2018 FF Original discussion thread


As good as my effort last night

Cripple fight. Thank god for Higgins


Teams are already out for the QB game:

Dees: In: Pedo & J.Smith Out: Lever & T.Smith (both inj)
Pies: In: Howe Out: Appleby

Dees: Stretch & Garlett
Pies: Appleby


Looks like I’m in for a close one.
I need everyone to hit their averages from now, starting with Lloyd.


Grr. Played Cerra every game he’s been available this season, opt to rest him this week, which’ll probably cost him a Rising Star Nomination. Hope it doesn’t also cost me the win.


Hmmmm doubtful. I’m 2 short!!


Sam Gibson…what a bargain.


I make it 1319 + Phillips vs 1165 + Dunn, Jones, Lewis, Wells.

Which means unless wob has a late out, I’m pretty much screwed.
So many players put in sub-sub-standard performances for the Tigers this week.


He’s no Oscar McDonald.


Thrilled to get the W this week but really no idea how I’ve managed to average close to 1500 this season with Crouch, Daniher, Tyson, Cameron, Aish, Mathieson and Setterfield all unavailable at differing times (all this week). Not saying they would all play in my best 18 but having them all out certainly tests my depth!!


Happy with Bailey Rice. Just keeps getting better. 87 this week and reckon there is a triple figure score real soon.

Nyhuis handy this week even if it is on my bench.

We’re building depth for a finals run.


Harris Andrews quietly turning into a gun!!


I had him for years. He’s finally turning into what I thought he would. But not on my watch. Sigh.


Wouldn’t be counting my chickens just yet mate, Mihocek could score 400.



Game over for me…

The Good…

  • I got 18 scorers. Pity it’s looking like a poor scoring effort.
  • Callan Ward scores 126!. Thankyou Mr Hyde!

The Bad…

  • Dayne Beams scores 50! Thankyou Dr Jekyll!
  • Another ■■■■■■ injury. Aaron Black isn’t essential, but his bye average would have been very handy. No hope now.

The Ugly…

  • I’m down to 10 more FA changes for the season. I’m going to have to use trades where possible.
  • James Parson would have been handy this week (and through the bye round)

Let one ugly out…

  • Never thought I’d see the day where crabs like Shane Edwards, Aaron Black, Callum Moore, Josh Scache, Aidan Corr, Tom Murphy and Tom Clurey would be in my 22.


Because you draft really well in my opinion.

All bar crouch, Daniher and Cameron are pretty much cooked. Mathieson and tyson can’t get looks in anymore, setterfield has been cooked forever and aish won’t ever be a consistent footballer. Their hardly the backbone of your side, crouch and Daniher are your huge losses


Aish was in my best 18 before getting injured. Ever since he started playing the defensive forward role, he’s become a consistent scorer.

Mathieson and Tyson I agree have fallen out of favour, but they will be top three midfielders at other clubs next season. Tyson is an in and under player that has fallen behind Clayton, Viney, Jones, Pertracca and at times both Lewis and Melksham too. They have a heap of them.

Setterfield is a baby but will be a star. The original plan in my rebuild was that he would replace Selwood this season. But ACLs stuff that.

Oh and I forgot Mitch McGovern!!

My point is, historically this run of injuries would see me scoring 1300s. But this season I’m still scoring 1500 most weeks.


We’ve undertaken a comprehensive review of our season given the terrible results of the club so far this season. No stone has been left unturned. All decisions have been reviewed.

Keeper Selections
Out went…
Jack Riewoldt
Sam Gibson
Aaron Mullett
Corey Maynard
Joe Atley
Jack Lonie
Zach Guthrie

In stayed (2018avg / 2017avg)…
vvv Brandon Matera (67 / 83) - Played every game, but is well down on last year’s scoring. to 69.
^^^ Robbie Gray (97 / 81) - One of the few improvers this year.
— Alex Neal-Bullen (79 / 81) - Up until a few weeks ago, he was a disapointment. Has done well to salvage the season.
— Todd Goldstein (84 / 87) - He’s doing roughly what was expected of him.
vvv Callan Ward (89 / 94) - He’s been a lot more Jekyll-Hyde than last year which is concerning.
vvv Mitch Duncan (102 / 113) - Has missed a few games injured which was annoying. He’s probably a bit short of his expected output.
vvv Dayne Beams (103 / 105) - Obviously, the passing of a family member has caused his output to drop. Has really picked it up the last few weeks.
vvv Zac Tuohy (82 / 86) - Was expecting a touch more, but he’s been good.
^^^ Nick Haynes (75 / 73) - Was expecting a bit more.
^^^ Luke Ryan (85 / 75) - Another of the short list that has actually improved their average.
— Riley Bonner (70 / 74) - AHe’s played every game this year and averaging 70. Expected a tad more, but I’m happy with his season.

