2018 FF Original discussion thread


Again, I don’t know any of these things.
wob’s looked sensible.


One of the rules Craze and I will consider is that if you don’t pick-up the player you succesfully bid on then you either get a warning, forego your first round bid from FA the following week or the player goes back into the FA pool.

We will review at seasons end when we draft new guidelines.


Yeah I put my hand up for that, completely forgot


A warning seems a bit extreme for a coach not processing an FA pick on UF.
I think the player should go straight back into the FA pool.
If it’s a repetitive occurrence by one coach (I.e. Three times in a year), then by all means hand out a warning.


A warning is just a warning. A strike is the more serious.


I thought a warning was as good as a strike.

Fair enough then.


Bye Round Averages


Unavailable: N/A

Andrews 82
Bailey 47
D.Beams 108
Berry 73
Christensen 72
Cutler 82
Gardiner 60
Hipwood 53
Hodge 66
Keays 59
Lester 58
Martin 109
Mayes 53
McCluggage 66
McInerney 51
McStay 53
Rayner 69
Rich 75
Robertson 67
Taylor 69
Witherden 87
Zorko 118


Unavailable: Daniel Wells (foot fracture)

Adams 92
Cox 61
Crisp 110
Daicos 64
de Goey 81
Dunn 63
Greenwood 51
Grundy 123
Hoskin-Elliot 96
Howe 101
Langdon 90
Maynard 81
Mayne 71
Mihocek 59
Pendles 102
Phillips 111
Scharenberg 82
Sidebottom 115
Stephenson 69
Thomas 79
Treloar 112


Unavailable: Dyson Heppell (concussion); Devon Smith (calf)

Baguley 74
T-Bell 67
Brown 55
Dea 54
Fantasia 73
Goddard 83
Green 46
Guelfi 75
Hooker 66
Hurley 76
Langford 77
Tippa 67
McGrath 71
McKenna 60
McKernan 72
Z.Merrett 109
Myers 78
Redman 92*
Saad 84
Stringer 98

  • Redman’s last AFL games were in 2016, outside the 2 year consideration window


Unavailable: Daniel Lloyd (knee); Rory Lobb (ribs)

Cameron 84
Corr 61
Davis 61
de Boer 83
Griffen 70
Haynes 70
Himmelberg 61
Hooper 88
Kelly 111
Langdon 54
Patton 77
Perryman 53
Reid 48
Shaw 95
Shiel 92
Taranto 76
Taylor 37
Tomlinson 81
Ward 89
Whitfield 99


Unavailable: O.McDonald (concussion)

Brayshaw 112
Fritsch 99
Gawn 101
Hannan 60
Harmes 77
Hibberd 65
Hogan 88
Jetta 64
Jones 83
Lewis 88
T.McDonald 114
Melksham 77
Neal-Bullen 100
Oliver 109
Pedersen 46
Petracca 77
Salem 83
J.Smith 43
Spargo 63
Vince 59
Viney 82

North Melbourne

Unavailable: N/A

Ahern 72
Atley 59
Brown 61
Cunnington 85
Daw 46
Dumont 69
Goldstein 88
Hartung 61
Higgins 105
Jacobs 82
Macmillan 68
McDonald 88
Murphy 50
Simpkin 75
Tarrant 62
Thompson 56
Turner 61
M.Williams 55
Wood 61
Wright 54
Ziebell 81
Zurhaar 45


Well thats’s just ■■■■■■■ great!!!


Just a question re the byes - I don’t have this player, but in the case of M.Walters, he is suspended this week, so misses this week, and then the following week Freo have the bye. Does he miss the bye averages due to him not playing the previous week? So he is out for 2 weeks rather than 1? Same as an injury I suppose?


And even if he is deemed as ‘available’ on the injury list the week after? But I doubt teams put out their updated injury list on a bye week anyway… actually looks like they did yesterday…So I would say he would be unavailable to be selected, so misses 2 weeks in our comp rather than the 1 he misses at AFL? Makes it black and white that way…
Coniglio unavailable this week is the perfect example, but is still listed as a test, as is Jed Anderson, what if they were listed as available?


Reckon Heppell would have played this week.


@Fudge The very first hurdle any player has to clear is to be selected in the match leading into the bye. Walters, Coniglio & Anderson all fail that. It doesn’t matter if it is a club suspension, if they don’t play the last game before the bye they’re ineligible.

It isn’t uncommon for players, particularly in the state leagues where byes are more prevalent to be ineligible for more AFL games than they were actually suspended for due to byes, particularly in the May-June period when state league games are also played. I remember a North player - Lindsay Thomas I think - was up on a serious charge at the VFL tribunal and his counsel specifically argued that byes should be taken into account when handing down the sentence - the prosecution wanted a minimum of 4 weeks for the infraction, but there was also a state league week bye as well as a Werribee bye during that period.

