2018 FF Original discussion thread


Thought LDU found his way in the second half. Would expect him to be a 60-65 average this year.

Think the best this year will be

  1. Kelly
  2. Brayshaw
  3. Dow
  4. LDU
  5. Stephenson
  6. Rayner
  7. Cerra

Think the best over the next couple of years will be

  1. LDU
  2. Dow
  3. Brayshaw
  4. Stephenson
  5. Cerra
  6. Rayner
  7. Kelly

I have left the Fogarty boys out for now because not sure how much we will see of them but they will be good scorers once they get into the teams. Barry I have gone cold on mostly because I see him as a 75-80 scorer but that isnt enough for a pure centre.

I keep saying it but it is a very open draft this year. Happy to be fourth as the picks are pretty flat. Having less choice could be a good thing.


Reasonable summary there, the Saints’ draftees are also heavily in the mix - I feel this is the most even draft crop in the last couple of years in FF terms, there’s no clear standout like a McGrath or Mills (even though I took Parish at 1 haha).

I’m still no closer to working out who I want at 3, even if all players were on the table.


Actually I lefty Coffield out of that and he was outstanding. Along with Brayshaw he was probably the best performed in week 1. Higgins is the other one but I dont see how he breaks into the RIchmond team.


Did Maynard have to pull this score out of his ■■■■ now?

Was hoping to draft him back with a late pick in the draft.


I feel like I need an unbiased opinion of my list to decide last keeper, can’t determine if I’m a couple of years off finals or a sneaky chance…


Not sure why you’re helping those that don’t research.


It’s AB’s new found interest in charity (See ‘Midlife Crisis’ thread)


If you are then your last keeper won’t change it.
Go for years left, would be my tip.

The younger player that you rate will likely increase in value.


I love draft time. Just want more discussion! Doesn’t mean I’m right!


Just a question of whether I get value from experienced keeper at mid season trade this year!


You might be able to redraft said experienced keeper in the middle of the draft, then trade him away mid season.
Your young one could smash JLT this weekend and be taken before you get a chance to get him again.

It’s pretty much what happened when I chose a some safe keeper ahead of Hannebery before he broke out.


Angus Brayshaw might pick up a “b” this year which should increase his value


I am not having much luck with setting my keepers on UF, also our draft thread and what UF says are my picks are pretty similar but not the same. So I thought I should let you know.

2.14 (32)
4.11 (65)
4.14 (68)
5.14 (86)
6.14 (104)
7.14 (122)
8.14 (140)
9.14 (158)
10.14 (176)

Compared to
Pick 32. Mad Bomber -
Pick 65. Mad Bomber -
Pick 68. Mad Bomber -
Pick 86. Mad Bomber -
Pick 104. Mad Bomber -
Pick 121. Mad Bomber -
Pick 138. Mad Bomber -
Pick 154. Mad Bomber -
Pick 167. Mad Bomber -
Pick 173. Mad Bomber –


Hang on just found the set keepers bit.

Here are my likely keepers
Cameron, Jeremy (F)
Cunnington, Ben ©
Darling, Jack (F)
Duryea, Taylor (B)
Goddard, Brendon (FC)
Grundy, Brodie ( R )
Hogan, Jesse (F)
Honeychurch, Mitch (FC)
Howe, Jeremy (B)
Hunt, Jayden (B)
Impey, Jarman (F)
Longer, Billy ( R )
Maynard, Brayden (B)
McDonald-Tipungwuti, Anthony (F)
McGovern, Jeremy (B)
Motlop, Steven (FC)
Parker, Luke ©
Ross, Seb ©
Scully, Tom ©
Duryea, Taylor (B)


It’s with a heavy heart that we announce the release of Jack Riewoldt.

He has been with the club since 2007 and he has been a very consistent scorer and dependable player having barely missed games in that period.
Whilst he has been good for us, we felt there was no further upside in his scoring abilities and felt we needed to gamble on the last few spots on our keepers list if we were to compete with Windy and Neela’s teams.

After much debate within the list management team, we’ve chosen to give Francis Watson a keeper spot as he is rated very highly internally and believe if given an opportunity he can become a very good scoring defender in much the same fashion as Nic Newman.

This does leave us thin in forwards leading into the draft, however we are confident in our ability to find worthy replacements during next week’s draft.

We wish Jack the best of luck in his future endeavours and if things turn out well, we would have no problems redrafting him in next week’s draft.

We wish to announce our other delistees being Jack Lonie, Aaron Mullet, Sam Gibson, Zach Guthrie, Corey Maynard and Joe Atley. We wish them the best of luck during next week’s draft.

In other news, Mitch Wallis has been put on notice. He is very lucky to make the cut given he hasn’t been involved in JLT. We believe he has some upside, but really need to see some stronger evidence in the first few months of the season. We will be looking to strengthen our midfield in the upcoming draft just incase our faith in his is unfounded.


I look forward to smashing you this year with a fair contingent of your own team.


Looks like Dunlop is halfway through updating the draft order.

My early picks look correct, but I’m missing 1 pick in the 80s.


Ha ha.
I wouldn’t be surprised if Jack Riewoldt, Mullet and Gibson are good value this season and are taken somewhere in the second, third or fourth rounds.

Maynard might get a look in, but he got the majority of his score off tackles tonight. Looks like he’ll be a heavy tagger if he’s used at all.

I rate Joe Atley highly, but don’t see where he fits in at Port. Ditto Jack Lonie. These two along with Zach Guthrie would be late draft picks at best.


I’m gonna Neal-Bullen ya.


Do you rate Zach?
He smashed JLT last year, but since that games, he’s had a lock down defender.
Will watch him this Sunday, but I don’t see him being a DTer.