— Mitch Wallis (82 / 75)- Another of the few that has actually improved. I thought I’d get more from him given the Libba injury but that hasn’t eventuated. I don’t know why Bev didn’t play him the first two weeks and am unsure why he was dropped this week.
vvv Nic Newman (54 / 87) - Has smashed NEAFL every game he’s played there, so I don’t know what he’s done to be continually overlooked.
vvv Shane Biggs (60 / 77) - Has been an emergency very often this year and appears to be in the doghouse at the Bulldogs.

??? Jamie Elliott - Yet to play. Had an injury interrupted preseason. Has returned from injury twice just to be reinsured. Very disappointing season.
— Harley Bennell - Yet to play. Had an injury interrupted preseason. On LTI but will be off it next week.
??? Riley Knight - Played 1 game. Had an injury interrupted preseason. Back to being injured again.
??? Sean Darcy - Yet to play. Played first round of WAFL, got injured. Start off as a week to week thing which has turned into an 11 week long injury.
— Jack Viney - Just come off the LTI after an injury interrupted preseason which started off as a ‘two week injury’ and became an 8 week injury.

vvv Francis Watson - Didn’t play last year. Hasn’t played this year. He’s been emergency 3 times this year and has good WAFL form behind him. Thought he’d get a game by now, but West Coast are performing well.

Eleven of the keepers have played the majority of the season. Of which only two have made significant improvement on last year’s scoring pace.
Three of the keepers have been ‘fringe’ players who for whatever reason are in their coaches doghouse.
Five of the keepers had injury interrupted pre-seasons. We weren’t sure what would happen with Bennell this season, but the rest were expected to be available by round 3.
We took a rather large punt on Watson which pretty much backfired. In hindsight, we should have played it safe and held on to Jack Riewoldt.
Gibson or Mullett would have been handy, but we saw better exposed form and more upside in Mitch Wallis, Sean Darcy and Riley Knight. Gibson or Mullet wouldn’t have won us the games we’ve lost so far this season.

^^^ Pick 17 - Sam Murray CB
Big tick. No point commenting further. We were shocked he was dropped a few week ago though…
vvv Pick 53 - Rowan Marshall FR
When he played ruck, he scored 60 in a half then tired. After that, he played forward and relief ruck and his performance showed he’s either starting ruck or nothing. We didn’t want to delist him, but had to to make up an 18.
vvv Pick 69 - Corey Maynard C
Delisted. Very poor choice. He had a 1 game opportunity to take Viney’s spot after a promising JLT then dropped and later on injured.
^^^ Pick 83 - Daniel Menzel F
Big tick. He was our best forward a few times this year. His 1 week injury that has lasted six weeks has soured what was a very promising season.
vvv Pick 87 - Mason Cox FR
Delisted. Very poor choice.
vvv Pick 98 - Travis Varcoe FB
Delisted. Very poor choice. He stunk it up with 3 sub 40 scores in the first month. Had to be delisted.
vvv Pick 105 - Daniel Rioli F
Delisted. Thought he’d be back by round 2. Had to delist him when that didn’t eventuate.
^^^ Pick 107 - Shane Edwards FC
A tick. Has played every game. Has scored better due to Rioli being missing.
??? Pick 151 - Brent Daniels F
Jury is out. He was 2 to 3 weeks away at the beginning of the season and that ended up being 6 weeks. I think he will get a game in the next fortnight. He was tracking to take over Devon Smith’s spot in the GWS list until his restricted pre-season. Has been very lucky to still be on the list.
vvv Pick 155 - Andrew McPherson CB
He was ‘a week away’ at the start of the season and that turned into a 3 to 4 week injury a month ago. We didn’t want to delist him, but had to in order to field 18.

Six of our draftees have been delisted. Shaun Edwards is the only pick to have played the majority of the season. Menzel is on the LTI list. Brent Daniels is the sole prospect that is still on the list. At this point in time, Sam Murray’s the only keeper in that lot. Probably my worst draft in a long time.

Free Agent Pickups…
Round 1…
^^^ Jed Anderson for Jack Viney (onto LTI) - Giant big tick. Anderson looks a keeper.
vvv Zac Giles Langdon for Mason Cox - We needed Langdon to fill a void in the forward line. He scored well, before injuring his hand. Was out for three weeks after which he played every game for GWS.