On the injury lists - the AFL’s injury list usually presents things as updated whether the clubs actually update things or not - only 1 club that has the bye (Brisbane) have updated things this week, these days most clubs don’t during their bye week. The players get a few days break, so the high performance guys or football managers that usually handle the injury updates may as well.

It was precisely this change in club behaviour that meant the bye rules related to injury had to be simplified to players being considered injured if they can’t play out the game.

There are only 3 exceptions to this:

a) Last term blood rules and related lacerations that require stitches to close are exempt. These may require anywhere between 5-15 minutes to either get the bleeding to stop completely or properly close and dress the wound before the player can return. Given nobody misses time with these barring infection it would unfair to rule players out for a week solely due to the lack of game time remaining in a match.

b) Player is capable of completing the match, but news emerges post-match that he’ll miss time with injury.

c) The very rare occurrence of a club producing an updated injury list stating the player would’ve been available for selection had a match been played that round.


Position Poll Results

Hayden Crozier:
FB 11
Don’t Know 5
F: 1
No Vote : 1

Paddy Dow:
FC 9
Don’t Know 3
F 2
C 2
No Vote 2

Aaron Hall
C 8
CB 5
Don’t Know 4
No Vote 1

Shaun Atley:
FB 8
Don’t Know 4
B 3
No Vote 2
CB 1

Stephen Coniglio:
C 13
Don’t Know 3
FC 1
No Vote 1

Darcy Lang:
F 6 (no majority - retains original position)
FC 6
Don’t Know 5
No Vote: 1

Devon Smith:
FC 15
C 1
Don’t Know 1
No Vote 1

Jack Ziebell:
FC 10
C 6
Don’t Know 1
No Vote 1

Mark Baguley:
FB 12
B 3
F 1
Don’t Know 1
No Vote 1

Jake Stringer:
FC 12
F 3
No Vote 2
Don’t Know 1

Lochie O’Brien
CB 7
No Idea 6
C 4
No Vote 1

Mitch Robinson:
C 9
FC 5
Don’t Know 3
No Vote 1

Matthew Kruezer:
R 12
FR 3
Don’t Know 2
No Vote 1

Jack Henry
FB 9
Don’t Know 4
F 2
B 2
No Vote 1

Cale Hooker:
FB 12
B 4
Don’t Know 1
No Vote 1

Matt De Boer:
F 8
FC 6
Don’t Know 3
No Vote 1

Darcy Moore:
FB 10
F 6
Don’t Know 1
No Vote 1

Majak Daw:
BR 12
B 2
Don’t Know 2
FR 1
No Vote 1

Connor Blakely:
CB 7
C 5
Don’t Know 4
No Vote 2

Jackson Trengrove:
BR 10
Don’t Know 3
FR 2
B 1
“Neither 1”
No Vote 1

Mitch McGovern:
F 10
FB 4
Don’t Know 3
No Vote 1

James Aish:
C 8
FC 6
Don’t Know 3
No Vote 1

Lewis Jetta:
CB 7
Don’t Know 7
FC 2
No Vote 2

Jonathon Patton:
F 9
FR 6
No Vote 2
Don’t Know 1

Brendan Goddard:
CB 13
C 2
No Vote 2
Don’t Know 1

Jack Newnes:
FC 8
C 6
Don’t Know 3
No Vote 1

Harry Morrison:
CB 7
Don’t Know 7
B 2
C 1
No Vote 1


Craze has done brilliantly with O’Brien considering he has played all his H&A AFL games on the wing. The only time he has played as a back this season was in JLT.

Smoten is extremely unlucky with Patton - he has been the back-up ruck in all bar the 2 matches where he played as lead ruck. He was also lead ruck for the 2nd half on the weekend with Lobb injured.


Maybe I should have asked before I voted…
What’s the difference between a no vote and a don’t know vote?


Tough on Patton. 64 hitouts for the season, going at 6.4 per game. Although I understand he’s not a full time ruck, neither are any of these R-eligible guys:

Josh Jenkins (4.3 per game)
Ben Brown (2.3 per game)
Mark Blicavs (2.8 per game)
Joe Daniher (1.3 per game)
Jackson Trengove (4.4 per game)
Josh Bruce (2.3 per game)
Harry McKay (1.7 per game)
Majak Daw (5.9 per game)
Tim O’Brien (2.6 per game)


A no vote is a “they didn’t bother voting at all”. A Don’t Know vote is a I have no idea as I’ve never seen then play before.


Success poll winners have had their positions updated. If your player had a position change and it hasn’t been updated, please contact me ASAP.


Thanks Dunners, appreciate your work!


Hi Guys,

Just wanted to let you know the Rising Star thing is on hold for a week or so while I get through a busy period at work. I should be able to pick it up next week.