2018 FF Original discussion thread


I wouldn’t be suprised at all if Kelly went top 5


Kelly and Barry are both in my personal top 5.


I haven’t seen enough of Barry, but I’ve seen a lot of Tim Kelly. I think he’ll play a lot of senior footy


Some interesting numbers in that game, more than any I’ve seen so far.
How much to take from it in a game where it was 12 goals to 3, not sure.


UF please - they transfer with a click rather than having to manually write them all in.

I was out all day Sunday otherwise I’d be further advanced, but the remainder of this year’s positions will be posted tonight. I’ll start inputting positions into UF tomorrow and should have that done by Wednesday night.


Thanks Dunners. Love your work


Rookie Draft, Rookie B and Rd 4+ ND Draft Positions

Langdon, Zac F
Miers, Gryan FC
Patmore, Jake CB
Crowden, Mitch FC
Garner, Joel CB
Barry, Dom C
Hayden, Kyron C
Miller, Ben FB
Shipley, Nick C
North, Tom C
Zerk-Thatcher, Brandon BR
Moore, Dylan FC
Brayshaw, Hamish FC
Meek, Lloyd R
Schumacher, Angus CB
Ross, Jackson FC
Xerri, Tristan FR
Switkowski, Sam F
Porter, Callum FC
Jones, Scott R
Guelfi, Matt FC
Garlett, Jarrod FC
O’Shea, Cam B
Jaska, Josh # B
Murphy, Tom # CB
Banfield, Bailey # FC
Appleby, Flynn # B
Jones, Harrison # FC
Langlands, Doulton # CB
Gowers, Billy # FB
Mynott, Trent # C
Burrows, Ryan # F
Styles, Angus # B
Wilson, Patrick # CB
Baker, Liam # FC
Holman, Nick # C
Narrier, Gordon # FC
Giro, Stefan # FC
Mihocek, Brody # B
Mirra, David # B
Olango, Tony # R
Amartey, Joel # FR
England, Callan # C
Murphy, Lachlan # B
Edwards, Jackson # C
Eggmolesse-Smith, Derek # B
Lavender, Luke # FR
McDaid, Cillan # CB
Madgen, Jack # B
Jiath, Changkuoth # F
Jeffries, Tom # R
Bell, James # C
Brown, Jake # CB
Heron, Jacob # FC
Dawson, Jacob # C
Buckley, Jack # F


Cheers Dunners


Barry no longer in my top 5. Hoping he could snag an FC rating


Has Dom Barry ever been a good FF scorer?


I think Dom Barry can score as well as one of the Hill brothers.
Which one it will be is anyone’s guess.


Dom Barry has played 5 games in his career and averaged 7 possessions, 1 tackle and never kicked a goal and has never dealt with anything remotely like a tag or anything in senior football and will have to deal with a Port side that has very strong competition for spots. I just don’t see the hype, and I don’t see a 90+ average scorer off the basis of one JLT game where he played outside and was allowed to do whatever.




15 minutes until LDU watch part 2


not much going on.


Thought before the JLT there was no chance of him sliding to be. Thought I would end up with Brayshaw. Brayshaw probably my pick one right now. That being said… if LDU is available at 4 I will be taking him.


Before JLT I had LDU ranked as my #1 player.

May or may not have changed. :smiley:


Honestly have no idea who I am hoping to get at #32 for my first pick. For obvious reasons I have not followed the most recent draft crop as I have in other years. I imagine there will probably be some decent recycled talent in part because I think some of my players to be cut could still be good acquisitions.


The only thing I got out of that game is that if teams start running heavy defensive / tackling forwards, then Marley Williams is going to have a decent DT year. I rate him, but he’s not the kind of guy who will run behind, receive a cheap handball and accumulate kicks. But if the game because heavily contested, he’ll tackle like crazy win the possession then most likely kick it to the opposition 50m down field.
An 80 average isn’t out of reach.

Didn’t see much of LDU. That seems to be the problem though…

Goldstein looked good. I think he’ll have a far better year than last season.

I’m tempted to drop Jack Riewoldt. I don’t see a big upside in his scoring. I thought he’ll score well if Richmond struggle scoring goals and start relying more heavily on his goal scoring. Doesn’t look to be the case. Think Richmond will have a decent season (they’ll at least be better than half the other teams, so maybe they’ll finish 9th).


Fine then, you can have him.