2018 FF Original discussion thread


I know everyone is distracted by trade week, but if you haven’t voted for Lachie Whitfield to be either a C or CB already could you please PM me with your vote for either (or neither)?


Crozier goes boom out of nowhere for The Process.


Wim and WOB firming for the flag. Great trading fellas.


Sad to see Goldstein go.
He’s been great since I took him with a very late pick in a draft the year of his breakout season. He has been my most consistent performer since then and I think he only missed a few games since drafted.

Wim has a top 10 ruckman on his list and I think he’ll keep going another year at least. Pruess doesn’t look like taking his spot anytime soon. I’m pretty confident that Sean Darcy will be starting ruck for me by the end of next season (if not earlier), so it is good timing to get some return for Goldstein.

The round 4 pick is about right for Goldstein. He’s been up for trade the last few years and the offers provided were for late draft picks.


If I wasn’t rebuilding I’d have got Goldstein, and surprised at the lower offers for a ruckman that is still good for an average of 80+ regularly. Reckon wimmeria did well there, another good trade. I reckon a few teams have vastly improved their sides this trade session and the flag race is razor thin right now.


Happy with my trades, but (another) FB ton machine would have been handy.


A player the age of Goldstein is rough to trade. Also if you look at the top 8 teams, they all have high scoring rucks.
When I tried to trade him last year, everyone else in the top 8 had younger rucks scoring just as well.

It’s very odd. As I found out this trade period, no one wants to trade me their scrubber rucks who are currently playing and there were only two available through free agency.
Gladly, I got Dawson Simpson who should fill in manfully in the meantime.


I tried to trade Peter Wright last period and no offers. He has been injured since then until this week but was surprised by lack of interest.

Have decided not to trade this period. Relatively happy with my list but also not willing to give up much for a shot at this year. Think we’re a sneaky chance this year but next year is the plan.


I’m on target for my best score since round 7.
My only hope of winning is if Nick Graham is a late inclusion, spuds it up and keeps Hooker’s 90 on the bench.

I’ll still need Garlett to ton up though to win.


Just saw the craze/TMB trade

LOL. That’s pazza like. Crazy has just absolutely driven in with no lube. How any sane minded person could agree to that trade defies logic. Sorry to sound harsh TMB, but that is absolutely shocking


I’ve finished on 1542 by my count


That really surprises me. How long have you been in this comp? Is this the closest you’ve been to a flag?

Surely you know how quickly things can turn for the worst given you’ve experienced gun players with season ending injuries. So wouldn’t you want to ride the luck you’re having this season and have a crack at it??

Complacency didn’t win WOB, fudge, Dill or Craze flags. Ambition and the willingness to improve their side did.

Wim is now in the game too and I hope his aggressive trade period pays dividends.


Not sure it is as bad as you are saying. TMB is clearly going for a flag and getting Westhoff and Geary helps with that short term goal. Clearly he has given up a lot but you better than anyone would know that getting a flag is the aim and if it comes off than this trade will be super business.


I’m surprised you’ve given up on trying to win it tbh, I know your 10th but you have the 2nd highest points for and only 1 game outside the 8!

You play the bottom team this week, Windy who’s team is on life support, Dunlop who is bottom 4, Neela, myself and then All Black. I’d say you’d win 4 easy and 50/50 with AB. That’s 5 out of 6 that you should win and anything happens with the Neela game. And everyone knows with finals it’s all about who can stay in the park.


Teams I’d least like to meet in finals, in order.

I’m surprised by the trading of two of those teams, although I’m quite aware I’m not in any position to criticise.

But MB’s not one of those teams.


I reckon you have strengthened your side big time and could well be the second team to beat. I am pretty much in agreeance with your list too. If the Fogtrotters get in they could well be the dark horses.


I lost to 17th last week.

And I just don’t have the depth to cover Crouch, Daniher, Aish, McGovern and Cameron whilst picking up 1-2 week injuries here and there to the likes of McVeigh, Suckling etc etc.


It is all opinion.

I think my team could be some sort of chance this season, I needed to improve my backline and I certainly did it with this trade. McGovern has not been as prolific as I would have hoped and I did give away a fair bit. But Westhoff is a jet, Geary when fit has been pretty good this season, he has had some quiet ones but he has had 4 80+ games out of 11. He comes in now with the 5th best average of my defenders (I was surprised he is ahead of Maynard), that suggests he starts most games.

Westhoff comes in as my #1 defender.

It is a very different approach from me as I usually stay the course and get natural improvement. I could have bided my time and had a real crack next year or the one after but who knows what will happen in 12 months? If I had a team full of vets then I would be more concerned about the loss of draft picks but I have plenty of young stars to lead the side over the next few years.

So I guess 2 best 6 defenders for 1 and my first 3 picks is how it translates in my book. Was it worth doing? I won’t know till Round 23. I am sure I will be cursing the trade when our draft starts next year but I can say that at least I had a go at giving my team a shot at the title this year.

I would have needed a lot of luck to get there because our scoring is only the 7th highest. I suspect not many sides make top 4 when their scoring is so low.


I’ve got you on 1531.
1080 + 82 (Cotchin) + 79 (Grigg) + 72 (Sandilands) + 90 (Sinclair) + 88 (Mundy) + 51 (McCartin). That includes Hooker’s 90.
If Graham’s a late in, you lose Hooker’s 90 and replace it with whatever Graham gets.

I’m sitting on 1340 with Garlett still to come. Regardless, I doubt I’ll bridge the gap enough to be a threat.


I have no idea how I managed to put McCartin on the field rather than butler who had a slightly higher average