d like to try and get an extra FA pick.


@Blummers32: Confirmed




coniglio? :frowning:


Stoked to see Starcevich get rewarded by getting named on the extended bench. Doubt he plays but stoked.


@Crazy_Bomber Has the position polls PM been deleted?
I can’t seem to find it.

Have the one that says the changes, but not the first one sent.


It wasn’t deleted by me and it was certainly sent out to all? Not sure if this version of Blitz automatically deletes PM’s in 24 hours without a reply, but I’ll resend just in case.


Too late to put Zach Merrett up for B eligibility?


Cut-off was last Friday night, so yes.


I’m presuming tonight is a rolling lockout because of Monday’s game, or are Monday’s teams finalised today?


Can you resend to me too please, mine is gone


If anyone is still missing their position poll PM, could you please let me know. I’ve resent some out.


Queen’s Birthday game sides will be released 5pm Saturday AEST, so I’ll make the lockout the start of the Saints-Swans game (7.25pm Saturday AEST)


So are blanks okay or not?


Whilst there is still no official ruling, yes blanks are ok as they were accepted last time.

Craze and I will work through the feedback and come up some new QnAs and guidelines.


Well thank ■■■■ for that.




Something has evidently happened behind-the-scenes that Rolo is investigating, he and myself have just finished conducting a test which has demonstrated that literally one person can ruin it for everyone - if anybody that a PM has been sent to deletes it, everybody else loses it - this applies to both 1-on-1 PMs and bulk PMs.

This never previously happened, if one person deleted a PM, everybody would still retain a copy in their inbox and the rest could still converse, the person who deleted the PM just wouldn’t be privy to any additional posts.

Blitz had a large recent upgrade, so it is probable this has inadvertently altered something.


All my players were well down last night.
Should probably have used the loophole on Moore, but regardless, I’ve got no hope against All Black unless he loses a few players to injury.

Hopefully Tom Murphy comes good. Never heard of him before this week, but he played the least amount of minutes in his game last week and scored mid 50s so was worth the gamble.

I’m hoping I don’t need to use FA pickups this week as I’ve only got 10 more changes for the rest of the season.


Carnage in that game.
Was thinking about subbing out Brown today, but it slipped my mind.