2018 FF Original discussion thread


Did Lewis Jetta and Harry Morrison retain their position based on no majority?


Ignore that! I just figured out a “majority” is based on those that did vote and excludes the no votes and don’t knows.


De boer not getting C eligibility? Lol


Can we process our FA pickups after tonight’s game?
I may not have a chance to be online before tonight’s game starts.


For the period of Thursday games, the weekly signing deadline has been extended until lockout (Friday’s game).


Sorry I may of missed this but is FA happening this afternoon?


Not yet but it’ll happen at some stage. The timeline has been extended to Friday night to pick up any FA.


There’s a game tonight, so I’m guessing whilst FA was done last night there will be an extension for tommorow (after tonights game) to pick up your FA players.


Is the UF website working for everyone else?

I wish to drop Jacob Heron and elevate Josh Bruce back off LTI




Ok. I think as long as it comes back before tomorrow’s game I should be OK for fielding a full and correct team. Just can’t remember if I updated it after the position changes.


Yeah I can’t get on either, not sure if I’ve updated my team yet for this week


Yep, it’s true. Website is down.


Ed Phillips dropped. wtf.


Seems to be working ok for me.


Still got nothing on firefox, chrome or my phone.


No able to get on too.


Yeah, mines still not working.


I can get to the league page, but not the team page.


I was wrong, I am making changes but they are not saving.