2018 FF Original discussion thread


Your message clearly got into my teams head. We are heading for our lowest score of the season and a big chance to drop the W and lose to bottom of the ladder.


not a chance mate. this will end up being a flogging. my lot always find a way to disappoint


The Donkeys have about a 70 point virtual lead and are in the box seat, by my reckoning.
If he had a full team I’d be toast.
My remaining players will have to dig deep to make up the difference.
Looking like a 1350-1400 range.


Jesus Liam Ryan came back quick!!


If my calcs are right, I should be in line for a score just under 1400.
Stoops is on track for a sub 1300 score.
Still a lot of time for my team to let me down.


I am in trouble this week. Webster being injured on 11 combined with some very poor performances should see me beaten


This is clearly why I’m not paid the big bucks as an AFL coach.

I understand that Richo wanted to play Billings on a wing, but given the side has overall regularly struggled to hit targets by foot this season and all bar Sinclair from their midfield group are average to poor kicks…maybe you’d want your best kick in the side on the park, rather than the lowest game time of anybody not injured. 50% midway through the 2nd was ridiculous for someone that is apparently serious about winning.

And another Allblack Saint out for next week.


Bailey Rice was tracking really nicely too. This weeks a write off


I’m holding off Stoops pretty well.
I’m on target to reach 1420.
Stoops looks like he’s around 1330 after the Saints game.

I’ve only got Duncan, Tuohy and Edwards v Atkins, Graham, Stanley and Lambert to come so as long as there’s no injury (or late changes) I should be able hang on from here.

This is a potentially a big win for the club.


no way. you’ll still romp it home with your bye scorers.


I am very good at clutching defeat from the jaws of victory.


I’m not the greatest at working things out in bye week, but it looks to me like I need 168 from Gregson and Ellis.
Which is extremely unlikely.


Very costly loss for me this week. So much for depth.

Suckling and McVeigh hurt but I’m pretty stocked in my backline.

It’s all the forwards out (Daniher, McGovern, Cameron, Watts and Jones) and Cs out (Crouch, Tyson, Aish, Setterfield, Mutch, Mathieson and Worpel) that I couldn’t cover.

Bye rounds suck!!!


I wrote this game off as another L for the year. Especially after seeing Daniel put up a mammoth 16 points in the opening game (not injury related).

Happy to see Clarke and Ainsworth score strongly, as well as my mids hit some form.


Your 16 is better than the 0 I will get for Jones…


Still looking for position poll votes for Lachie Whitfield (C or CB). If you don’t plan to vote can you please let me know.


Stoops is up late in our game.
Duncan and Tuohy have taken their bye week one week early.


Should be something like 1353 to me and Stoops on 1344 before after match adjustments.
Very poor showing by my Sunday crew.


The Seagulls wish to announce that once again that dastardly Dill has escaped our clutches and Gwilty will go unavenged for another season.

With 2 short and several premiership players missing, this was our big chance to beat Dill this decade and we failed poor Gwilty.

Curse your collection of immaculately coiffed, consistent scoring 70-90 average players. Though you will get to bask in the glory of your victory, this will only be a momentary triumph as at some point in the future, historians will record that Gwilty was avenged and you shall have to come face to face with Gwilty’s knee that thou did ruin.

Gwilty was very much looking forward to returning to living at home with his family; the Seagulls request privacy for the Gwilts at this time.


I lost by about 70 and scored over 300 under my average.

I hate bye rounds.