2018 FF Original discussion thread


Dunlop will tidy that up


I haven’t received pms back for half the players I’ve enquired about. Makes trading difficult


I think I’ve replied to everyone!

I should be close to done, unless someone has an 80+ back (doesn’t matter on age) on offer for my second, third picks and Roberton.

Not expecting anything though for that package.


One week too early for Dawson. Doh.


Dunlop can I please place Lever on LTI


The trade period has been extended until the final siren of the Carlton v Collingwood game on Sunday.


How does it get extended with 5 hours to go? Surely everyone’s had enough time to get their deals done.


Whilst Dunlop did advertise it, a lot of coaches only realised this week it was the trade period and assumed it ended at the conclusion of this round.

A few coaches requested an extension which Craze and I approved but neglected to advertise on here (we both thought each other had done it).

Apologies to anyone this may impact.




With regard to pick for player trades, if you wish to have them in your side for this round please ensure you complete your trade by 7pm tomorrow. Unless you can persuade foggy or Craze to process the trade for you.


Just add a scrubber into the trade.


Picture this scene. Justin Westhoff, club legend, icon, and beard, walks into the Knights of Columbus’ home ground for one last time tonight… A gigantic Bjork portrait covers the length of the Southern side of our home ground, her songs blaring him into the holy grass with thousands of Bjork fans screaming in pure ecstasy at not just her music and thousands of pictures strown across the stadium, but for the hero that is Justin Westhoff, the man that has guided this team for a decade.

And it is with a heavy heart, tears down the cheeks and a guard of honor the likes of which you’ve never seen with all past and present Knights players giving the Bjork insignia which is the greatest of all respects one could bestow, Justin Westhoff departs the club for one last time, and the last time he’ll forever grace our holy lands.

For you see Justin Westhoff was more than just a player. In 2007, the beginning of a new competition, the Knights of Columbus were just announcing themselves to be a force of which would span the eons of time itself and the next decade, with premierships, the heartbreak of runner-ups, and a swaft of top 4 finishes inbetween. A coach saw a young, skinny, beardless and scrawny teen makde his debut in the mid-season of 2007. This same coach took the punt on this loveless bloke as a free agent and picked him up. The Hoff then kicked goals, and goals, and more goals. In fact in his first season he was regularly kicking bags of 3 and 4 goals. It didn’t make much sense. A guy built like this should not have been kicking so many goals this early.

Fast forward a few more years and by this time he’d moved up the field more, less of a goalkicking key and more of a HFF that won more of his own ball and filled in the ruck. In his glittering career he won premiership medals and rarely got injured, if ever and was always a constant in my team. For 10 years. Even now, he’s the purest fantasy player around. Plays loose down back? No problem. Ruck? Yeah sure. On the wing getting easy ball, count me in. Forward kicking goals? Absolutley. He does it all, and often in the same game. Like a fine wine he has gotten better with age, he’s now a 100+ averaging beast that we see today. Which is why it’s so hard to let this man go, this man that we have with a heavy heart given one last chance at premiership glory. He may now be in another team, but he’ll live in Valhalla with our queen Bjork smiting down our fantasy opponents. God speed Hoffman, and I’ll see you on the other side. Until then, All is Full of Love.


Oh yeah and welcome to McGovern


I cannot top that but Jeremy McGovern was held in high regards here at the Crunchas. Good luck at the Knights of Columbus.

Welcome to the Hoff come and take us to glory! We have sold the house but hopefully it is all worth it.


Important note and notice of a rule change/implementation:

From the start of round 15 and onwards, a warning will be issued to a coach that loses a match when they

  • do not field a full side but have players on their list that would allow them to field a full side

  • do not utilise the FA pool after one week of not being able to field a full side

  • deliberately make a list decision that results in them not being able to field a full side

A second warning will result in a strike. Three strikes and you’re out.

The implementation of this rule comes on the back of a review conducted by Dunlop, Craze and myself. Several coaches should have been issued warnings and some strikes, however, we have decided to start fresh, draw a line in the sand, wipe the slate clean, cliché cliché and cliché.

As of right now, no coaches have any warnings or strikes.

A full review of the rules/guidelines will take place over the offseason and feedback from everyone will be sort.


Is there any point where the coach gets the opportunity to explain his actions?
I’d assume once you get to your second or third warning, a coach should have the chance to defend his decisions made.


Every instance. Most definitely.


Do some people need to dump some players before the start of tonight’s game?


I don’t know about anyone else, but I think I’m good.


The Pimpinio Tigers would like to farewell their much loved clubman, Brayden Sier.
Oh, the times we’ve had.
From the week he was picked up in free agency to that time he was named as an emergency after lots of people said he was a shoe-in to debut.
So many memories.
Of course we wish him well at the Seagulls, but obviously not too well.
About 70-85 I could probably handle without crying too much.

Toodle pip, sweet prince.