Round 2…
vvv Lewis Young for Harley Bennell (LTI) - Young was close to being selected after an injury to one of the Bulldogs defenders. He didn’t even make emergencies.
vvv Brennan Cox for Zac Giles Langdon - We had forward cover but struggled in the backline. Cox had a strong WAFL game and there was a spot for him in their 22 at the time. He only made it as emergency, then got injured in WAFL that weekend. Has made it into Freo’s team since round 8 and smashed it this past week.

Round 3…
vvv Nick Graham for Brennan Cox - Nick was a late in the very next game but played poorly.
vvv Patrick Wilson for Daniel Rioli - Wilson was an emergency the week before. We thought he’d be a chance with Rory Sloane being injured.
vvv Josh Battle for Lewis Young - We got sick of Young not being selected so we targeted the Saints who had their best two forwards out and naming Battle as an emergency previously. He didn’t get much further than an emergency. He’s continued to be named as an emergency until this past round. He scored well.

Round 4…
vvv Kyron Hayden for Travis Varcoe - We were finally getting players back so it warranted dumping Varcoe after incredibly poor performances. We took a massive swing at Hayden knowing he scored well at WAFL last year and we thought North would give him a shot somewhere. It didn’t eventuate. He’s looked way out of it at VFL level since.
^^^ Andrew Phillips for Nick Graham - Phillips was the best pickup we’ve taken this year aside from Jed Anderson. He won us a game and filled in for a few weeks while Kruezer was out.

Round 5…
— Lewis Young for Patrick Wilson - there was an injury to a Bulldogs backman and Young was next selected. He was an emergency, then selected, but just didn’t score well. We got roughly what we could have expected from Young.

Round 6…
vvv Claye Beams for Corey Maynard - Maynard went missing in VFL after being named as an emergency for a few weeks so we had to drop him. Claye Beams smashed NEAFL and there was a chance of him being selected the next week. He made it as an emergency.

Round 7…
vvv Sam Taylor for Andrew Phillips - Kruezer was back so Phillips had to go. Taylor smashed NEAFL and I heard he’s a sneaky chance for a game with the GWS injury list. He didn’t make it and was a wasted pickup. He has since played a few games and hasn’t bothered the scoreboard too much.
— Nathan Freeman for Claye Beams - He smashed VFL the week before and was a week away from selection. He was worth the gamble. Unfortunately he was also a week away from an injury as well. If we didn’t have such a tough injury run, we’d have held onto him.
vvv Nathan Hrovat for Josh Battle - Hrovat played well in VFL. Has been in North’s best 22 for a few years so we thought he’d get selected. He’s been an emergency since but also struggled a bit at VFL level.

Round 8…
Josh Battle for Jack Viney (off LTI) - Battle didn’t play the week before. Had to be delisted.
??? Billy Stretch for Kyron Hayden - Hayden had been hopeless in VFL. Barely scored. Had to be dumped. Stretch came off a massive VFL game after being injured and was worth the gamble given he was best 22 last year. He has since been named an emergency and looks very close to a game.

Round 9…
— Tom Clurey for Lewis Young - Young didn’t play the week before nor was he an emergency. Had to be dumped. Tom Clurey’s bye average was better than any other gamble I could have made.
vvv James Parsons for Nathan Freeman - Freeman was out for 4 weeks and had to be dropped. James Parsons was the safest sure bet you could find. He played 22 games last year and 7 this year. Shocked he was instantly dropped without even being named as an emergency. He was eventually delisted.

Round 10…
Menzel to LTI for Bennell from LTI - Tough choice. We’ve been waiting for five weeks for Menzel to come back from his ‘one week’ injury. Had very limited trade value due to injuries so had to LTI him rather than leave him on the main list to return from that ‘one week’ injury.
vvv Aaron Black for Andrew McPherson - We had Black a few years back. Have kept an eye on him for a while now. He finally played and we thought with the Rat out, he would stay in the Geelong team. Unfortunately, he got injured.
??? Jarrod Garlett for Nathan Hrovat. Historically, Scott doesn’t play his travelling emergencies in the seniors. We were be a better chance of Garlett getting a game given we’d heard he had a plane ticket to their game against Sydney. He ended up being an emergency.
— Aidan Corr for Rowan Marshall. We didn’t want to drop Rowan Marshall, but we needed the defender. Sadly, Rowan got back into the Saints team as soon as I delisted him. Aidan’s bye score could be handy.

