2018 FF Original discussion thread


Think it’s loading off cache. I can’t get onto anything.


I will post a screenshot of my team just in case.!

I just hope I haven’t stuffed up at the selection table.


I definitely want to pick Macrae this week!!


■■■ is that ■■■■??


Wowee. How many tabs?


Actually there are more than 400 or 500! When it dies and I cannot restore old tabs I am lost and I HATE it.


What I meant is will the FA be announced tonight, or tomorrow, tomorrow I’m guessing


I think I had mine set last night.
Biggs, Clurey and the ex-Brisbane spud (forgot his name) were on the bench.
The rest of tonight’s players were in the 18.


I get to the league overview page but crashes when I try select my team.




Working fine for me


came back online for me about 2 mins before first bounce


Same here.
I left it as itwas last night.
Apparently I put Schache on the field.


Wines is going crazy.




I’ll be doing it shortly. Just got home from footy training.


Well I’m going to be grumpy for the rest of the week…


Did not ever foresee Nate delisting his guy!


Connor was getting dropped, Laird was unlikely and my other backs weren’t chances of coming in, there was at least some chance Morrison would be dropped and I didn’t want to take Daw’s 46 unless I had to.

As it was, I anticipated Richo doing the wrong thing for the club and blaming the young kids and bringing in old timers to protect his job, but I thought they’d rush Gilbert back in like they did Brown, instead he’s playing VFL. The other possibilities all averaged sub 50, so it was a worthwhile gamble.

On Menadue, until he leaves Richmond and gets to a club that recognises he is a confidence player, that needs continuity in position to succeed and will fare poorly with the Ted Richards-Sheedy tactic of selecting him based on form in a diametrically different role to the one you play him in - a role he has traditionally struggled in - until then there is no point having him take up a spot on my list.


Early signs of underperformance this week. Team is not focused.