2018 FF Original discussion thread


Have you got a total what your currently sitting on with Phillips to come?

I have me at 1168 with jones, Lewis, Wells and Dunn to come


If their was a draft pick of the year, me getting de boer would surely get pretty close. 128 back off injury this week. Yes thanks

Infact I’ve had some really, really good luck late in drafts. Last year I got sinclair with the last pick in the draft, now he’s one of the very good ruck scorers in the game


For wob.
I expect a ton from Phillips.
140 might make it interesting, but that’s a huge ask.


I hear you. If I ever get everyone to fire il knock down a big score one week. Lucky I had a couple of blokes go pretty big this week


Could I please get position poll results from: @Blummers32 & @wimmera1 & @Alber_Goodthur please :slight_smile:


Yes to wob.
Don’t know to everyone else.


Game between @stoops and I is pretty close what what I can tell right now!


Wells gone on 8 LOL

Game back on wim


Phillips underperforming and two of your other players going gangbusters.
Grabbing the calculator though.


Go De Goey and Stephenson!


Dunn is a hack. It’ll be close


How the ■■■■ does a guy averaging 100+ have 18 at half time?
■■■■ me!


Accidentally saved it instead of sending it.


Okay, if wob’s three remaining players double their score in the last half, and Phillips puts on 58, it will be a draw.

It’s tight.
Or it should be.
Breaking Bad tight.


Mason Cox must have read our team review.


Yeah, I’m done.
wob in front and pulling away.

Week from hell for my team.


Did wells come back on?




Ah okay, i was only listening on radio as it’s not a public holiday here. They said he did a calf



Josh Schache has disappeared from my 18 this week. I’m certain he was there through the weekend.
His bye average of 52 should count towards my score.