Round 11…
— Callum Moore for Elliot to LTI - We didn’t want to LTI Jamie Elliott, but his uncertainty and our FA changes this year meant we had to take a free shot at a FA player. We needed a forward as we couldn’t trust Anderson and Matera to be available for this week.
— Tom Murphy for Francis Watson - Watson’s time was finally up. We needed a defender as weren’t sure of Newman and Murray’s availability. Murphy should be fine until after the bye round.
??? Josh Scache for James Parsons. We didn’t want Josh, but his bye average was greatly appreciated. As has occurred two weeks in a row, Parsons plays the very week we drop him.

We treated FA as we’ve treated it in the last decade. Generally we try and balance the bottom 8 on our list between good future prospects, good trade value prospects and filler players to help field an 18 weekly. Unfortunately as the weeks continued through the year, the bottom 8 was filled with injured players or out of form players and very few prospects could be held on to. Only Jed Anderson and Phillips have made a difference to winning and losing this season. Langdon, Brennan Cox, Nathan Freeman and Aaron Black were injured soon after being picked up. James Parsons mysteriously was dropped the very week of being picked up. Brennan Cox and Josh Battle eventually got games and look like solid prospects. The rest were high gambles but pretty much failures. There was a clear change in FA philosophy at round 9 as we’d had enough of gambling on players only to be named as an emergency and hoping the players currently listed would be selected after being emergencies for a period of time. Unfortunately, it meant we’ve filled the list with a lot of list cloggers. This will make the upcoming trade period very difficult to improve our list and also impact on our after season trading options.

Overall, managing the injuries along the first part of the season has been incredibly challenging. We’ve never come into a season with so many keepers on interrupted pre-seasons. Those interrupted pre-season became four to five week injuries in most cases. Even when they did return, Elliott and Riley Knight re-injured themselves. Along the way we had Wallis not being selected, Beams and Duncan missing a few key games, Menzel having a minor injury that became a 6 week injury, Biggs becoming a fringe player, Newman not being selected. The poor drafting also didn’t help at all and some bad luck with our FA pickups also didn’t. We’ll learn from this and change our drafting philosophy should injury interrupted pre-seasons occur in the future.

Current list dynamic…
The keepers are pretty much the same at this point in time due to poor drafting. Murray and Anderson take Biggs and Watson’s spots at this point in time. Matera and Menzel are a coin flip. Maybe the trade period will change that. Goldstein, Robbie Gray and Tuohy are our oldest players and two of them should be good enough to keep going for another two or three quality years. Beams and Ward are getting to that 28 year old range where they’ve pretty much peaked, but should have another 3 to 5 years in them. The rest of the keepers are still under 28 so we’re not doing too badly age wise even though the results and injuries seem to point towards an ageing list.

We don’t know what to do in the short term with Wallis, Newman, Murray and Biggs but we certainly won’t delist them at this point in time.
Menzel, Knight and Elliot won’t be back for a while.
Darcy and Bennell need WAFL to get some fitness back and hopefully become available in around a month’s time.

On the cusp of being delisted…
Aaron Black was safe on our list until his injury this past weekend. We were hoping he’d last until his bye round.
Jarrod Garlett is probably next in line to be delisted.
Billy Stretch is bashing down the door to sneak into the Melbourne team so he’s safe for the short term.
Will be looking for better alternatives…
Tom Murphy, Tom Clurey, Callum Moore, Josh Schache and Aidan Corr were picked up to help field 18. After we get their bye averages and hopefully get a few players back, we’ll be looking for better FA replacements for them.

Upcoming trade period…
The top 18 or so players on our list make this team top 8 worthy. Unfortunately, they’ve battled through form slumps and injury and the year just hasn’t gone as well as planned.
Of the players just outside out keeper list, we feel that one of Stretch, Daniels or Garlett could show something in the back half of the season and challenge for a keeper spot should they remain on the list that long.
The bottom 8 players have restricted improvement potential and also have very little trade value.

We’re going to use this trade period a little differently than past seasons. Obviously, if we see an opportunity to improve our team, we’ll go for it.
We’ll aim to trade away our late picks to reduce the need to use our remaining 10 FA changes.

We still think we can make a run late in the season. We’d love to make the finals and whilst we are a few games and percentage away from 8th spot, we feel we just don’t have the consistent firepower to do it. We have a tough draw playing 5 of the top 8 teams in the next 7 games but we can at least shape the final eight.


Jesus that’s one hell of a review. Good work


I’ve also done a review of our draft.
Q: Is the performance in this draft the worst in the history of the league?
A: Yes.

End review.